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Out-Of-Placers #80
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Published: September 30, 2018
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FIRST: The Out-Of-Placers 001

I tell ya, some men are just not made to be mothers

Thanks as usual to  Caedere for coloring/shading the characters on this page!

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Guess whos adopting a baby????
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Kass is like...a guy who had his phone taken and replaced with a new phone.  All his files and stuff are ported over, he got his tunes, his photos, his website links.
But a different OS.  It's a different shape too, it just feels wrong in his hands.  The layout's a headache, the paths to his intended goals are different.  Things he used to be able to do without concentrating have become a wrestling match with an alien GUI.  And there's functions he's used to having but now gone, and functions he has no idea this new OS has got until he accidentally awakens one.  Like the program that 'auto Likes' any audio file tagged 'fart'.
Like the disco-rave-dubstep remix that blasts when he triggers the Clams Got app.
He refuses to even try and explore the Vagina app.
Here might just be his well-developed human empathy shining through, but it might be an insidious Maternal Instinct update trying to run in the background.  The hell of it is, I dunno if Kass himself is sure which of those is the answer.
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momma kass? plz?! we need cuteness!
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GodForSakenDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
guess we will find out if momma Kass is gonna do anything for the wee one
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*shudder* I'm still reeling from the egg laying thing.
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WillyWREHobbyist Writer
Hey, just caught up on Out-Of-Placers for the first time since... this time last year! Happy to see it's still going strong, and as fun as ever. And I can't help but wonder about this unhatched egg!
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Hmm, if Kass does feel some sort of sympathy for the creature, that does not necessarily mean she's becoming more nurturing, or maternal. It just means she still has empathy for other's. A h u m a n trait if I do say so myself. Something that I don't really think yinglets understand yet due to their naive youthfulness as a species. However, I suppose only time will tell whether or not I am right.
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jaws18301Hobbyist Photographer
This is a great story. It should be more advertised on all platforms.
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Like the Nintendo Switch!
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I imagine most yinglets sound like Jerry Lewis, sucking helium and putting on a bad French accent.  It makes the comedy even better but really drops a load of bathos on the serious bits.  :D
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Seanfall's avatar can see Kass's hands clench in between panels. Nice detail like their fighting the emotions starting to present themselves. 
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This is probably the most "yinglet" I've ever seen Vizlet in a while.  Usually, she's self-controlled enough to keep such thoughts to herself.  Now, though, the filter is off.  

Personally, I think Kass's sympathy for the unhatched one is probably connected to his own disenfranchised state.  He's a man/rat thing without a country just trying to survive, and here we have a yinglet without a future still trying to survive.  
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You know, I forgot if this universe has a Pantheon, or just any form of deity or not.
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Kass grew up in a place that had a singular cultural god, shaping his use of the term! : D
TattyGumcancer's avatar
Aye...but is their faith in the Emperor still strong in their hearts?
KhorentheRelentless's avatar
If not we will make it strong again in the form of a holy crusade on the inhabitants of these people. Emperor protects! 
TattyGumcancer's avatar
I am the Emperor's Fury! And I shall know no fear! Onward warriors, and fear not pain nor death! FORWARD!
KhorentheRelentless's avatar
Yes brother, I shall provide holy primer, and delicious wheat juices for your consumption. AKA: A real Man's drink.
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I think there's a fair distinction between empathy and maternal instinct. It is nice to see Kass show concern for something in this nightmare-inducing nursery though. 
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Vizlet has the same question I had.
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Well, there's also the matter of practicality.  Trying to help an egg hatch can actually be dangerous to the animal inside.  It can be done, but it has a relatively small window of opportunity and requires a bit of know-how.  Even then, there's a good chance that in trying to help, you'll actually cause the hatchling to bleed to death.  

Regarding Kass's attitude though...sorry Viz, we can't all be John Hammond
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ValsaliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Come on then!

...Come on then!
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