The Territories of Siyyon

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The Map of the Valley

Human Territories

Village of Spires Hollow
           The village of Spires Hollow bustles with people, populous with those of all tracks and trades, coming for the war and settling for the riches of the Valley. Homes of crafted stone and wood dot the hilly landscape, with chimneys piping smoke year round, sheep and cattle grazing in the fields. The fertile ground is perfect for farming, the river seethes with fish, and the Skeo mountains to the north supply an apparently endless amount of stone and ore for export, making the town not only self-sufficient, but much more wealthy than denizens of twenty years past will remember. However, it is still considered a human sanctuary, and while few Taur-kin are permitted any Faevyn who cross its borders oft find themselves quickly chased back out by xenophobic residents.

Dagda Mountains
            The Dagda mountains cradle the Sivia Plains in stony arms, stretching north toward the Hollow towards the sea. Lined with natural caverns and hunter's cabins, two steep passes allow passage into the Valley or towards the coastline of Castilia Cove. The igneous rock of the mountains themselves are rich with iron and copper deposits, unearthed in the past two decades, which have drawn blacksmiths, metalworkers miners to the area. Both Taur and human alike, these artisans bring with them their skills and their dreams, and have helped make the Valley a more beautiful place.

Sivia Plains
           Over the course of only twenty years, the once-proud Sivia forest has been diminished, plagued by irresponsible logging and further destruction in the war. What remains is a cast plains-land, flanked on either side by remaining woods and mountains. The inhabitants here are mostly Taur-kin and Faevyn, who scold the humans of the north for not maintaining the earth as they should have. Ecologically responsible Taurs have begun rejuvenating the woodland of the area, while also hunting and carefully monitoring game levels, hoping to bring the area back into balance. Of course, being so close to the Hollow, human patrols sometimes pass along the road, and the area cannot quite be called part of the Valley itself. Although frustrating for Taur-kin, their proximity to human lands has allowed for some comforts not normally found in among Taur villages. A large, well-fortified hunting camp sits on the central plains and is a common stop for travelers looking to restock their goods.

Fellmoor Landing
A mostly human settlement on the North Eastern corner of the Valley, most of the inhabitants were shipwrecked here, and have made their living off of the goods that wash ashore from the east. The town is founded on the ideal that no one should be left to die out in the elements. The village as a whole is very resourceful, and have managed to craft rafts and other sea worthy objects in order to fish and do their collecting, bartering the goods they find with the Taur-kin and the humans alike. Mostly they trade for food, in order to preserve a healthful diet. Another thing which these hardy survivors value.

Castilia Cove
           A fishing town on the western edge of the Skeo and Dagda mountains. Primarily run by humans. They trade fish, and simple wares made of glass and stone for other the goods they need. Most of the houses are built into the rock face of the mountain to protect against the seasonally rising waters. Boats, while necessary for work, are scarce; much of the fishing is done either by pole, trap-box, or by nets hung from the bridge between the coast and an island in the delta. Most of the residents hold permanent housing in the Hollow, and leave the town during fishing season in the spring and fall.


Skeo Mountain Range
           Spanning across the northern border of the Valley, framing it in spires of silver and brown, are the Skeo mountains. Natural caves, both empty and inhabited, and the occasional woodwork or stone homes dot  the sheer cliff-sides. Much of the earth here is rocky and unsuitable for large scale farming, with herbs, grasses, and berries the primary food-stuff available to vegetarian diets. On the easternmost edge of the range, a mountain smolders with embers and liquid fire, spewing toxic gases ever skyward. Though dangerous, the mountain is essential to life here; herbs that can typically only be found in warmer climes grow on the fiery mountain like weeds, fueling a hot spring basin that spills over Derora falls and into the Auvona river. The crystal clear, mineral-rich waters of the basin make for a great gathering place, and many Taur-kin live around the shore, using the rich volcanic earth to grow grains and freshwater fruits.


Auvona River
           This proud river runs swiftly through the Sylvanian forests from north to south, widening as it crosses the plains of old Esurian into Lake Cordine. It positively brims with aquatic life, both animal and plant, and both fish-eaters and piscitaurs alike make their homes in and around its waters. During the last weeks of the Three-Month's War, the armies of the king of Fellmoor invaded the Valley, and the last grand battle was held on the Auvona's edge. Those who were there remember how the fertile waters ran red with blood. These days, banks are occasionally decorated headstones; the graves of those both named and unnamed who lost their lives in the fighting.

