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2017, when all the good things happened

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 11:29 AM
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There's been a ton of silence at VAlzheimer Studio in general since the beginning of 2017, which is about to change really soon, and I am happy to say I'm back, doing promos, making products and doing new artwork that is soon to come to my galleries :heart:

As some of you know my (real) name is Verica and I am from Serbia, Europe (former Yugoslavia, on Balkans). I first started playing with Daz Studio and models in the ending of 2012/beginning of 2013, and little did I know it would change my life completely in the time span of 4 years to come. I remember that time when I started Studio, I wasn't feeling well on the health field and spent a lot of my time on sick leave from job I did, I wasn't feeling like myself in the real life which all became overwhelming and I was looking for an escape. For years prior to it I had Blender installed on my laptop, under Ubuntu OS, yet never quiet grasped on it, so I sat down and tried to learn it. Search for free 3D models led me back to Daz 3D website, where I already once landed few years earlier purchased some models and got some free, but didn't find formats friendly for learning Blender and abandoned the account leaving that interest aside.

What lured me into the Daz Studio was the birth of Genesis figure, DS being in its 4.5 version and free for download, so it occupied me during that time I spent home, and provided a much needed escape from troubles I found myself in. Troubles passed by, yet Daz never left me, it became a hobby I enjoyed, gave me just enough insight for 3D I was eager to learn and artworks I made became better and better. I started meeting artists, created my new DeviantArt profile and soon a Facebook page where I discovered several groups I could find people like me in.

It opened a whole new world.

A year into making art with Genesis and 3Delight, great feedback on my self-taught skill and results, I got courageous enough to start applying to become a promo artist, as there were several promotions teams out there, who would get free content from vendors and done images showcasing those products. Shyly at the time I saw Elite Models 3D among them, and a post in one of the Daz groups I was in, from the Man himself, the leader and owner of the team and EM3D name, thanking the community for the support his team has received and how much they have grown.

Of curse, I have instantly messaged the Man before my 
courageousness flees, and asked is he looking for new artists and that I would like to try my luck in the business. Not only the answer was yes, he said my inquiry made his day, and along with a few other artists we all jumped into the new world of promotions. The whole world became so much closer, I learned who the vendors were, connected with artists and creators on a professional level and worked harder and harder to enhance my art while still learning 3D and making my own characters and contents on the side.

In the team we had people we would contact if we faced any issues, but being in the European time zone it appeared when I needed help nobody was online. So I went straight forward and wrote the message to the Man, whom I almost never seen posting anything, or interacting much, but I gave it my best shot and wrote "Hey Boss, stupid question incoming..." To day we giggle at that entrance of mine as from that moment up till today him and me just kept on exchanging messages, then calling each other on Skype, and grew very affectionate towards each other.

Finally we announced that we are in the relationship, which raised many eyebrows, as he was in USA and I was in Serbia and there was 5000 miles between us for anyone to take such announcement seriously. But we knew it from the start, that there is something special bonding us and that there is a good reason we just couldn't pass a day without hearing about the day of the other. Fall of 2014, Todd invited me to the USA and to come visit for Thanksgiving, no expectations, no obligations, just to come and visit and return after a week or two. I am very cautious when it comes to meeting people from the internet, let alone traveling across the world alone as I never flew in an airplane before, but before we knew it we made all the arrangements and I submitted the application to US embassy in Serbia to acquire a visa for the trip.

My visa got denied without much explanation. I was devastated all of a sudden and my world came crashing down. This silly, online thing and this crazy plan of traveling to meet him and see this far away country, suddenly became the most important thing in my life, overwhelming me with devastation that embassy doesn't want to let it happen.

My aunt, whom I called right after I exited the interview that I failed, all in tears trying to explain I got denied, right off the bat said "Why don't you both meet half way and go somewhere in Europe where you don't need a visa? Rome is beautiful, why don't you both go to Italy?" There was hope again, and we started working on Plan B, not everything was lost just yet. We started working on getting us both to Rome, changed dates of our vacations, and booked a small suite in Rome. Needless to say lots of eyebrows got raised again, but we didn't care. Flights got booked, we packed our bags and got on the planes to meet in Rome.

How do you just go and do something like that? I can't explain that to day, I don't know how I did it or what drew me there, or how he just sat on the plane and went to meet someone he knew from Facebook and Skype. But, we did, we knew. I don't believe in destiny, but if I did, that would be mine, that would be something I was supposed to do. Because that week in Rome, was the best vacation I have ever had, at the very time at the airport and our first "live" meeting there was a man that I knew, who hugged me not like a stranger, but like someone I've known forever. There was nothing awkward about it, and everything went even better than we thought it would.

It went so well that on our last night in Rome, Todd popped out the ring and a question to marry him, on which I instantly said Yes.

New process and a bunch of paperwork started from there, applying this time for K1 (fiancee) visa to get me to the States and marry him, this man I so ridiculously fell head over heels in love with, this relationship so impossible and irrational, but it led the life of its own. It dragged us in, it consumed us, to be together was all we wanted.

