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PATREON FREEBIE: The Lusty Argonian Role Reversal

By Valsalia
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Finally getting around to this backlog of Patreon vote-pics!

Large & text-free version available as an attachment to this (free-to-the-public) Patreon post:
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See, with a name like "Role Reversal", I was expecting something along the lines of, say, Dragonborn as a lusty Argonian barbarian, and Delphine as a buxom boisterous maid, or something. This works too, though!

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It is perfectly delightful, that only the combination of Barbarian, and Delphine, results in any sort of competent problem solving dragon slayer. Poor old Sheogorath, if only he'd known. :D
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I’m now curious about the other roles being reversed.
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I suppose this is a daydream that the Dragonborn is having before he/she abruptly realizes that they've been fantasizing about being a different kind of woman rather than about being a man again.
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Uh oh this is getting all Curse-ception up in heres

Srsly tho, that's an angle that I hadn't considered, some real Deep Psych Character Analysis there! : O

Now that I think about it, Dragonborn here is probably less concerned about being female, versus not being OP powergamer-strong and being treated like the center of the universe all the time, as is the standard Skyrim experience (especially after you've played once or twice and figured out how to mixmax those stats)
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Not gonna lie, I made a new female Argonian character in Skyrim named Lifts-Her-Tail because of your comic.  It inspired me to do so.  Take that how you will, but I love your comic so much that I decided to make a new player character based on your comic.
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Now go do that in Skyrim VR with some mods for a maid outfit and boob physics
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I may have one version of her on Skyrim for PC, but the version of her that I'm playing right now is for the Nintendo Switch.  And I'm playing it a little differently this time, in that I am trying to get to Level 80 (and fight the Ebony Warrior) before even progressing through the main questline.  As of now, she's at Level 57, and I have yet to encounter a single dragon.  :D

Sadly, to make room for her save files, I had to delete the save files for my other character, a female Khajiit named Katia Managan, both modeled and named after the character from the "Prequel Adventure" webcomic.  But at least Lifts-Her-Tail is now close to Level 60, whereas Katia Managan had only just reached Level 40.  ;P
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Her legs look fine to me. They'd look better around my face. Just sayin
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Was making zheir swapped forms look so much like Kass and Lopin intentional?
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Delphine seems more “jiggly” than the Dragonborn ever did.  
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Probably because Delphine Crushabelle was more buxom than Dovahkiin Crushabelle?

Or maybe sheo’s rubbing it in (innuendo not intentionally included, but you probably are going to take it like that so Lenny face emoticon ) that Delphine expected not to be hit with the whammy when she talked about the weight of heroism.
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You're a real master in drawing these lizard girls. I love her pose and expression. Great work again :)
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Chances are, if you're posin', you're expressin'!
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I meant the face expression, but I guess you're right :)
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You realize now have *two* "Argonian Maid" comics to draw now?

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An amusing image. Neat stuff!

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Everyone except Delphine is highly amused by this
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Oooooooh how much I like karma

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