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Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 11: The Spreadening

By Valsalia
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Delphine just wants to run a nice friendly inn as a front for her secret Blades activities but these clowns just keep mucking it all up

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Kajit are actually really good characters to use, I'm pretty far into the game, and I haven't touched any weapons (spells have been used lol)

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I just love reading all these and in the characters’ original voices 😂

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what if the guy whose dick turned into flowers became a sprigan
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................This is an interesting developement !
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That change was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen asis the final product~❤💓💖
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On the other hand, Argonians are immune to poison and super resistant to disease, so no chance of STDs.
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just cause they are resistant doesn't mean they're not carriers.
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True but they probably would not have the same diseases as we do and it possibly that being different species certain diseases would not effect them or there mate plus considering there's magic and potions to remove them it not a big problem
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here I'd think that playing along with the curse would get slightly better results-'Of course Khajit can write! But not very well.'
(leading to a 'punish Khajit, teacher! Khajit's been a naughty Khajit' moment.)

Also it could be worse.

they could be 'encouraged' to speak and write entirely in dirty limericks? on top of the gender and species change.

they could be a mudcrab.

They could have been turned into a loaf of bread.

(I know next to nothing about this game. But I think getting turned into a loaf of bread is a pretty bad thing to happen to a person.)

They could be the new shopkeeper... and then in comes some jerkface who steals everything. Leading to an almost-repeat of the earlier incidents.

they could be in a time loop.

They could be a puppet.
(I mean, literally a puppet.)

Or a chicken. A female chicken. (do they even have chickens in this game?)

Or turned into an inaminate object. Like a bed. Or an unplowed field.
(yay for interior expansions!)

(but seriously this is hilarious.)
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Oh my god, she's a synth
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Damn race change mods
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I imagine Khajiit Orgnar with a French accent for some reason (I also imagine the Maid as having a British accent but that makes sense)
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Well shit, everyone panic
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I have seen this coming... 
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Panel four is excellent, that face! XD Ah, the cost for getting intimate with a Sheogorath curse... I wonder, does this happen to everyone that gets with those cursed? If so, this'll be one strange town soon enough! 
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Not exactly remember Svern ? Sheogorath probably spares some people just so you think it's safe to screw random lusty people. 
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Ah, crafty, verrry crafty!
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I WANT THIS TO BE AN ACTUAL QUESTLINE IN THE GAME! Someone mod this into it quick!
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I didn't mean to come here,

And I didn't mean to stay,

But I lost my heart to this lowly maid,

And I'll never go away!

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awesome Argonian Maid
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