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My Bio
Welcome to Val's page!

First of all, I'm a practitioner of all kinds of art. I specialize in vectoring, graphics design and I can draw quite nicely. I started out drawing normally. The main purpose for vectoring was to create high quality wallpapers with them as an addition to graphics design and a challenge. Then I ended up with loving to vector images and not always knowing what to do with them. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to digital paintings, but I'm slowly working on that. Unlike most artists that make amazing paintings, I'm kinda stuck doing what I already do, simply because I love it. It's sadly not as much appreciated despite only idiots doing this.

:heart: ~~~~~~~~:heart:

Art Goals:
- Remaster & Remake all selected old wallpapers and make them 4k -
- Fix flaws from all proper usable vectors from old works -
- Create new vectors and wallpapers -
- Practice drawing and coloring in painting -
- Clear my WIP list of everything -
- Wonder to submit some physical works -

:heart: ~~~~~~~~ :heart:

Quality Delivery
So, if you see any of my submissions, you will see that they're all available at incredible resolutions. I'm pretty sure people like all these things, it's just that it is a very demanding hobby. Therefore, I hope there's people who are willing to donate for my cause sometime later, so I can keep doing what I already do and consider getting my productivity up. I'm truly against paywalling to get higher quality downloads, because my purpose is to deliver quality in the first place. Why would I force people to pay for them? still takes a lot of time and work, but I'd like to keep it available to everyone. Neither do I want to take full credit on most things, since I didn't create them from scratch entirely. I do only vector from official and published artworks.

:heart: ~~~~~~~~ :heart:

Other Goals:
- Submit high quality artwork on dA -
- Considering NSFW/Nude stuff -
- Getting more known on dA and elsewhere :( -
- Setting up a donation to support what I do through Paypal and Patreon -
- Streaming art or videogames -

:heart: ~~~~~~~~ :heart:

Requests and commissions:
It's possible to request things and/or commission. I am very uncertain when it comes to creating things from scratch, so I will not draw for you. I will only do vectors when it comes to this. You may request me to vector or create a wallpaper from an anime/game and specify the scan, screenshot, series or character for free. When you commission though, I will vector anything you want me to from OC's to logos and NSFW stuff. The price will depend on the difficulty and time it takes. Please PM me if you have any interests.

:heart: ~~~~~~~~ :heart:

Find me also at:

Favourite Visual Artist
Nardack, Mushimaro Tachikawa, Refeia, Akihiko Yoshimida, George Kamitani
Favourite Movies
Rush Hour, Lord of the Rings, The Fifth Element
Favourite TV Shows
Gintama, South Park, Futurama
Favourite Games
Ninja Gaiden Black, Wild Arms 3, Disgaea, Etrian Odyssey
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 4, Nintendo 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI and a wacom tablet
Other Interests
Cooking, videogames, sports & art


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Thank you for watching me and faving so many of the things I upload! Much appreciated ^^
It's the case with pretty much all my work. Vectors are very time demanding to make, especially of characters with a fair amount of detail and lineart. Thank you for the fave though xD
[V/RENDER] Sheryl Nome
Great piece! Not really sure if the water hair effect should be in it. Looking great for the rest.
get well soon
Yeah, took me quite some time to get a bit comfy and work on things considering that I mainly just want to do the things I love. Well, it's working for me now, so all good.