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Why hello there! I draw a little comic, and some things related to that comic and also things not related to that comic. I post all that stuff here, but you can also read the comic at

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Help an Artdude out!

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Heya folks! This isn't something I do very often, but boy is there a good reason to bring attention to a thing here today. A talented artbuddy of mine,  NateDay , responsible for such goodstuffs as , has been having a lotta the same hand/arm/nerve issues as me, but on an unfortunately greater scale. Despite working his ass off, at the moment he's caught in a vicious loop of Need to pay for medical stuff and bills and food - need to take on more commissions for money - crunch out so many commissions in a day that it makes the hand/arm problem worse. He does however have a Patreon up and running, and
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Health, Comic dub casting call, and an auction!

0 min read
Okay, got some updates for alla yas! HEALTHFirst off, the tendonitis that kept me from drawing entirely healed up quickly earlier this month, after giving it a ton of rest and rehab attention. The longer-term issue is that I've got a major artery/nerve branch on either side where they pass from the shoulders into the arms; that's why I was getting cold hands (bloodflow getting pinched and stopped, not enough reaching the hands), and the awful-feeling numbness in my forearms and the backs of my hands (as the nerve branch running down my arms was also getting pinched and inflamed). It's called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; here's a handy medical
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So! I've been a little slow lately, what's up?

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Hey! Probably should've made an announcement about this before, but I was hoping to get something taken care of before it became an actual issue worth writing about. Well it's definitely an issue, so time to share what's up! I've been dealing with some cubital tunnel syndrome for a couple months or so (numbness/tingling/etc in the pinky side of the hand and arm), which was annoying, but was still something I could work with, as long as I adopted better drawing posture and such. WELL I DIDN'T DO IT RIGHT. I'd been holding my arm at a 90 degree angle above the table/drawing tablet, which did take the pressure off the cubital tunnel nerve are
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Good news! The Dragonborn is now a Mii Swordfighter costume in SSBU! 😁

Did you plan on celebrating this with your Argonian Maid in any way? 🙂

Just want to say that your Lusty Argonian Maid'd comic is what brought me here, planning on checking The Out-Of-Placers soon!

Theoretically what's the tightest space a Yinglet could squeeze through?

Where's the discord server invite, unless it's private?

Never thought to ask before, but I'm assuming a high stress lifestyle would cause premature aging in a Yinglet?

A Happy Holidays to you Val

Hey man, y'all good? You've probably mentioned something somewhere that I havent noticed, but I read your comics all the time and there hasnt been one in a while. I assume because of the holidays, thats perfectly fine and understandable. What with the pandemic and all (plus I see a two year old post there about you having a bout of tendinitis; I have a chronic case of that, I hope to god you havent had a recurrence), figured Id drop a comment to ask.

Wishin you well and happy holidays.