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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 18: The Revealening

By Valsalia
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Let's be serious though, socks give the best quests

 Thanks again to Raptie ( 
Caedere  ) for handling the character colors/shades!
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Some say everything is cake, but what about every is socks.

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yay formal explanation of the curse
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I can see this being hilarious.
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...a weapon to surpass Metal Gear
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may I ask when will the next incredible update is?
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Saw someone posted a youtube video of a collection of this series (up to the one before this one) and decided to find where it came seems it haz been founded. don't remember who posted it but they didn't give a link to the series or anything :o just used the title "Lusty Argonian Maid'd".
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The Dragonborn had it coming. He was a douche! Putting buckets on the heads of shop keepers then robbing them of everything...
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I have my own view on this.
When their mind enter the body created from their own imagination sullied by Sheogorath.
There is only one way their previous impulses(habits) can be translated and directed as an output by their new body and head. And I assume they don't have the means to change the way they interact with others.
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So there's this flattened out cat face at the bottom of the fifth panel.  I didn't notice it at first, but now it's my favorite part of the whole page.  
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The last two panels describe the relationship between trolls and admins.
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So...the only thing that ISN'T forced about this is their original preconception of beast races. Everything else (the decisions they made, the words they said, the perverse thrill they felt while doing it) were all synthetic and forced into them.

I'm not sure how that isn't 'all controlling'. At the very least, like 90% of their actions are still not their own fault. Even then, this spell apparently takes up any preconceptions someone could have, fair or no?
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If I would use another word instead controlling I would choose the word imposing.
Wabajacking is imposing someone set of rules while giving no power to fight back.
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Oh, the veil is finally up!
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I see Sheo has THE UPPER HAND ON THIS ....:LaDrum: 
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They always leave out the important detail of whether or not the upper hand has equipped a sock
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so, the wandering old man is basically a muppet. well, as scrubs would say  "you have a hand inside of you"
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*cue canned laughter*
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All this because Sheogorath went to a renaissance fair... that makes a strange amount of sense for a mad god.
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Loved the explanation and enjoying this comic so much! XD
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this comic is awesome XDc
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