In August 2015 my first product (Wear Them All) got released at Daz 3D. I officially became a vendor with Todd having my back, encouraging me every step on the way of growing as a 3D artist and content creator. Not only had I this weird relationship with someone I met online and got engaged to, now all of a sudden I had this new job, I was doing what I love and it all grew so much that I've quit my real job in the company in December 2015 after almost 7 years working for the mobile network operator, to commit myself only to 3D, this new job, new man and new life I had so much faith in.

Visa process took almost two years. In the meantime Todd came to visit Serbia and fell in love with my homeland, he learned all of our customs and we enjoyed every single second we spent together on his arrivals. And our hearts broke every time he had to leave. Numerous times we just begged, why don't they approve or deny already, and why is it taking so damn long. But we stayed on our track and we wouldn't give up. We had to be together.

Right before his arrival to Serbia in September, I finally received the letter from he Embassy to get ready for the interview for a visa to immigrate to USA. Interview took place in October after collecting a bunch of paperwork and paying a ton of fees, just to go there and tell somebody the story about us, and them to judge if I am eligible to enter the States and go get married. The moment the consul said "Congratulations, your visa is approved..." I didn't hear anything else through the tears I started crying trying to keep myself together and not look like a complete lunatic in front of those important people. Lady just smiled, told me where to go next and said my passport is waiting for me.

From that moment everything got real. This impossible, irrational thing, just got real. We started planning, Todd would have to come and get me because with my anxiety and everything he just wouldn't allow me going that long flight from Serbia to USA alone, booking the tickets again but this time without dreading departing on Nikola Tesla airport in Serbia, but me going on that plane with him. In the meantime I cancelled my apartment, shut down my bank accounts and contracts I had... and Todd came a week earlier to help me pack my stuff into two suitcases, and leave with him.

I arrived to Texas USA ending of January 2017. We instantly signed the lease to a small apartment for the two of us, moved both of us in and with lots of help from family and encouragement of our friends got ourselves settled in. I've not stopped smiling since that day. Todd says he has never seen me smile this much. Life together now, just as every time he came to Serbia and that crazy Rome vacation, just started off perfect from the first day. I look at this man and I can't believe he really exists. We have same habits, we have so much love and tenderness for each other, every time he leaves for work I wish he was at home and around and cannot wait for him to enter the door when he comes back. We sit at our computers and do renders, we play games on PlayStation together, we cook, we laugh, we sleep holding each other tight. 

USA is different than I ever thought it would be. People are warm and nice, I've not felt anything but welcomed since I came here, I got a whole new family that I love and most importantly, Todd by my side, not having to leave again. I arrived from freezing winter straight into the Texas summer. Buildings are different here, roads are wide and everyone drives fast, and even fast food actually tastes like food and not what I thought it would. Everyone works hard, sometimes two jobs at the time, rents and taxes are high, and people are just trying to get by, just like we did back home. Underneath, we are all the same, and I said, I will do my best to break all the stereotypes and bring that opinion closer to everyone I know. In Texas I have "an accent", it confused me at first as I was learning English since I could write, but now I find it cute when someone asks where I am from, because people get curious to learn about Europe, while I am still learning like a baby everything over again, from how to use utensils around the house to how to pick the right products in the store. 

We got married last week, on March 15th, 2017. We wore blue, and had a civil rockabilly-style wedding, just the two of us and Todd's sister with us who took amazing photos and spent that day with us. I officially became Mrs Todd Hupe, Verica Hupe. And there is nowhere I would rather be, nobody I would rather be with, or job I would rather do.

It all seems like a dream to me and I smile, I smile all the time thinking about this life around me, that moment we said "I do", looking at our wedding rings, and how we ever even happened. We've beaten all odds, we made it happen. What started as a hobby and a passion for art has changed my life forever.

So this is why I've been a little away form doing art and posting. Aside form some further paperwork to readjust my immigration status, my new life and a completely new era starts from here. Now on, making art and Daz and 3D content is my job. USA is my new home. And I'm a proud wife of an amazing husband, who always believed we will get here, and that I will come this far :heart:

If you're still reading this... YOU are the ones who encouraged my art and blew wind into my back, so YOU are the part of this long story, and I am so very eternally thankful for ever starting playing with Daz Studio, and not giving up.

Never give up on things you love doing, it may change your life forever.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Back to the marketplace: Fabric Factory is out!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 1, 2017, 9:01 AM
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It's been such a long time since I published the Wear Them All sets and clones for Genesis 2, I am very excited to announce the comeback to the market and my new set of texture shaders for Daz Studio Iray now available at Daz 3D :heart:

Fabric Factory: Realistic Texturing - Iray Shader Presets
Available in Daz Store at this link:…

Fabric Factory: Realistic Texturing - Iray Shaders by VAlzheimer

Fabric Factory contains of a variety of realistically looking texturing shader presets aimed towards Iray render engine, created from photorealistic seamless texture maps. There are ten different groups of textures each including a palette of colors and choices available in a click, and automatically optimized for Iray, using Iray Uber shader base.

