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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 9: The Levelening

By Valsalia
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And suddenly Orgnar feels a great disturbance in the fabric of reality.
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This is so good xD

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Calling it now: in the seduction tab, there's likely an option to choose the perk Dragon seduction. This will let the Dragonborn at least partially do his/her job.
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Why is there not a shout box about things LAM’d could do?
Dudegotgts's avatar
This should kinda be a mod
coyotama's avatar
Hopelessly doomed. This cursed creature has spent precious skill points JUST FOR YOOUU~
RedeemerofDark's avatar
I see shegorath is watching this and making sure things creating these skill trees~xD
AilackedPl's avatar
I like how it just says "dicks". Nothing more, nothing less.
Yaramazara's avatar
That's one impressive skill tree XD
Psychochick52's avatar
This isn't usually what people mean when they talk about "grinding" experience. Not that I'm complaining or anything. 
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pffft hahahaahaahahaha, that's one way to put a whole new twist.
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My god, Mudcrab, Cabbage, and Innkeeper seduction, I'm not worried for Orgnar, I'm worried to see if dragon seduction is on that list, if so, I'm worried for every dragon in exist
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I think even the Deadric Prince of Madness himself felt that last one.

The maid's skill tree needs to be a Skyrim mod though hahaaa.
RedeemerofDark's avatar
Get on it mod creators!
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   What, the, fuck. 

 I don't want to be interested in this at all but.
  It is so fucking mesmerizing 
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Resistance is futile, Orgnar.  
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Honestly when I spotted "Mudcrab Seduction" I picture it leading to "Dragon Seduction" who else pictures it now?
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Well, where do you think the Dragonborn come from? ;)
Shadowsoflight23's avatar
hmm go-... wait, who is the Dragonborn's parents?
JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar
:la: I am filled ... with joy? :dummy:
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For why does Orgnar not kick out lifts-her-tail  honestly he gets whats coming to him now
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These are glorious, much funniness. Keep these comics coming.  
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