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King Penguin

PENGUIN!!! :la:

This was taken at the Biodome in Montreal, Canada. It was shot through some rather dirty glass.
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757x1024px 123.87 KB
Canon EOS 50D
Shutter Speed
1/20 second
Focal Length
107 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 8, 2010, 2:45:53 PM
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fromthedead's avatar
Oh my god I love penguins.
Vamaena's avatar
Penguins are the most awesome animal ever!
Senzi's avatar
The king has arrived! :clap:
Vamaena's avatar
He has, now bow down before him! :lol:
FixMeKnow's avatar
How adorable! I completely understand what a pain it is trying to get a picture of one through dirty glass.
Vamaena's avatar
Thank-you! :huggle: Between the glass and all the people pressed up against the glass it was a miracle I was able to get any shots of them.
Vamaena's avatar
*Ewig and I are gonna try to steal it at some point! Wanna join?
MPMG's avatar
Totally! I'm so there.
Vamaena's avatar
Awesome! We'll make a dynamic trio! I'll even get us ninja suits to better sneak in
MPMG's avatar
Shouldn't we maybe dress in a tux? To fit in better with the penguins :paranoid:
Vamaena's avatar
We'll use the ninja suits to sneak into the biodome and then use the penguin suits to blend with the penguins. Or we could use tuxes too whichever one works. :paranoid:
MPMG's avatar
I think I'll leave the planning to you :nod:
Vamaena's avatar
Awesome! I'll get a move on finding those costumes for us! :excited:
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LadyFianna's avatar
Stylish Penguin's bracelet is styish... You're NOBODY in the Biodome if you don't have one... :paranoid:
Vamaena's avatar
But everybody in the biodome has one! :noes:
LadyFianna's avatar
That's why you're nobody if you don't have one... :paranoid: I should find one for myself, but it has to green with white flowers, and ribbons, and crystals, and silver charms, and unicorns... :XD:
Vamaena's avatar
ohh, I get it. Well, I'm gonna be the rebel and not wear one. 8-)
YellowTeddyBear's avatar
That is a very good capture, a whole picture with nothing cropped off and nothing to disturb the background. :)

Vamaena's avatar
Thank-you so much! :huggle:

YellowTeddyBear's avatar
Amano-Hoshi's avatar
Awwww, it look's so cute!
Vamaena's avatar
It was! It waddled around and got the other king penguins to follow him around. It was so cute. :aww:
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