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Peppermint Cream Patties

Here's a lovely quick and easy recipe that I'd seen in a children's cookbook a while back and I'd been dying to try out. I finally got around to making them and they're soooo good. :drool:

I was pretty excited about trying these out since it's the first time I've ever attempted to make any type of candy or anything half resembling candies. I'm quite satisfied with how they turned out.


-41/2 cups (450g) confectioner's sugar, sifted (also known as icing sugar I had a moment of duh in the grocery store with that one This was after I paced the baking aisle for a good 10 minutes and staring at the sugar. :no:)

-8-9 tbsp (120-135ml) sweetened condensed milk

-few drops peppermint extract or essence (I kind of just poured some of it in since I wanted mine minty)

-few drops green food coloring (I used about 8-10 of them, maybe more. I lost count.)

-6 oz(150g) dark chocolate (When buying chocolate to melt it's usually better to buy those wafer coin thingies or really thin chocolate. It'll melt quicker since you're supposed to melt it at a low heat.)

Step 1:
Place the confectioners' sugar in a large bowl and add the condensed milk. Stir until you have a crumbly mixture

Step 2:
Add a few drops of the peppermint extract or essence, and a few drops of the green food coloring. Knead until you have a smooth firm mixture

Step 3:
Dust the work surface with a little confectioners' sugar and roll out to 1/2in (5mm) thick. Cut into rounds with a small cookie cutter. Leave to dry on baking parchment (or wax paper). I let mine sit about 10-15 minutes until they were firm. I basically did up the dishes that I'd accumulated and prepared everything for the chocolate step.

Step 4:
Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, then dip each cream into the melted chocolate. Leave to set. I put them in the fridge as it helps them set a lot quicker
***You can also melt the chocolate in a double-boiler or simply directly in a pot (easiest if you ask me). Remember to melt the chocolate at minimal heat so you don't burn it.

I added crushed candy cane to the edges of some of my patties, and on others I added little holly candies. A few others I covered them entirely in chocolate to immitate After Eight's. I gave mine a Christmas feel to the decorations because I was basically making these as a prototype for Christmas. I wanted to see if they tasted good and how easy they were to make. The entire thing took me about 30 minutes.

Next time I'll make the patties bite-size and I might use different flavors (like orange extract) Chocolate orange sounds like it could be good. Or strawberry. I may be making strawberry ones this week. :paranoid: Naturally if I change the flavoring I'll adjust the food coloring to match.

I found this recipe in "Cookbook for Girls" written by Dorling Kindersley. Unfortunately I hadn't actually gotten the proper bibliographic information on it.
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Nemui-Akuma's avatar
ohh my gosh these look so yummy ;u;
-writes down recipe to make for later-
XaXushqa's avatar
Yumm looks great, nice photo, thanks for recipe, I am going to use it next week.. I hope that my cookies will look so cute too! :huggle:
Vamaena's avatar
Aww, thanks. Good luck with your batch!
destinykitty's avatar
mmm these look delicious
Vamaena's avatar
Oh they were absolutely delicious. I did prefer the orange and strawberry ones that I made over the mint ones.
YellowTeddyBear's avatar
Oh god, WANT. Writing down recipe now.
Vamaena's avatar
I just made some more last night. They're sooo good. I made a couple with mint, some with strawberry and the rest with orange. They turned out perfectly.
YellowTeddyBear's avatar
I need to find a place to buy food colouring, but if I'm lucky, I'm making them this week. :dummy:
Vamaena's avatar
Most grocery stores should sell it in the baking section of the store.
YellowTeddyBear's avatar
I just haven't seen any for a while. But then again, I haven't actually been looking for food colouring for a while either. :lol:
Vamaena's avatar
Ah, I don't usually go looking for it either since I seem to have an everlasting supply of the stuff at home. It ne er seems to run out. Ever. :crazy:
YellowTeddyBear's avatar
I've used natural ingredients to change the colour of what I'm making, but I haven't made anything crazy-coloured since painting easter eggs.
Vamaena's avatar
Ah, I don't think I've ever used natural ingredients before unless turning them brown with cocoa powder counts. Good luck on your food coloring quest.
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Fotugraphy's avatar
Oh my god they look so damn yummy. As soon as I looked at it my mouth started watering.
Vamaena's avatar
Aww, thank-you so much! Those things were soooo good. If you ever get a chance you should try making some! :eager:
Fotugraphy's avatar
I'm definitely going to try it out for Christmas, unless you have any other delicious recipe.
Vamaena's avatar
Oh, man. I have so many recipes. Last year I made some white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies which were also really good. A little more tricky to make but good. I've also got a recipe for gingerbread, oatmeal, chocolate cherry pockets, spritz, sugar cookies, cocoa sugar cookies, truffles, coconut ice, various brownies, fudge. I've also got a lovely recipe for a white chocolate brownie torte. I've plenty of cake recipes. Oh, and something to make decorative orange candies (which are also edible.

So, does anything sound good to you? I can type up whichever recipe you'd like. The peppermint cream patties, truffles and the coconut ice are nice because you don't need to bake them in the oven.
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