Sylvanian Forest
           The tall trees of the Sylvanian Forest makes travel off the beaten path tempting, but ill advised, for creatures both fierce and feral lurk within the shadows. Though the hunting is plentiful, and gathering more so, the forests are inhabited mostly by carnivorous Taur-kin of old, the Sylvanian Forest made up much of the Praevalere region. Rarely, humans—considered crazy by both humans and Taurs alike—have taken to living there, knowing the risks, but reaping the rewards. Those that enter the forest who are not of pure Taur blood are fair game for the hunters that lurk within. A few brave herbivores live in the forest as well, but they are comparatively few and far between.

Tivona River
           The Tivona River starts in the southern area of the Praevalere territory, and its wide expanse flows down peacefully through other territories. Smooth rocks and sand cover the bottom in many areas, making it a popular place for young children of all races to play together. Herbs and berries grow along its banks, and stepping stones are commonly placed to form a bridge across.


Lake Coradine/ Esurien Plains
           In the center of the Esurien Plains lies a large lake, within which lies which has been turned into the epicenter of the Valley. Bridges of stone have been made as forum over the water, where the Alphas gather once a month for meetings to maintain the peace, speaking of what is to be done about the troubles their peoples face. Commerce is done along the lake's western border, and even inside the forum itself when the building is not in use by the Alphas, making for a bustling atmosphere. Humans and Taur alike consider this place a safe haven, and even Faevyn have found sanctuary here and on the Esurien plains. The flat land makes for good farming soil for all sorts of crops, and fish in the lake are plentiful. Rivers linking the other areas of the region are the fastest way to send commerce north and south into the respective territories, allowing for food to be transported over long distances while it's still fresh.

Kalea River
           In contrast to the Tivona River, this River rages full force even in the mildest seasons. Filled with sharp rocks and fast moving water, it is only where the two rivers meet that the Kalea settles down. Two bridges have been erected over this river in the past, but both of them were taken out a few years ago in a particularly bad rainy season.


Viridis Grasslands
           Flowing grasses and flowers mark this territory as the home territory of herbivores, made for pounding hooves and easy gathering. Many here reap the grains and wild grass for use in construction, wares, food and medicine, believing that the herbs are more powerful if grown in the wild than when cultivated. In the war, many of the huts and houses were destroyed in fires from the war, but some have since been rebuilt. Two rivers feed the land with water, the Tivona from the northwest and the Kalea from the north.

Hidir Forest/Mountains
           The forests and mountains here make up the southernmost edge of the Viridis territory. Here, the trees grow as thick as ten men across, and it is rich with more magical flora and fauna than any other land in the Valley. Among these, the Viridis Lily is the most storied, though nobody has ever seen one. Legends say it grows deep within the mountains rising above the forest floor, though how a flower should bloom in darkness, that, too, no one has been able to explain. It is considered a token of everlasting love.


Okeanos Ocean
           Though there are places where land and water meet, the ocean has always been a realm of its own. Okeanos was the only of the old territories to survive dissolution by the treaty, and though its alphas meet in Esurien same as the rest, its affairs are mostly separate from those of the land. Only those suited to an aquatic environment can survive in its depths for long. Those who can surface and live on land usually choose to do so on the eastern isles, away from the mainland. In this sense the ocean is its own best defense. Unwelcoming seas separate these isles from the rest of the Valley, ever-turning whirlpools and waterspouts connecting the sea and sky. Some believe the ocean itself is alive and defending Okeanos from outsiders. Those who would use the seas for trade travel more wisely along the calmer southern coasts.

Unexplored Territories

To the west of Castilia Cove, across the water and past the island is another mass of land which has, as of yet, gone unexplored. Not much is known about this area.

To the north of the Skeo Mountain Range, a large desert spans with no source of water in sight. Not much is known about this area.

Northern Siyyon
North of Castilia Cove is a passage into the norther parts of the region. However, due to suffering the same weather conditions as the Cove it's considered too dangerous to explore. Not much is known about this area.
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