Fabric Factory contains of 10 types of daily-found textures from real world: Chenilles, Cottons in soft, ribbed and heathered version, Camouflage textures, Embroidered and Eyelets in ten different romantic designs and choices of colors which alone provide 100 possible texturing combinations, Plaid textures, Denims, and Velvets in soft and ribbed version. Soft Cottons and Chenilles include extra option of adding print-like overlays in 10 different designs ready to apply and combine per your own wish. All available colors and patterns have been carefully picked to go well together and provide endless combining possibilities in only one package.

If you’re looking to retexture your favorite piece of clothing or any other figure you own for Daz Studio quickly and on spot, this set is created for you. This set isn’t a merchant resource, but you can study shader settings and use similar surface settings to create your own sets.


More views of what's included in this set:

Promo01-PlaidsAndRibbedCotton by VAlzheimer   Promo02-EmbroideredAndRibbedVelvet by VAlzheimer   Promo03-HeatheredAndSoftCotton by VAlzheimer   Promo04-DenimAndCamo by VAlzheimer   Promo05-ChenilleAndSoftVelvet by VAlzheimer 

  Promo06-OverlaysChenilleCottons by VAlzheimer

(click on thumbs to see images in full view)

All promo images created using Daz Studio 4.9 and Iray, with no postwork.
Beautiful ladies featured in the promos are of course my babe Faith Fawkes and the amazing BrianaBaxter :heart:

Hope you like it and enjoy it!! :heart:

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Updates, end of 2016 is near!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2016, 3:38 AM
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Time, time and time again... Looks like I'm missing a lot of that thing :)

I know it may seem like I only come in and leave right away from here, but that's far from the truth. I read all the lovely comments, yet I don't always answer time-wise, as I want answers to be appropriate and to show how much I really appreciate the attention of this community. I've been around deviantart for most certainly a decade now, and since I started 3D art, on this profile for the full 4 years so far. It's an AMAZING experience, I quiet often state that I have learned art here, at the school of deviantart, because this is where it all started, before all other social networks - this place was the place my art found its first home and first acceptance. I never forget that, and that is why I keep coming back.

But years in business take its toll, and time available becomes short to keep track of everything I get to do in a day. I know it may seem I just post now and then, throw an image out and run away... But in reality there is much more art awaiting to be posted, and while I try not to clutter the feeds and spam wit posting 5 pieces at once, I've gotten myself into a backlog with things copyrighted to 2016 artwork. So it looks I will have to post more frequently to get it all out now by the end of the year, so expect MORE artwork, more videos (this is a new feature and I am so very excited and humbled by the feedback of my timelapse videos), and I will try showing how much I actually DO genuinely care for all your feedback and try to catch on replying to everything I have missed.

This may explain why I am so scattered around, so keep reading.

Yes I mostly render for Elite Models 3D, our promotional artistic team, where we work with vendors, make art for their content and showcase them in albums on social networks, most of it being Facebook where I am the easiest to contact directly. So basically all art you see me posting has been originally done for that purpose, first to promote products, and then to add to my portfolio. That's the ultimatum I had to make a while ago to catch up with both, so my promotional renders are done just as I would do my art in general, nothing less, to justify the style and quality (if there is any) behind my name.

But there is also the personal field. As we call it, life, a thing I often joke I don't really have outside of this all.

But truth being, I do have it, and it's been a rollercoaster ride for the past 2-3 years of my life, filled with joys, happiness, but also anxieties, panic attacks, health ups and downs, having a job, then leaving a job to do only art; meeting a man but having him across the world and now working on finally moving me across the world to be with him. Yes it is exactly as crazy as it sounds, and we have recently gotten a date, booked the tickets, and my BIG final move across the world is happening by the end of January 2017. It's scary and exciting, and joyful and a little sad when you realize you're about to call it quits with everything you've made in one place, to move to a completely different one. Thousands of miles away. 

But that is the life I chose, just as I chose this one before it. And I am so very proud of myself, my achievements, my battles lost and won and all the wonderful people I got to meet both online and in person in these 30-something years of my presence in this world. Yes, I'm that old, lol, something being 4, years being 34 in total. I can't believe it either, it's been just yesterday when I turned 19 and moved away from my home town to pursue college and try build up some kind of a future for myself. And all that stopped making sense till about 3 years ago now, and got a whole another sense of itself.

I'm not a romantic. I'd often say if you buy flowers it better not be for me,I often said I don't believe in marriage, or love, after having my heart broken over again. I even often said I will never trust people again no matter how close to me they were or how much I cared for them. I've developed one bad temper along as well, which helped keeping people on distance, one thing I am not proud of along. And all that somehow got worth the risk again, to open up, to fall in love, to change my life and start anew, by the ending this coming January, to leave all behind and start fresh.

Gosh that sounded hellova dramatic, LOL.

