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Mutant Unity

By Valoofle
Click on it for FULL VIEW. So you can read the words. :B

WELL. 100th deviation here. Also it was my birthday and what better day to break my streak of non-posting? :D;;; I've been so busy 6.6 And I just got over food poisoning, because I am a GENIUS. And! There are tornadoes where I live? xD I really am working on the stuff I have due to people, though, so hang in there!

Also: PLEASE no one be offended by this xD;; I mean no offense xD Also, drawing bald people is ROUGH.

Ohh Professor X and that crazy fantasy world in his head. Can you tell I went crazy with the special digital effects? Oh, but they were fun. I lost some of my best color colored pencils, so I did this on the computer. 6.6 Oh, it was a fun practicing experience. And took forever. I was kind of trying to parody the Grinch and the people around the tree, but then it turned into this weird cheesy picture xD

Oh that date in the corner? That is the day I finished the inking on this. xD;; AH.

I don't own X-Men: Evolution!

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skyecat28's avatar Bobby in a Christmas tree?
rats-xp's avatar
i love it!!!!!
joshuarmour15's avatar
Ant man is gonna kill Blob. No matter what.
Linx8489's avatar
TheScratchMan's avatar
LMAO!! This totally kicks ass! :D
Oh, no!
Professor can not refuse from his theory!

But I think, it is great, when all them unite!
Slytherin-Princess08's avatar
haha so cute! and love the new mutants up the back <3
Lars-Dagger's avatar
Poor Professor XD
MnesomnesTears's avatar
I love how Kitty (at least I think its Kitty! :O) has on a total DERP! face. :D You did a really good job with this.
Dendraica's avatar
*stares for a long moment*

. . .

*then friggin' DIES laughing*

XD!!! You are made of win and rainbows. <3 <3 <3 I LOVE this!
Wilt2PoOkzzz's avatar
Party! Party! Party! YAY!:boogie:
Kurt loves you :glomp: and Kitty hugs Nana!:hug:
Let's play and dance with the music!:cd::music::tunes: :dance:
'She BAMFs,She BAMFs,~Oh baby!'sanged Kurt! :sing:
Party is suck fun!
DarknessArts's avatar
Well, I've never had food poisoning, but I'm smack in the center of Tornado Alley here in Missouri. >< We've frequently been getting severe thunderstorms that produce tornadoes for over a month now...and I hate it.

Anyway, on with what I meant to say. This is great, though I must admit I don't see how you could be so patient as to draw that many people in one picture, but you did so with skill, and without making the scene look cluttered. You have my applause. :D
Valoofle's avatar
Food poisoning is AWFUL xD;; I've been living in Virginia all my life, and we have NEVER had as epic thunderstorm/tornadoes as we are having right now. This does not compute! xD

Hee, thanks!! :D Organizing them around was probably the worst part of making this xD Thank you so much. :D
Ayaia-Moon's avatar
Ohmigosh, I love that you remembered Toad's webbed fingers... :love:

All in all, my inner fangirl squeed and fainted. So, job well done!

Valoofle's avatar
xD I don't know that I could forget such a detail! ;P

Heee, thank you! :love:
Treefrogger's avatar
Magneto and I have the same opinion of blind optimism apparantly. :B You, m'dear, have much more patience in regards to characters number in a single piece than I do.
Valoofle's avatar
Heehee, I thought Magneto would be relatable too ;)

Thanks a lot :D There were MANY times working on this picture where I was about to break my paper in frustration. xD
musicsuperspaz's avatar
Is Tab/Sammy a new popular pair to be fanning over? Is it a cannon pair from the comics? I'm out of the loop.
At first I was like "who's the dork in the tree?!" but then before getting to it in the comments I figured it was the non-mutant friend-of-scott that you girls dig.

Whose who of the two brunette boys in the back row? I'm sure they are bobby and multiple, not sure which is which though- why does the one have red lips?

seriously some great work. In thumbnail version I thought for sure it was a manip comprised of screen shots from the show (gah, how I hate "fanart" done that way!) You are so kick ass for doing so many characters.
And for as much as I dispise Evan, its endearing and appreciated that you included him in your love-fest.
::high five::
Valoofle's avatar
Tabby/Sammy is canon from the comics; I know a couple people online who really like them together, so I figured I would stick them beside each other for them :D Heehee, yup, the dork in the tree is Paul, who tends to make cameo appearances in the backgrounds of a good portion of the episodes; I don't know why, but I think he is so much fun xD

Yup, they are Bobby and Multiple; Multiple is the shorter one. I put "X5" on his shirt as a hint to tell them apart-- since they do look alike-- but then it didn't show up as well as I planned. Ohh his lips are all reddish and smudgy because when I was coloring his skin, I accidentally erased his mouth, and I thought I could replace it using only the burn tool... but then it didn't work out xD;; And then I decided to just leave him that way.

Heee, thank you so much! I don't like Evan much either myself xD But I figured he ought to be a part of the big picture, even if it was just half of his face. Thanks a lot :D :D :D!!
twbasketcase's avatar
Oh Paul. OH PAUL. He makes that tree shine brighter.

Love for the New Recruits! :heart: And Tab&Sammy! :love:

Welcome back :)
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