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Out-Of-Placers #78
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Published: August 25, 2018
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FIRST: The Out-Of-Placers 001

It is important to introduce them to the concepts of hunting (smaller, injured) prey from an early age.

The species' main source of nourishment in the wild, i.e. picking up interesting things off the ground and putting them in their mouth, is a skill they are already born with

Thanks as usual to  Caedere for coloring/shading the characters on this page!
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That went from adorable to unsettling so quickly xD
Delta52775's avatar
Ah young people, don’t think what they say before they say it.
HailMyself's avatar
Oh gods look at them, how adorable they are.
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paradoxicalWitchlingProfessional Writer
Hey, I've been wondering something for awhile now...

Do Yinglet males ever work in the nursery? Or are all of the Yinglets we've seen thus far female?
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GodForSakenDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
i can feel my brain cells committing suicide 
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Is the green yinglet blind? I was thinking about, because he just stares blankly as I see, and usually just turns with the crowd maybe into the direction of voices and sounds. So maybe he is the one asking "Do hewmens have eyes?" Because he maybe came to the idea that if he does not see, then maybe because he has no eyes. Or is he just a special one?
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
I Have A Feeling I Know Of A Meme, That Could Relate To This...

(...I Just Have To Make It 1rst)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(It Involves Something/Someone Being Small, And Being Known To Kill, For Food)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(Like What They Did)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(To That Rat)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(Or Whatever It's Suppose To Be)
PWTHESNELLHobbyist General Artist
(Seeing Some Of It's Features)
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NeroRavenheartHobbyist General Artist
all the words, but none. paradoxial, this is.
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MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist
You just know the green one's mind has trascended space and time by now.
afangorn's avatar
This is how cults get started Kas, dont do it. No matter how tempting it is to screw with the little rat-bird brains.
SHarles25's avatar
The little green one look the smartest ;)
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Wolf-RizerHobbyist General Artist
I think she is broken. ^^;
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1# What is that "zhing"?!
2# Don't give up your dreams yinglet! Be the biggest rock ever!

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I just laughed at the yinglet home that caught fire in the background. subtile representation of the entire situation.
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AJ-LethalHobbyist General Artist
Kass at the edge of (another) mental breakdown
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Hey LADY! NICE LADY!  RED LADY!  Froenlaven!
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moondragon01Hobbyist General Artist
I'll just assume a lot of them don't know what they're saying.

Mainly because I don't want to think of baby yinglets killing people and being suicidal, and whatever I missed in that clusterf***.
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Even when they're covered in blood they're cuter n' hell. 
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