Look, I don't know why we are all here. I don't know what the right thing to do is, if we should do the jobs we hate to earn what we need to obtain things that aren't necessary. But at one point I couldn't do that. I've had my share and I know almost every single person gets that wakeup call when they ask themselves "Is this really worth it, is this my life?" I was misdiagnosed 4 years ago with something awful, the C world, not yet confirmed when I was told about it (and later luckily proven false), but that was my wakeup call. When someone looks you dead in the eye and breaks you the news, the world stops. Your job no longer matters, all that money you think you should earn doesn't matter, all those fake friends and pass-by friendships made out of courtesy do not matter, that casual relationship you're in holds no value anymore. You tell yourself, well this is NOT how I wanted stuff to be, I didn't want all this temporary stuff to be all I have ever done to get somewhere in life I may never get to. You realize your time is running out for everything you ever wanted to do.

I think that wakeup call is important. It's important to not want temporary things anymore. It's important to strive for bigger, and not settle for less. Go big, or go home. Said the hermit who loves being home, but you get what I mean. If you open yourself for bigger things, they will come. Look at me, I hear a lot of people saying I was "lucky" I had it all "handed on the silver platter", at times I let them say that, at other times it pisses me off. I fought for this, and everyone should for theirs. I went through loosing, to being on the bottom, to be deep in depression, loosing hope and loosing strength, fighting to be where I am nearly killed me, several times so far. It's not luck, it's the will to change things and run after your dreams. 

It's the will to take one more risk, and start anew. It's never too late, it's out there waiting for you, you just have to find it. I think I found mine. I sure as hell am going over there to see if I did. Call me brave, call me stupid, call me impulsive - I'm going there. I saw love at the other side of that road, and a home, and doing things I love doing. At the end of the day, we all just want to be hugged by the person we love, who loves us, and whom we trust. Find that person and be that person for someone else.

Live your life, it won't live itself by itself, that is all. So, yes I'll be around till end of January 2017, and when I show up after it, you will know I'm checking in from the other side. It will be a different me, but I will still be here. I can't wait for you to meet that me, I can't wait to meet her too, I've been waiting for her all my life.

If you have read this far... Thank you. Know that I am reading your comments, this attention here fills my heart with joy and gives me hope, inspiration to do more, to become better. A better person, a better artist.

V.  :heart:

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Hiii :)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 3:37 AM
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Hiii everyone :wave:

Sorry for the long silence and absence everyone, things have gotten a little crazy IRL and I haven't really done much rendering so I took a short break from making art as I believe each one of us simply has to especially if you render in schedules, so call it a vacation break from work for me :aww: But I wanted to let you know I am still around and I will go back to catching up and posting again really soon.

My immigration visa process has gotten seriously close to the final end of almost two years waiting, and also I had my honey here with me for the past week and after literally only sleeping for 2 whole days after I let him back off on his way home 5000 miles away, I believe it's time to get back to some art as well ;) My life recently has been all about the paperwork, the planning of moving away and finally get married to that wonderful guy of mine and also keeping up with Elite Models 3D on Facebook so puhleeeze don't get mad at me for being so much in and out of here and elsewhere and my art suffering through the process. 

I am NOT giving up, and more awesome news Marvelous Designer has also gone from version 5 to 6 and OF COURSE I had to upgrade as they've given me an offer I simply could not refuse so there's also catching up with the MD updates and making some nifty 3D clothes again. Those following me on Facebook have also noticed I have started the "Cookie of the Day" project that you can follow both on my Facebook page VAlzheimer Studio and I KNOW I KNOW many of you simply dislike Facebook so you can also find me on Instagram now as well, so if that kind of a social network floats your boat feel free to follow me there as well! :happybounce: :heart:

Va Instagram by VAlzheimer

The "Cookie of the Day" project basically consists of simple turntable animations and quick Cookie renders so once I am done with it I will post a compilation for all those interested both here and on my website as always ;) :heart:

Time to work! See you guys and once again, thanks for sticking around and still being here with me, more updates coming soon!!! :happybounce:

Love :heart:

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Hope everyone is well around here, it's been pretty crowded and crazy up here in the Studio, starting some new projects, expanding galleries and all pretty much is getting overwhelming when I look around and make the equation of things I've done, started, and yet need to start or finish :) 

In short I've started working on some demo reels of my work, to try give better insight of my workflow, as well as working on new animations and making a video along which makes me very happy as for a long time I wanted to do things like that and now I've been given a chance. I've done a few animations recently for clients and decided to do some for my own portfolio as well, and explaining how to work with Daz AniMate2 in all three engines I use: Octane, Iray and 3Delight. 

