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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 16: The Boyfriendening

By Valsalia
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Seriously though, that argonian really should have learned not to run past the local statue of Sheogorath while carrying a bundle of yarn, a head of lettuce, and a lesser soul gem after the 
first time
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Please tell me the Argonian-turned-human is gonna reappear, we need more of Shegorath's waifu squad to appear!

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basically Tamriel is full of jerks

Sheoggy's just helping out a bit with that

garrus368's avatar

his face,lol! xD

tommycurl's avatar
sheogorath may be crazy but he knows how to do a good joke
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Wait, so if argonians don't have mammary glands...

...what exactly has Lifts-her-tail been showing off?
well this is funny.
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.... would it be too greedy to want to see more of the argonian-turned-humans story?... maybe even her visiting the tavern?…
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HELL YEAH!! Let's get on with it!! :-3
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I think that Delphine is going to learn exactly how tempting this curse is.  :P
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Looks like it's Rambo time again...
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Rambo time? What do you mean?
moondragon01's avatar
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
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Oh shit its spreading.....PANIC!!!!!!!!!!
prometheushunter2's avatar
It’s like a virus, QUARANTINE!!!!!
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oh they're gonna end up liking it, soon their thoughts will just be that of a kahjiit girl, their human past a distant fading memory <3
goldenavatar's avatar
I did not see that last panel, but it doesn't surprise me to exist.
nemryn's avatar
Those wacky humans, always growing hair and generating body heat!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Aye. Tis what we do. :-)
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Kinda want to see the wife in the blue dress to catch the same curse as them too XD
soracalico's avatar
I like how they have no control of them selfs and a second personality takes over and it all entertainment for that madness/chaos god XD all thanks to that stick ah priceless
NeroRavenheart's avatar
wait, this isn't teh first time that happened? XD
they never learn do they?
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Yellow pointy...ooh a Colovian fur helm nice Morrowind touch.
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Now I seriously want to see a spin off about that Argonian turned human. 
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