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Lotus Fairy

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A fairy for my niece Rio. Mom's reaction: "You're giving a 3 year old a picture of a naked fairy?"

[edited: 2011/01/29]
Fiddled with the colors, added some elements, and gave her some clothing.

I used several brushes from :iconcharfade: - very useful! =)
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Wow, that's so beautiful! <img src="…" width="26" height="17" alt=":love:" title="Love"/>
I especially love her hair and the lighting! Great job!
Firstly, I feel the need to say that your piece of artwork is deceitfully mind-blowing.Your method of putting your thoughts into your art is finely unbelievable. It is visible to me that you applied yourself to the fullest with your all-inclusive expanse of abilities. The tone of this work is greatly correct for the metaphor that I feel you are trying to capture, but with thought this statement is probably superfluous. However, I expect that your use of dimension could have been done better as I feel that it can't compete with the capability obvious in the whole of the art work. Finally I would like to mention that it has been a pleasure to write this comment for you and I feel it will enable you to maximize the potential of your creation.
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Thanks! And I agree, the use of dimention (especially with her feet) could have been better. ;)
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First of all, this is gorgeous. A few points: her hand looks a little large. I think it's actually properly proportionate, but I think for a fairy it would look better if it were a bit thinner and more delicate--especially because her arms and shoulders look thin and delicate.
The light-line on her right leg--the leg closest to the viewer--on both the front and the back is rough--could definitely use a smoother edge.
Last, there's something disconcerting between the nose-forehead the hair of the fairy. Maybe the head looks a little flat, or maybe the face is a little bland, I'm not quite sure, but it looks a little off.

Now the good stuff: The light in the piece is brilliant. I totally love it. The light (magic?) in the flowers is great, especially the soft glow from the almost-out-of-frame flower. I love the subtlety in that second flower. The purple flowers and the grass arching overhead give it tremendous depth and delineate scale without being obvious. I like the soft blue-white at the top of the painting--it gives it more depth and mystery than a black sky or a starfield would.
The pose of the fairy is gorgeous, and the wings are so beautiful and gorgeously rendered.
Overall, this is a beautiful piece.
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this is incredible!
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Thanks. :) I worked on it a looong time. It went through many revisions. ;)
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really amazing, i love it! the colors, the expression, all the scenery. really is great, perfect, impressing!!
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This is lovely! The lighting really captures the moment, and her hair is incredible! :)
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Thanks! I spent a good month working on it. She went through several hair colors, but the pink somehow worked out the best by far.
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I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 36 - Recaps! Part 1", you can find it here: [link]
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I've featured this here: [link] until I can be arsed doing a new journal! Such great work!

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Cool, thanks! =D Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you - I was moving.
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Wow, those colours are absolutely enchanting and I love the expression on her face. Definitely one of the most beautiful fairies I've seen here on dA! :)
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SOOO GOOOOD!!!truly enchanting
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A member of :icondalinksystem: Linked this piece and it is featured here >>>>>> [link]

P.S. sorry for the delay :iconbowplz:
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Cool! Thanks! I'll check that out - it seems like a great idea. :)
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you're welcome :) it is :nod:
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you seriously have some crazy mad skills! I absolutely love it. The detail that you have in every aspect in it is absolutely stunning. It all flows together very well without distracting from the many item, the fairy.
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Thank you! I actually took two or three different passes (a 'pass' for me being a two or three day stretch of tweaking) with weeks in between to get it to that level. I'm hoping I'll be a bit more efficient in the future. ;)
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