VA Atoms by VAlzheimer

As for the little guy in the picture there, you'll be seeing him in my upcoming video and probably some future animations, but along with the video you can expect some freebie AniBlocks download on my website too, so if you're into all of that stay in touch and follow and I'll try to have it up as soon as possible :aww:

Here's a small test preview of my animated logo as well, rendered entirely in Iray for the purpose of upcoming project(s):

Also for those who might have seen me I have recently registered at ArtStation which brought me some overwhelming feedback, showcases on different journals and pages and amazing work opportunities in a very short time, so if you are there nudge me so I can follow you back :aww:…

All in all I am doing my best to keep all my strings together and not forget where to continue from, some days it becomes a little tiring and overwhelming but I guess it's the perks of making a hobby your full time job :aww: So I'll just shut up and not complain of the perks that come with the territory, LOL.

So see you around, and stay inspired and positive and hope everyone's having a great summer! :heart:
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Hey y'all beautiful people :heart:

Those of you who follow me here and on Facebook most probably know about my signature girly by the name of Faith Fawkes. She's been my signature model for good 3 years now, starting from Genesis and lived to see her installation through Genesis 2 and on Genesis 3 Female as well. I mostly post my tests and bits and pieces of my renders either on my Facebook Profile (Verica Alzheimer) or on my Facebook Page (VAlzheimer Studio), but thought I could squish a few updates here in my journal as well ;)

Yesterday I spent good amount of hours tweaking Faith's skin for Octane Render Plugin for Daz Studio as I was mostly unsatisfied with the "yellowish tint" I kept getting only on her skin. For most of my models I usually use RedspecSSS shaders out of the box, but for Faith I finally had to sit down, power up Substance Painter and Designer and work on redoing all of her maps. Her diffuse is as always a mixture of several Raiya's textures (I'm a huge fan of Raiya's work), but yesterday she got her respective maps such are better bumps and normal, as well as proper SSS and specular map to get that PBR transmission and translucency she's been lacking recently. Here's my first result, although I still need to work more detailed on some bits and add up some makups :) 

Faith 7 by VAlzheimer

Also going back and forth from Octane to Iray and 3Delight I am honored to have tested some of the newest Traveler's shaders that will include amazing gem effect for Iray in Daz Studio, and soon will be available for purchase as well. I am honestly humbled by the talents of my friends and it makes doing this job worthwhile :heart: 

Shaders ended up rendering much faster then I thought they would, so I ended up with 4 sample images I was so pleased about that I just had to post them :) The band I used in the renders is the external ring model (available on TurboSquid for free), where I only had to enhance the material zones a bit and redo the UVs in Blender so it would shader properly, I was curious to see how shaders will work on the outside surfaces and independent models and I wasn't disappointed for a bit. The bigger gem is Traveler's creation for the upcoming pack.

Gems by VAlzheimer

All 4 images rendered in about 20 minutes each at 800 iterations and 800x800px resolution (on Asus G750JS laptop rig with GTX870m and 32GB RAM and 3GB on graphics card), using only HDRI lightning with one of the HDRI maps from Dimension Theory's Luminance pack. Earlier I wrote a walkthrough how to use Luminance in Iray you can find on my website if you are interested.

All in all, I've been having a lot of fun recently, my rendering and creating mojo is finally back and I expect to have more images to post very soon :) 

Hope everyone is well, and do know even when I don't get to reply all of your comments I certainly read through them all and all the attention my work is getting really makes my days awesome, and always know that you are awesome and I appreciate all of your support :heart: 

V. :hug:

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Found this on other artists profiles so I thought it would be fun to do one myself, heck why not :D

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? ...Somewhere about since 2006, but I made a new profile when I changed my alias to VAlzheimer and switched a medium from writing poetry and doing drawings and photomanipulations into full time doing 3D art :)
  2. What does your username mean? ...I present myself online as Verica Alzheimer (hence VAlzheimer), me bringing Alzheimer to a whole new level was a joke my friends made about me being so forgetful in RL, so it kinda stuck :) Alzheimer of course isn't my real last name but it became a permanent nickname and stuck around for the past couple of years :blush:

  3. Describe yourself in three words. ...I forget things.

  4. Are you left or right handed? ...Right-handed.

  5. What was your first deviation? ...Pulled up from a storage just for you, behold my first publicly posted Daz render, LOL ;) It was Genesis in Daz 4.5 rendered with 3Delight. Nothing better then starting a career with a finger, right... I know, I know... but there was just too much of Lara back in the days. My first girl was called Eve... :lol:   VA2013: Who The F* Is Lara Croft? by VAlzheimer

  6. What is your favorite type of art to create? ...Definitely scenery with a touch of pinup, and mostly girls, badass pinup girls with attitude... That sums it up about right ;)

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? ...Oh lord, traditional drawing. I remember having it so easy to draw just about anything back in highschool but I somehow lost it, years of not drawing with pen and paper took it away during the time, and nowadays my tries to draw anything just look dreadful. Also, the reason I switched to 3D (phew for that) :aww:

  8. What was your first favorite? ...It's still uber cool:  ravine-igrah the firebane by nebezial

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? ...3D art and also illustrations.

