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Out-Of-Placers #82
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Published: October 27, 2018
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FIRST: The Out-Of-Placers 001

She seems to be experiencing a feeling

Thanks as ever to Raptie for handling the character coloring and shading on this page! 
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The Matriarch is channeling her inner Abram's there with the lens flare.

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BulletBill105Hobbyist General Artist
Underrated comment.
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MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist
Her glasses eminate a signal that could very much be translated as:

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Off zhe topic, an idea for any fan-game-makers out zhere.

A Yinglet is returning from a beach run, wizh a strange "Zhing" in his scav-bag. Seeing a nest of juicy so so delicious Snaprats, he goes for them, but drops "zhe Zhing". It breaks, and zhe Snaprats all start changing and growing so so fast, and in just moments are as big and fat as Rootpigs!

He runs back to the enclave, but some of zhe new "Pigrats" have followed him. Zhey raid zhe nurseries and run off with zheir eggs. By zhe time zhe Yinglets chase zhem back to zheir nest zhe Pigrats remaining behind have quickly built it up to a heavily defended fortress.

What to do?

Zhen zhey remember zheir hunter-trainer for teaching younglets to catch Jumpfish; a fork-tree with a stretchy-band to shoot dead fish for zhe younglets to catch...

Zhere's a so so big fork tree just over zhere.

Yes yes yes!

"Get all zhe stretchy bands in zhe entire enclave!" screams zhe Matriarch "Put zhem on zhat tree and make camp around it. All zhat can, dress up in your padded cliff-climbing-falling clozhes".

"We will launch ourselves in like fish and rescue our eggs".

"We are strong, we are determined, we will do it."

"For zhe younglings, for zhe enclave, for our future!"

We are...

Angry RatBirds!

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When your OC becomes canon
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mayor? it is you?..
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Oh Vizlet is getting her "evil" mode on like Lord Ivenmoth does at times.  This will be trouble for Kass, but likely interesting.

My guess is that she will saddle Kass with the younglet.  Kass passes the Yinglet to Lpen and then we end up with some parental drama between Kass and Lopen on how to raise the kid. 

Or, I could be completely wrong.

Though to be clear I do agree that this was likely Kass' emapthy and decency at work not some maternal instinct.  Doesn't mean people in-story won't think it maternal instinct though.
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A really fun question is if KASS ends up plagued by doubts on the maternal-instinct issue.
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CrazedFloofStudent General Artist
Vizlet I’d like to remind you this doesn’t mean Kass is starting to be a good looking candidate for a mother, it’s more just natural empathy. Who wouldn’t want to help a poor one out?
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zanhollowHobbyist Artist
is she saying "yes" for the diplomatic woman opening her feelings to the babys or there is some kind of profeci about something like this?
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This webcomic is just too good. I spent all of yesterday absorbing every detail of it, and the rest of the artist's work. This is legitimately the first webcomic I've ever seen that actually made me consider cutting into my funds to continue supporting it on Patreon. Definitely at the top of my watch list now. Maybe next month I'll start donating... maybe....
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Whaaaaat well that's awesome! I know what it's like to find that kinda comic/story myself, so it feels great to realize I'm able to produce something like that for others. No pressure to give me financial support, but if you do, even if it's just a dollar it makes a big difference!
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Hey man, you deserve it.
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same, first time i feel a litle bit guilty to enjoy something like rhat whitout paying for it.
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
About The Last Comment: Nevermind I See That It's Vizlet Saying Yes.
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
I'm Going To Guess: Kass Is Saying Why?
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(Nevermind This 1)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(Only All That's Heard Is The y Part)
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This younglet looks more like a human baby than a baby bird.
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I'm hoping that it was just sympathy originating from being a decent person, not some weird yinglet thing.
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StardustMoonlight1Hobbyist General Artist
why am i laughing so much omg 
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist

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StardustMoonlight1Hobbyist General Artist
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Between whatshisface having the other guy all GOT'd, and now Viz here.... I can't tell if there's something nefarious afoot.
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