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Why hello there! I draw a little comic, and some things related to that comic and also things not related to that comic. I post all that stuff here, but you can also read the comic at

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TFF 2024

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As usual, I'll be hanging out in the public space at Texas Furry Fiesta, along with a handful of locals, readers, and people from the OOPs Discord server, so if you're at all interested in chatting, hanging out, trading con book sketches or whatever, then just look for a public table (not a booth) with yinglet on a little stand, and that's where we'll be! If you require proof that I am indeed a living human being who in fact exists, then by all means stop by!
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So after months of being asked, I'm finally breaking down and making a dakimakura of an OOPs character or two. (For those unaware, it's essentially a body pillow covering of a character, one view from the front and the other from the back.) And to see which character/s the most people are interested in, I'll be holding a vote on my Patreon: Unlike other votes however, this one will be open to every tier, including the super cheapo $1 tier! And even if you don't have any interest in the pillow covering format, it'll still be a vote for two high-detail images of the chosen character. So get in there and vote a vote! Note: The winner will have SFW and NSFW variants!
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Heya folks! This isn't something I do very often, but boy is there a good reason to bring attention to a thing here today. A talented artbuddy of mine,  NateDay , responsible for such goodstuffs as , has been having a lotta the same hand/arm/nerve issues as me, but on an unfortunately greater scale. Despite working his ass off, at the moment he's caught in a vicious loop of Need to pay for medical stuff and bills and food - need to take on more commissions for money - crunch out so many commissions in a day that it makes the hand/arm problem worse. He does however have a Patreon up and running, and
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Hi! I started reading OOPS YEARS ago, and I have to say it makes me SO happy to see the comic is still alive and kicking! I have to catch up on a LOT (I left off when Brakka(Is that how it's spelled?) was killed), but I look forward to doing that! (I doubt you remember me, but I was the kid that used to make crazy unhinged comments about shipping a lot aslkdhflka) I admired your work SOOOO much back in the day (and now ofc! You've only gotten better and better!), and I can't describe how happy it makes me to see you're still telling your story to this day ;w;

Also, it's totally fine if not, but I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to give my own comic a read? If not that's totally okay, it's up to you. You can find the link to the comicfury site on my profile, if you're interested.

Have a nice night/day! <3

Hi Val I commission some art featuring your characters. You should see it.

Not normally an artist but I decided to draw a tribute to the webcomics I read over 2023.

Webcomic Tribute

Long-time reader, first-time commenter. :dummy: I forget how I first found Out-Of-Placers (probably through chochi's fanart; he's a gateway to a lot of great artists) but man was it an unexpected surprise. The sheer detail you've put into the world, its biology, and how the societies derive therefrom is head-and-shoulders above many mainstream fantasy writers. Subverting the expected post-TF freakout is one thing; threading it through diegetically as a consequence of sleep deprivation borne of the new physiology takes it to the next level.

So anyway, hopefully watching the source will keep me from falling off the comic's schedule again. :D

I didn't know you had a page here. If I had, I would have been following you a LOT sooner.

Do you do Requests?

Just a curious thing what if you draw what kass is like if she is a human female instead of a yinglet,