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I MOVED TO VALYCENEGATIVE.IT by ValyceNegative, visual art

  • Apr 29, 1991
  • Italy
  • Deviant for 15 years


!!!!! I MOVED !!!!!

My new portfolio site + commission and info hub can be found at:

Daily updates, commission status, sneek peeks and other news at so follow me over there!

Q: Why did you move?

A: Eclipse no longer provides the services I signed up for back when it was DeviantArt, and without a real alternative I decided to make my own corner of the web: the new site not only shows my complete portfolio of personal art, but it also contains refs and bios of all my characters, additional informations on my side projects such as Lost Without You, full info on my commission terms of service, pricelist, and merchandise/prints shop, all within the distinctive colours, patterns and layouts that define my personal universe and artstyle. Everything you need to know about my art is there, so go visit!

Q: But you lost all your favs/comments/whatever!

A: My art's purpose is not to rack up likes, favs or other means of internet fame: while I do appreciate feedback, favs or comments are not the main reason I work on my personal projects and I will continue to write and draw about my characters even without seeing fav notifications rise up. Besides, I was already recieving little to no feedback at all from Deviantart when it made the chenge to Eclipse, so I felt my stay here absolutely useless.

While it's true that my site doesn't allow for external comments, if you do feel like leaving one, you can always write on Twitter, where I'll also post my new upcoming pieces.

Q: Where can I contact you now for commissions or chitchat?

A: Literally anywhere else! I mainly do commission business over at Furaffinity where I can be contacted via note: You can also contact me privately on Twitter:

If you prefer instant messaging, I'm available on Telegram at Valyce Negative, and on Discord at BunOfThunder#4458. Finally, the best way to contact me privately is via email at alkalinesparks [AT] hotmail [DOT] it.

It's been a good run and I've had over 10 years of online interaction and experience, and I'm glad of the people I've met, but with Eclipse as a permanent façade of Deviantart, I do not feel that my art belongs to this place anymore. So see you on the site!