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Rachel Morgan Fan Art

Fan art for Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan (Dead Witch) series, including Rachel, Jenks, and the church. I like Ivy, too, but for now it's just these folks.
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She’s my favorite Witch born Demon. Rachel M. Morgan

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ooooooo I really like this!! My only critique is that Jenks almost always wears green (other than the occasional red scarf for reasons)  so the orange shirt is a little off to me.  Love the lighting effects on the whole piece
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This fantastic work, was the first ispiration for my current project: ...a little church in Cincy... Great job!
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Wow, this looks amazing, especially compared to other fanart for the Hollows series. This should've been one of the covers for the books, in my opinion. Very talented. 
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So amazing >-<!
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I love this picture of Rachel and Jenks. They are almost exactly how i picture them. Any chance that you will do a picture with Ivy? I have yet to find a really good picture of her.
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Love this art! Great job!
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I have another immage of the church, but that's a matter od interpretation :D The picture looks awesome nd i think you got Rachel pretty good. Although Jenks' clouths could be a bit less casual. :3
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It´s Amzing!
Fantastic Art!
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Amazing picture!! I LOVE the series. The church is exactly what I imagined it to look like, and Rachel is just PERFECT! ♥
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this is a great representation! I love the mood, and jenks's sparkles!! I actually used this image for inspiration when I did a Rachel Morgan themed photo shoot last year. This is really fantastic work. Thanks for bringing the series to life like this!
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I love the series and this bit of fanart is magical! Especially Jenks and his Pixie dust streaks!!! Beautiful!
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Featured this here:


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awesome, you even got jenks in there!
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Excellent work! Is that Al in the bottom right?
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I don't know, is it? ;)
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The church is a nice touch.
How about one of Al, next? (just a thought)
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It's a definite possibility. ;)
Not before the Trent and Rachel Pale Demon smooch fest though!
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lol! You know I actually figured Trent as a love interest (perhaps THE love interest) back in book one. It's part of why I started with one image of Rachel and one of Trent. We'll see about the smooch fest image, though - I'm having fun just doing characters. ;)
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I faved this some time ago, and forgot it xD But now that you've submitted this to cage match, I realised, that the picture I'm going to submit looks pretty similar to yours (not on purpose...I guess the setting with rachel in foreground and the curch and everything at night is just what one imagines...) Now I'll have to start over xD
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