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I'm usually not a stickler about this, but it's become annoying.

On a forum I frequent, there's a .GIF thread; from there I found these awesome mock up Marvel Movie teasers, I check out the deviant and it's full of great stuff, only to find out the first piece he's submitted used part of a manip I did without crediting me.…

Antman head look familiar? It should, as I made it myself earlier in the year it was submitted.…
It bothers me as it's not like it was something I simply copied and pasted, I actually worked on the lighting a bit after modifying the Cobra Commander helmet from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and I made the eyes entirely from scratch.
Now if the artist used it, fine, it happens, but out of respect I should have been credited.

It's gotten to the point where I just report the images, despite me liking them.

I know I'm ranting right now, but I don't feel it's that hard to credit someone.

Found a loser who now stole my Sharon Carter manip…
And I say stole because he made sure to block me so I couldn't comment on the pic