  10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist? ...Not sure I favorite anyone over another but rather have favorite art pieces, but if you had to squeeze my hand I'd say Laticis for so many reasons. He's also one of the first 3D artists from our 'verse I discovered on DeviantART.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? ...The real, not just digital BrianaBaxter. I still miss her around, she was the first on the trail of discovery of my at-the-time still unofficial relationship with my current fiance while we were all together at Elite Models 3D :heart: And yes she's a real person and awesome for so many reasons :aww:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? ...Many came and went, some stuck around, but the very most impact on both my RL and my artistic growth is by my fiance, as we met through 3D art and here you can find him doing the most of BrianaBaxter artwork. For someone who doesn't believe in fairy-tales and romance, the most impossible story has decided to happen to me (out of all people). If there wasn't for him, and his insane belief in me, love and encouragement on every step I take, I'd never achieve where I got now. He's my best friend, the love of my life and definitely my equal counterpart. 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? ...Daz Studio, Octane, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Modo, Blender, GIMP, Inkscape.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? ...Home. I'm a classical introvert who prefers being at home and that's where my ideas best come to life.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? ...I remember my first donation, first premium membership and first hired/paid commission that happened right here :aww: All three got me jumping up and down when they happened, as I've always considered this to be a hobby and now in time it has become my job :) All thanks to the community that supported me, encouraged me and believed in me :heart:

Code of ethics: what are commissions, collabs etc.

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2016, 6:05 PM
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Disclaimer: I am purely speaking for myself here, and my own work and respect over my own time. There comes a moment in every artist's life when you get approached with an offer, to do a commission, a trade, a collab, a promo artwork.

Let's start with something called Code Of Ethics, many fields of creative work have this, written or unwritten, but it's very close as to being fair and moral, but keeping self-respect and not bending over not only for the sake of yourself but also for the sake of your fellow peers from artistic circles. Code of Ethics is pretty much unwritten among Daz and Poser artists, but my belief is we all should agree to the same:

  • :bulletorange: Not to undermine, filth-talk, steal from, cheat on and gossip about a fellow artist for selfish personal gain. Paths do part with people, but people don't really like the drama, so if you decide doing this way regardless of the warning, you're more likely to loose respect then to gain any if you turn your scene into a personal matter where you're not getting along with someone and you think they should be punished because of your personal issues. Truth: people will avoid you if you badmouth other artists. Be a Switzerland if you want to be in business. Not the butt-crawler, not the pusher, not the underminer and the mocker. Not that ugly popular kid in the schoolyard. If nothing else, if you don't believe in ethics, karma is a bitch. Take that, it all comes around.

  • :bulletorange:  Don't underrate yourself. When you accept to do paid work under the price it deserves it better not be for business, because that way you put all the other artists in the same wagon by a client repeating "But that dude did it cheaper." If you don't respect yourself, let your work be disrespected and underpaid but be clear that you're not pulling your fellow peers with you. It takes lots of explaining afterwards if you're not clear that cheap (or free) is a favor. This silent agreement exists in all creative fields and is respected everywhere. I'll tell you a secret after being there and selling artwork to various clients: you can sell well. You can charge well. You can do yourself a favor if you respect your own work. And also to others.

Get it as you will what I wrote above. My stand of how much I charge for doing work for someone shall not change whether you respect yourself (or me) or not. All the same in my book. Now... Collabs, commissions, partnerships, testing products, making 3D models and Daz/poser content. I simply would like people to understand this from my own, personal, POV.

  • :bulletorange: Yes I do promo artwork, for free, within Elite Models 3D. That is purely my own personal choice and just because I do artwork there free of charge doesn't mean you can commission me for free or try to undermine my artwork because it has been done for free in a promo group. First of all, well I kinda own Elite Models 3D. Second of all, Elite Models 3D is followed by over 11000 people which gives my artwork and my artistic name quiet a boost to be posted there. Third and most important part - Elite Models 3D doesn't charge vendors for promoting their products, it works on a trading system - we get content, we provide artwork. From my personal POV, I'm good friends with vendors we work with and it's not the slightest issue for me to show off their work that I generally really love either way. I'd probably buy it anyway and use it in my render, and... promos kinda give you a certain schedule, they put you on track, you have a topic to render, and we all need a little drive push, right? So promo work is pretty much a win-win situation. For me, personally. I said these points are gonna be personal.

  • :bulletorange: Yes it is true that I also do artwork or content, free of charge, for friends and family, occasionally. Hell why wouldn't I, aren't you a human being too? What better gift could a dear person give to another then a part of their inspiration? But, not everyone can play you on a friend card. Beware who you consider friends and are they on to you for the gain or because they love your work. Oh the first kind is very common, they'll be all over you "Should I buy this or could you make it? Should I wishlist this product or you planned giving it to me? Oh we can feature you in our shiny forum/website/magazine and you get tons of exposure because you're my dearest friend (and we also kinda have nothing to fill it with)!" Now after those approaches you most certainly know you don't have a friend on your hands but a very greedy person trying to use you and your art. Try to figure out who your friends are before giving any kind of answer. Even some friends aren't worth having not to mention the other kind.

