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Kass of the Mountains

Had a fun little convo with :iconw4tsup: a while back about an alternate timeline where Kass is separated from the Ivenmoth structure, and wanders the lands with other yinglets. Though Kass keeps some mementos from her old life, she's grown comfortable and confident with her new persona.

So Wat sketched this, and naturally I felt it was worth a color.
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She's fabulous!!!

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
I had thought the lack of a central nipple was further evidence of them being highly advanced monotremes that sweat their milk out, and the baby licks rather than suckles.
Lady-Tigreshee's avatar

Top heavy to counter the tail poof? great coloring though and very detailed art.

JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar

Kass looks a heck load happier :V

so much fur floof on the tail, what happened to have so much flood on her tail, she let them grow or something ?

w4tsup's avatar

Oh hey, I know this art! :V

S-and-K's avatar

Top heavy yinglet.


NomexGlove's avatar

Going full 'Dances with Wolves' seems to be a good look on ol' Kass here. Is she leading her own band in this alternate universe?

SitriAbyss's avatar

She looks very confident!

Estragon444's avatar

I think the tail lends an air of confidence.

d4rk99's avatar

what we like :

everything exept the execive fluff of the taill

what we have in mind but won't talk about it

___---''"{([ B ])}"''---___

or we can also say :

___---''"{([ T ])}"''---___

edit also the yinglet in your art look more human than préviously or is it just kass

Lady-Tigreshee's avatar

It's drawn by a different artist. Val is giving them credit and advertising them.

ArtofC91's avatar

I need to draw one of these sometime.

BleuReptorSkitt's avatar
This more volumes hair looks quit good on kass except for the tail fluff that looks a bit excessive

I noticed that you're art style is evolving over the last couple of page's in the story kass looks subtly more feminine white a shorter more rounded muzzle and longer thicker eyelashes

Well that what it looks like to me but I might be imaging thinks ... Would not be the first time
Valsalia's avatar

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention, Watsup did the sketches for this, I just colored and shaded it.

My style definitely is evolving... just not that fast! : D

Sophiestically's avatar

Damn, love her hairstyle and earpiercings - looking good on her.

Pbuckley's avatar

I really like the way you did his, er, her hair here. Yeah, I know Kass is female in the main comic, but with him acting more or less trapped in that body I still see him as male, here I get the vibe Kass is more comfortable in that body...

Veteran1972's avatar

Kass......Warrior Queen of the Yinglets.

Darigaaz-the-Igniter's avatar

Confident enough to grow a pair of tits, I see :p

TheDragonOverseer's avatar

Confident enough to type this comment, I see :p

d4rk99's avatar

confident enougth to be here, I see :p

TheDragonOverseer's avatar

Confident enough to continue this chain, I see :p

d4rk99's avatar

confident enough to make this list go crazy, I see :p

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