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Art On The Walk

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Live drawing in Sydney October 10th Monday to October 14th Friday, 8am to 7pm, Judging on the 15th Saturday, a major event, at Henry Deane Plaza, Sydney, Australia. I hope to see so many of my wonderful friends, come and visit and see some real talented artists(including me LOL) creating art and live creativity taking place, without gimmicks, just pencil, pastel and ink.

Watch the compositions grow from a few sketchy lines to the completed artwork, I am very excited to be drawing at the very hub of the Sydney commuters. I am looking forward to putting many hours of creativity for the public to enjoy, please come and visit, if not then follow our progress on Facebook. If you do not know me, do not be afraid to have a small chat while I work, I do enjoy entertaining a large crowd while dancing on the end of a pencil, LOL.

Thanks to all my DA followers, Regards Arto

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Just finished 3 days of chalking in down town Five Dock, I was greeted by thousands of new enthusiastic chalk fans. The public can be so kind and supportive to Artists, just mingle and shine, regards Arto.
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Hi All,

I have finally finished my first Volume, "Talking to the Birds", by Arto Juhani Heino, Volume I, it is available on, 12 Chapters, 356 pages over 250 illustrations and over 70 charts. A diverse compilation of essays, studies and illustrations in the underlying designs and principles behind some of the Arts, Sciences and with some social commentary, taken from an Artists perspective on the world he studies. A book where Art, Engineering and the ancient world meet. Highly illustrated , with artwork, numeric tables, geometries, designs and schematics. This is Volume I, Volume II is being complied at present.

My friend and fellow Artist Adam Bull has released a 4 Hr interview on Youtube, it is informal and free flowing, about my book “Talking to the Birds”.

Here is the Link-
Adam Bull interviews Arto Heino (Talking to the Birds) - YouTube

I would like to thank all my readers and those who have helped me to bring my work to the public, I am working hard on the next couple of volumes. Watch my blog for some interesting new articles.

Thanks to all my DA followers for your patience, Regards Arto

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Just a note to all , just say hello to me at the Foreshore Park at Rhodes, NSW on the walk way I will be doing some chalk art featuring snake designs on the weekend of Saturday 9 and 10th February between 10am and 4.00pm. Please come and visit or tell your friends.

Thanks Arto
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Another year comes around and I am excited again, 4 days of blood sweat and tears. Drawing live on the streets of Parramatta, yoo whooo!!! If you are in Sydney please come and visit me.

Chalk Urban Art Festival, Parramatta – 6-9 October 2011

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