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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 19: The Sitcom-ening

By Valsalia
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Few things are as manly and honorable than two manly men sloppily making out in public in the forms and mindsets of ridiculous animal sluts

Clearly the Spartans had the right idea but didn't take the concept far enough

(Huge, textless version available at the Patreon post: )

And thanks again to  caedere(NSFW) for handling the character colors and shading again!
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Word of advice; there are at least two entities, mortally persuaded or otherwise, that you must never attempt to understand the minds of.
Any Sheogorath, like the Hero of Kvatch...

And Pinkie Pie. Either one from G4.
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This is quite possibly one of the most enticing, kinky, yet absolutely silly things I've ever discovered involving skyrim.

I absolutely adore it.
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"Clearly the Spartans had the right idea but didn't take the concept far enough"

Uuuh... glad I wasn't born as a Spartan in that timen then. :-S
i enjoy the comic series good job!
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.... this guy..... >.> XD
gotta love how ironically normal haskill is in all of this. fckn love that dude. whatever insanity happens he's just like... "this is an everyday occurance for me, just doing the master's bidding" best butler ever. lucky sheo.
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Delphine's first Rule:
Never speak of the Secret Room
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Amazing.... can't wait for Delphine to get a taste of the curse.
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How many pages do you plan to draw ?
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Sheo and Kazrin would have a field day...
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Oh, you do not want to use the Spartans as an example for anything, believe me.
I Don't Know Why ; But I Sometimes Find Sheogorath A Bit Funny.

(Not Sure If It's Because He's Crazy, His Choice Of Words, Or Because He's A Daedric Prince, That Seems Like He Can Actually Pull Of A Joke, Unlike The Others)
I Can Easily Point Out: Your Version Is A Lot Better, Then The 2 I've Found In Skyrim.
I've Read Vol. 1 And 2 In Skyrim

The 1rst 1 Sucked ; The 2nd 1 Is Weird ; And The Writer Of The Books Really Is Bad At Writing This Kind Of Stuff.
And The 1rst 1: It Made No Sense And Barely Had Any Pages.
The Reason The 2nd Is Weird, Is Because He Has Her Literally Sitting On Bread.
(They Could've Made Them More... "interesting")
(I Wonder Who Thought Of The Books, Since They Could've Done A Lot More With Them)
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Well, I mean, the who, or why isn't important. It's the fact that they are written in such a way that people with actual writing skills have expanded them. Not all good mind you, but, with a bit of effort, and brain bleach you can find the good ones. That is if you are talkign about the lusty argonian maid. .....It is made for stuff like this. XD
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God DAMN IT Delphine!

This is why no one likes you!
The Reason I Don't Like Her Is Because She Has You Kill Paarthurnax.
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There are a lot of reasons.
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