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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 3: The Exposition!

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Really? This many losers are into cold, clammy cloaca?
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This is now a word.
And it is the best word ever.
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This is hilarious. It'll be entertaining to see the dovahkiin slay a dragon like THAT.
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Keep goiing, this is hilarious.
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Wow that was really good!!
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lol, this series has been great! ^w^
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Clearly this will lead to mental training where the Dovahkiin can continue HER quest and reclaim her free will… but will be forever stuck with lusty Argonian attitudes and lusty Argonian body, lest she return to being a simple barmaid. :B
are we sure we need him to return back to his own self?
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Well if we dont'...(looks and sees the World Eater Alduin) he's gonna come over here :p
maybe we use the same spell that turn the dragonborn into lift her tail on alduin but we need to find someone who know that spell.
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Well it was the wabbajack my good man used by sheogorath....if you want to talk to him go ahead
good ideas but there is a flaw i don't know where he is at and how to get there.
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He's probably at the Shivering isles....thought how to get there....can't seem ta remeber :/
you try to remember while i try to keep the dragonborn from getting more angrier.
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From what I recall we must fnbd a man named Haskill...and somthin about giant heads.....
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I like the curse. basically accept the role you have been given to break it (or at least to have some free will). 
I think based on what we been seeing so far the Dragonboarn could use some humility. Maybe he will come out for the better after this...or maybe he will go on a murder spree. 
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I'm leaning towards the murder spree, I just need to find a Gatling bow mod and we're set
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How will the Dovahkin get out of this one I wonder? I will have to see, until then, back to my corner of the inn. *Sips mead*
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Gotta admit, I was waiting for this fairly eagerly.  That's a clever twist on a curse!  The only way she can mitigate its effects is by willingly submitting to the role.  Should make for an interesting dynamic!

And the thing with Skyrim is that there are an almost endless number of quests and scenarios to picture her messing around with.  Though I can imagine that going undercover at the Thalmor embassy might arguably be easier when you're a maid.  And... I guess if she wants, working for the Thieves Guild could be... well, no, she's incapable of keeping a low profile.  In fact she actively draws attention.  I guess nothing's gonna be easy for this Dragonborn from here on in.

Not that it was ever "easy" being the Dragonborn, at least not 'till you reach the higher levels.  Though her skill set isn't likely to progress quickly, or in a traditional fashion.  She seems to have fallen outside of the usual trinity of "Warrior, Mage, Thief."  I wonder what perk trees are involved in the "Maid" archetype?  Dusting... baking... bed making... washing... posing... polishing....  Yeah, far from the life of battle this guy likely anticipated when he donned his iron helmet.
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Well hey, if an actor isn't playing the role they've been cast in, the curse just gives them a friendly helping hand! Otherwise this whole play would be a disaster, as far as Sheogorath is concerned.

And good point about the Thieves Guild; she might not be fit for the actual sneaking/stealing thing any longer, but she'd make a great distraction for the actual thieves to take advantage of! Just take her outside, tell her that someone said that she's pretty, and boom- suddenly everyone's eyes are on the spectacle taking place in the town square, not on their wallets and housekeys.

Those new skill trees are getting advanced super-quick, like someone cheesing their Acrobatics skill in Morrowind by jumping endlessly. She just can't stop! 

Oh and don't feel too sympathetic for the guy; he's probably the kind of Dovahkin that puts baskets over storekeepers' heads to rob the place clean, and/or use the Fus shout to mess up entire rooms because he thinks it's funny. Which is probably what brought Sheogorath's attention upon him in the first place.
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If that be his personality, then he'll get no sympathy from me. Personally, I want moar Lifts-Her-Tail. :)
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Because you haven't learn to code Skyrim quests yet! D:
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