  • :bulletorange: Collaborations... or collabs. This is a very nice category of masterminds and artistic souls managing to find the middle of their different or similar styles and to do better together then individually, alone. It's sort of like having a relationship. It either works, or doesn't work, or works for a while, or starts being pretty long-term. We see this everywhere, some vendors have their preferred texture artists, others simply like finishing other one's work and filling in for other party weak spot. It's good, it's creative, it's inspiring. BUT if it is business, make sure to know your cut and to agree on it. Ask everything unclear to you. Don't be the mule carrying most of the work while you split profit in half or you don't get recognition in it at all. Business is rough, we do business to earn. Find your goal and stick to it.

  • :bulletorange: Commissions. I have a love/hate relationship with this category, be it the paid work or other kind. I've been doing that for 2 years and I found it frustrating, now I'm awfully picky and way bitchy when someone asks me to do something Why? People ask of you to do all kinds of things, some you never even thought of. Some even illegal ffs. Some offer good amounts of money, some simply expect they're entitled to ask a favor of you. Main breaking point about commission is... After you carefully read what the project is about: Do you want to do it? Does it do good to your reputation? Do you just need money and you're ready to do anything or you're simply one of those who don't know how to spell NO? There's lots of reasons to do or not do a commission. My break point is TIME (again, my own personal breaking point). What else could I do in that amount of time? Does it affect my daily choirs and does it affect my regular income? Is it ...worth it? Oh maybe I just like the idea and I'll do it. But do please let ME decide. If you're a commissioner, keep this in mind. You're approaching the artist, you play by artist's rules. In that case their art is not "acceptable" or "good enough" it's the goddamn best you can get for the affordable price so make sure to respect that artist and choose your words wisely in how you talk to them. NEVER talk down to an artist. Their budget will only get higher, nobody gains if artist looses their self-respect, least do you, a random stranger with a few bills. If you want us to like and respect you, you start first with likes and respects. 

  • :bulletorange: Business offers. Be careful, not everyone with a skill to sound good offers something good. Is it a book, a game, a OC... Ask a lot of questions. Beat them with questionmarks until you see what is behind the offer. Very similar to commissions, it may lead from a random guy throwing money on the table and giving you free hands to do what you will, to those who will poke you around, constantly asking for more improvements, and sometimes even not willing to pay in the end. Solution? CONTRACTS. Yes not all people like signing these, but those who are serious with their business offers will have no problems with it, so if you're uncertain, or skeptic about the offer, simply put it on paper and ask for a signature and deposit. Clean hands, happy clients, right.

  • :bulletorange: Working with other people's products, testing, giving inputs and helping before and during production. I've done a lot of these, it's fun, you get to spin something not yet even released, you feel the smell of new and raw. You start digging, twisting and turning it around and do your best to make that little thing not have one flaw slip you when you're done with it. BUT... that's where it stops. You say what doesn't work, that's your part of testing. You suggest what may be changed and maybeeee even how. You DO NOT change anything yourself unless you're involved  in the partnership. You do NOT do work instead of the original creator, you just point them to the right direction. Don't do the hard work yourself without getting recognition. Never agree to that unless you're paid to do so or that is stated in your agreement, written or otherwise. Testing a product is like trying it and noticing how it works, just that. It's not you making a product, so watch how far you want to get yourself involved. 

  • :bulletorange: Advice and suggestions... or should we call it "how I occasionally got to be called names". Tips, tutorials, suggestions and advice is all nice to do to help a fellow artist. You pass on your experience and watch your tutor grow and blossom. BUT. You need to set the clean boundary when enough is enough. When to stop being the third wheel to someone. believe it or not, people love stealing ideas, they love using other people's tips and tricks eventually inheriting them as their own. Very slippery floor. Choose what you want to teach. Again, as in testing, set boundary how deep you want to get involved, because in the end you get no credits but being a good person who just lost a huge amount of time and maybe you didn't have to (part where you now call me names, but don't worry I'm used to it). Some people tend to become greedy, they start relying on you completely. Don't allow that. Give a push, give a suggestion, write a tutorial, but don't let yourself become a permanent slave to another person or you may end up completely drained and with no energy left. You have your own stuff to do! Anyone who respects you should have understanding for that. If they don't... are they worth teaching in the first place? Most likely not.

So, yes a little long input for a journal, but that's about it. Shorter version: don't be a selfish self-centered people user. Respect fellow peers and you'll be surprised with what you may get in return. Because, karma may be a bitch, but if you're not, karma won't be either. *wink wink nudge nudge say no more*

Catch'ya later and hope you're all having a great beginning of spring! :heart:

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Breaking The Silence

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 8, 2016, 5:09 AM
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A little something to break the silence here at VAlzheimer Studio, presenting you the first official test of the fourth installation of Faith on Genesis 3 Female :aww: Some changes happened on our end and we've been busy working on new things, learning, working on products... but I promise more updates coming really really soon to !! :heart:

VA2016 Faith0 by VAlzheimer

One of the biggest changes so far is the transition to Octane render engine via Daz Studio plugin (although I will still use Iray and 3Delight occasionally) and still catching up on the learning curve to achieve better results. As for our girl Faith, she's been redone one more time and pulled through Zbrush and Blender to refine the morph to keep up with Genesis 3 gene pool, as well as brand new textures adapted only for her. Textures have been baked with the help of Blender (originally by Raiya as usual) and skin has been optimized using RedSpec SSS skin shaders for Octane.

