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My lovely, freaky jack-o-lantern from last year. My punkin Scares Even Me.
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Awesome pumpkin carving!
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I could die, it's so beautiful.
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This pic was a big inspiration for a Jack-o-Lantern costume I just made, and so I included it in the demo video.
Hope you don't mind, and thank you very much for making me want to do this !
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what are you typing about? it looks EPIC!!!!

even mickey couldn't mess this up!

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whoa, I really like it.
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Really nice work!!
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Now that is a pumkin worth carving! Ive seen some badass pumpkins before but not like this one!

"If you love something than let itree. And if it returns, stick several eight inch blades through their head. And if they come back again than run... JUST RUN." {Roman Dirge}
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Still don't know how I carved him. :X I've never been able to make a lantern that rivals it. :X
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this may just be the creepiest jack'o lantern i've ever seen
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Wow, Cool, amazing... Awsome. :D
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WOAH! Holy... that is pretty scary O-O...
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wow looks like somthing from what a profesional carver would do
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More like some lucky mistakes. ;D
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même si des dieux avaient des mains, ils leur seraient impossible de faire une œuvre aussi magnifique!

Congratulation for this pumkin! Just fantastic!

Really! I love it.
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Thanks! I was surprised myself when I finished and it turned out so creepy. ;)
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