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Galaxy Rangers - Cereal Geek

By valstaples
Cereal Geek magazine!
If you don't know about it, then you should!
If you are in the US, click here: [link]
If you are in the UK, click here: [link]

It's published by James Eatock, one of the guru's of animation from around the 80s.
Cereal Geek magazine is chock full of informative, fun articles and loaded with fantastic art from a huge rost of talented artists that you know and love.

This was a Galaxy Rangers (awesome cartoon) piece drawn by the talented Andie Tong! :icondeemonproductions:

MVComics (coming soon)
MVCreations (which is being redone soon!)
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You're welcome :) 
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I love the feel of action in this piece.  Well done!
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This is great! I love that Goose is in his black uniform. 
Rangers HO!
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Niko look like Flora (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors)
I imagined that when Flora grow she will be like the Niko.
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Galaxy Rangers was the best.
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It was a great show!
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GALAXY RANGERS !!! It was so cool !!!!
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It definitely was. :-)
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I hope that's a good thing. :-D
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Very good thing :)
I remeber those from my youth...
Damn I miss those great cartoons from the 80s
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Great action to this piece. Keep up the amazing art.
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I say! Bloody good show old chap! I remember this...
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I remembered my childhood!
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