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This drawing done on Dessian CA grain paper 1250mm x 1500mm with a 10B pencil, drawn live in the middle of Sydney at Henry Deane Plaza. I drew it with the paper on the ground with a backing board, with a absolute minimum use of a rubber(clearing accidental smudges), without sitting, occasionally kneeling but mainly standing in a pose I call Kungfu Yoga, while talking, joking and engaging the crowds of thousands that passed by, all day for 5 days. I loved it and would do it again, it was for the event "Art on the Walk", with many other artists present. A few bird droppings, strong winds and someone walking aimlessly on the drawing did cause some problems, that's life LOL.

I was asked many things by the audience, one thing I did say more than once, “If Rembrandt was working on a drawing in his studio for a number of weeks before he started to paint, this would be the equivalent drawing. The difference would be, I am in the middle of Sydney, drawing on the ground, in a plaza with thousands of passers by, chatting and taking photos, working for only 5 days, I am sure Rembrandt would find the 21st century an undesirable place, noisy, full of distractions and not a place to contemplate deep and meaningful ideas on a drawing board, let alone a master work. ”
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