In the meantime still A LOT has been left to learn about Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Blender and Substance while running the Elite Models 3D and doing many more things on the side... so do pardon my absence and sometimes late responding to your wonderful messages and comments, I try getting back to replying to everyone as soon as I can :heart:

Lots of love, and stay creative! :heart:

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Just stopping by to wish everyone around Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! :heart:
Have an awesome 2016, and "Be excellent to each other!" (in my best Lincoln voice)

Here's a dancing Santa :D

:heart: :heart: :heart:

2015 has been crazy all around on my end, especially past few months since I've become a Daz vendor. I feel humbled and thankful and all the feelings I don't even know how to translate into words for all the good things in my life at this point and people I couldn't have done without. In short, I am currently in the middle of immigration process to USA to go and get married to the man of my life, a month ago I have decided to quit my job and dedicate fully to working only on 3D, hence I am now spending days learning Zbrush, Substance, Marvelous Designer, running Elite Models 3D and doing promotional renders with the team, and creating many new things that will be released in 2016 in my store... :)

Most of all I am forever thankful for my own patience and faith that this all can come, being madly in love, having a job that I love, and needless to say I am thankful for My Man who holds my hand in better and in worse, for our families and cultures coming together in 2015 and many beautiful memories created by him coming to visit Serbia and loving every second of it :heart: 2016 even though not yet here already promises to be even better, and I look forward to see it come and develop.

Good things do happen. Never stop believing.

Have a wonderful holidays and prosperous upcoming year!! :heart:

Love :heart:
Made me sooo very very happy and proud when I found out that I have won
The Marvelous Designer 56th Monthly contest for October with my Salsa Dress creation! :dance: :heart:

Md by VAlzheimer

You can take a closer look of this dress I made in MD here in my DeviantART gallery:

VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Spanish Rose by VAlzheimer  VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Steampunk Reign by VAlzheimer  VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Summer Time by VAlzheimer

I also encourage all creative people who work in MD to submit their creations to the gallery,
you can win a very valuable prize on their website:

One more time around Elite Models 3D promotions team is looking for new artists, if you know someone, or you are that someone who is interested in joining us for content promotions, feel free to apply and help spread the word :)

You can see our work at Facebook page here:

Contact email:

Elite by VAlzheimer


All my old deviations are reverted to storage now and I will be posting new ones as time allows :) My domain at has been brought back up and is online and running. All old artworks and old website are still available at where they will stay for those interested in taking the road down the memory lane of VAlzheimer Studio.

As some have noticed I started selling through Daz 3D store teamed up with my fiance pushing VAlzheimer name to level up at, starting with Genesis 3 Female autofitting clones and Genesis 3 Female clone and shape for Genesis 2 Female. The idea of selling has been around for the entire past year or more, but as Genesis 3 showed up out there before expected, my vendor endeavors have also started earlier than planned as the clones were a "now or never" thing to catch the train before it is gone through the station. People have often asked me what do I plan to sell. In the past months I have been oriented on making outfits for Daz figures, experimenting with Look At My Hair, Marvelous Designer, AniMate 2, and finally getting Zbrush as my first sales took off, so now I am learning to combine what I have learned thus far into what can meet the marketplace demands. Frequency of my future products is still undetermined, but there is a possibility that there will be new creations in the near future.

As life dictates to all of us, some things have also happened in the meanwhile that have caused me to, for a while, dedicate only to myself and my art and cut the general social interactions to the minimum. I have met many extraordinary artists through groups I have been a member of, and after 3 years doing digital arts as the constants with some I have parted ways while others have remained dear friends I hope to cross my path again in life. What is causing me to move more to the personal field and get less engaged into team and group work is the sole fact, as human nature always ends up to be, when people part words are said and I have found my name to be dragged around the mud few times too many to handle. I have long lost the interest to justify myself in public when being called out, but at this time I simply chose to pull myself away and not be available as target for gossips, insults and verbal attacks as I was too open to general public personally always putting my heart on the line with what I do, and it caused me to burn out in desperate need of a break.

I wish to thank everyone for the experiences they have given me, and for the things I have learned so far. I am still the artist who feeds on its inspiration and I think that spark will not disappear anytime soon, so I am continuing my creative ways and my personal growth wherever it leads me in future :) Big thank you to everyone who are still following me, to those worried about me, know that I am doing fine, wherever you are and wherever I am.

Love :heart: