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Your Own Heart
Another PS pic. I had a lot of fun doing this one. The purple colour was intentional, after the Japanese flower, Shion. The quote is from Chain of Memories, noting how far back, in the series, the idea of replicas / puppets / Nobodies forming hearts of their own. 
In Common
More PS fun. A quote from Chain of Memories that I made a picture for. I wanted to convey a kind of balance, between the afternoon and the evening, Sora and Lea both desiring to be reunited with their friends. 
Afternoon Wrestle Brothers Re-draw 2018
Kopa and Kion intensely wrestle in the grass.

The fourth picture of my re-draw of Brothers 2018 and the third picture of my "Usuku" project. 

Perhaps not as many plains within the picture like the last one but, all in all, I'm content with how everything came out. 
I did a PS pic using a quote from Chain of Memories. The answer to this question burns in my mind, too. What *is* going to happen? 
Starting in November, will be a very special project for me. I'll take my time with it and hopefully, I can have it done by the end of January but WIP's will be expected. The Brothers redraw is coming along. 
As a child, I only ever loved one thing: and that was Lion King. I'd add Jurassic Park in there but ... I think deep down, I loved Lion King just a little bit more. :p I loved it like a need for air, for water, for food ... I obsessed over it and ... it became my idol -- though I didn't know about those things yet. I just knew that my life revolved around the lion family that ruled the african savannah. It was because of Lion King that I wanted to learn Zulu / Swahili. The reason why I drew and created stories. It was my friend when I had no one.

In fifth grade, the Timon and Pumbaa show came out. And it was ... Lion King's version of Animaniacs. ... Looking back on it now, ugh, it's not the greatest show in the world ... but at the time (and because it was Lion King) I adored the heck out of it. 

In '98, Lion King would finally, finally have a sequel: Simba's Pride. I was so hyped for it and I remember, to this day, how I reacted when I saw the special "We Are One" preview for the movie on the tv. "Why is his voice so high," I wondered upon seeing the lion cub grumble as it repeated the "great circle of life" mantra, "... and where is his mane tuft?" ... I was positive that Simba would always have a son (LK6NA in a different note :p) that when I finally realized that he had a daughter instead, I was taken aback. And then I saw Kovu, who looked the spitting image of a baby Scar. I just could not contain myself with joy and elation about it.

Six years later, Lion King 1 and a 1/2 would make its debut: a spoof making fun of itself. 

And then ... silence.

Silence for twelve years.

It's kind of hard to milk a franchise with that kind of silence. With years' worth of breaks in between movies. But that's what people say. Leave LK alone. Don't you dare make more movies on the movie that you first created to begin with. ... Ugh, so baffling. It vexed me when all of these different movies would get remakes, get picked up again, get new movies made for them. If anything has been milked, it's the Star Wars franchise but not a *dang* soul says anything about that. :/ And I hate Star Wars.

Yes, a broadway play has been made for LK. Where was the hate for that? Where was the "my childhood is ruined" comments about that? It's almost like ... it's en vogue to join the mob mentality and hop on the hate train and start bashing something before it's even seen. I enjoyed this one comment that I read on YT, paraphrased: "If you're 25 and under, your opinion is invalid." I couldn't agree more. 

I didn't see the remake of Cinderella. I didn't see Maleficent. Though I've heard good things about them. I just never really cared about those disney movies. But yet, it never struck me that a live action LK would be possible at all. I always felt like Disney secretly hated Lion King for it being as successful as it was. A new movie for LK and it's a spoof rather than a continuation. And all those years of nothing but bad fan fics and the same old fan art. I grew distant with it over the years, as new things came into my life, old things had to be put on a shelf. ... But it wasn't until August, 2015 that I saw glimpses of a new little lion cub and confirmation of a tv series. 

Just like with anything else of LK, I was elated! I jumped for joy! I was insanely excited! And then ... I saw the hate for it. Wait, what? ... Give it a bit more time and I'd see just how toxic the LK fandom really was. A pity, though I'm hardly surprised. For years, people were just sharing each others' ideas for fan fics and fan theories. But, new LK content is now met with hate. That feels so .... backwards, to me. 

Despite the negative response for the Lion Guard, the show is doing fantastically well and opens up the world of Lion King in a way that it never could before -- new characters, new places, new mythos. And -- new fan fics and fan art. The backlash it received from "fans" was just down right appalling. But it always made me happy to see the mark of Lion Guard in people's art anyway. 

Then, I began seeing previews for a remake of Jungle Book. Nothing special there. So many remakes have been made, what makes this one so special? Apparently everything! Upon seeing the trailers, I thought, wow, that's one I'll definitely have to see. And then I saw glimpses of Bagheera and Shere Khan ... how real they looked ... how hard would it be to turn a black leopard and a tiger ... into lions? Nothing at all. ... 

I seen the movie in theaters ... and though I enjoyed the Jungle Book story, I couldn't help but think, quite often, of Lion King. The whole story swept me up and it has been the most fun I've had seeing a movie in theaters in quite a while. It was everything my childhood wanted from a live action Jungle Book. All the other adaptations were disappointing because the animals never talked. But in this one, they did exceptionally well. I never had been very emotional over Jungle Book before. I simply just enjoyed the animals. But in this latest version, I felt like I was seeing colours for the first time. ... The wonder of the jungle, the terror of the obvious dangers. Shere Kahn never did anything for me as a villain ... yet in this one, he down right frightened me; I saw the devil in him ... and to put that across in an animal is amazing.

I enjoyed the movie but yet, a live action Lion King burned in me after that. It was possible. It had to be possible! But I dismissed it away because I felt that Disney would never do it. And then ... 

9.28.16 -- very early in the morning ... I find out on Twitter that the same director of Jungle Book is indeed set to make a live action Lion King. Wai-, wha-? ... What? WHAT?! ... I could have not been more overjoyed and over the moon with elation!!!! I wanted to cry and faint at the same time! But yet, the same disgusting, vile spirit that pissed all over Lion Guard is doing the same freaking thing with the remake of Lion King. UGH! PLEASE!

I repeat this YT comment: anyone 25 and younger, your opinion is invalid. ... Actually ... I'd up it to 27. I was 10 when LK was first in theaters. I'm 32 now. And yet, I see people as young as 19 say how this remake is a crappy idea. *sighs* I've never seen such a thing in all my life ... how we finally get something new for Lion King, and yet, these "fans" piss and spit all over it. I'll leave them to it and go see the movie myself. :p If done in the same vein as Jungle Book, Lion King could be something far more dark and gritty than we've ever seen, and watch as the live action LK remake becomes the highest grossing film *ever* for Disney and ever will be. 

And this CGI / live action nonsense ... the prudes can stop it all ready. Yes, the animals will be CGI, but it doesn't make it a cartoon a la Zootopia. 

I can't wait to see my dearest and favorite movie roar to life in theaters again. :) Coupled with Jurassic World 2, my childhood couldn't be more content. 



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