Territory Objectives

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Territory Objectives are tasks performed for a territory's Alpha, and are a means of advancing your character's reputation in the Valley.  They are instrumental in being able to participate in Origin Quests, but can also be done on their own.

Below are the objectives for each territory. Although characters are limited to Objectives from their own Homeland at first, as they progress they will earn tokens allowing them to choose tasks from other territories as well, regardless of that character's race! The corresponding Alphas to territories are:

Skeo: Soren and Pelli
Praevalare: Icilia
Okeanos: Shao
Viridis: Markel
Human Territories:Rosemary

For drawn works: Be sure to include the original objective prompt in your description so we are clear about which one is being completed. If you are submitting multiple works in one file, list all prompts in a numbered list and be sure there is a corresponding number in the corner of each image. We will be checking for consistency.

For written works: Please copy-paste the original objective prompt in italics under a header title of your choice. If completing multiple objectives in one piece of fiction, we prefer each section of the story should have a header and the prompt listed. These can be combined at the top of the work if you prefer to write seamlessly, but keep in mind this makes it harder for us to judge where one begins and the other ends!


"Oh!" Soren looks up from his desk, a characteristic frown knitting his dark brows together. It seems you've interrupted him. "Are you here to work? Then I've got some tasks for you on the board over there. Take one if you'd like. Or six. There's plenty to be done!"

If your character's homeland is not in the Skeo territory (See the map for locations) it requires 1 Alpha token to unlock

Set 1:
  • Over the course of the winter, weeds have overtaken the herb and vegetable plots we use for cultivating food. These weeds need to be dealt with before any planting can begin.
  • Once the herb plots have been weeded, they need to be tilled under and seeds sown in.
  • On the mountain that spits fire, fruit is always in season. While a bit dangerous, it's necessary for both our trading and our diets, and after last year, we're running a bit low. Gather some of them for our stockpile.
  • We are also running out of fungi, which can be gathered from the forest or be purchased at your local market.
  • Winter snow and ice has caused a shift in the mountain, and dammed the flow of water just above Derora falls. Unless this plug is removed, the surrounding crops will flood. Take care of it by any means necessary.
  • Unfortunately, the clog in the falls isn't the last of our troubles. The trade route down through the Sylvanian forest to the Esurian markets have been plagued with ice. Break up the ice so that our trade goods can get through.
  • On the topic of the trade route, we could also use some people to take the goods down to those markets. Or you could man the return journey and bring goods back up.
  • Some of our crafters are running out of supplies. Thankfully I've managed to speak to some of the avians and ewes in the valley and they're willing to give up their snow coats. The only problem...is that we have no way to get the supplies to the crafters. In short, delivery duty!

Set 2:

  • Now that the herbs have started to sprout, animals have started to take n interest in them. Take a shift guarding the herb plots from encroaching nibbles.
  • While you're there, the herbs will also need to be tended, watered, and weeded. At least you'll have something to do, right?
  • While a dangerous hobby, many in the Skeo territory have taken up glassblowing for windows and other arts. For this, they've asked for others to gather sand from the eastern beaches. Something about the sand there being of better quality than the desert up north, but I really don't think they'll notice either way. Wherever you choose to go, just don't venture too far.
  • Some of the citizens from Viridis have been kind enough to give us access to their long grasses, both for food and for craft. Basket-weaving is a traditional art in this territory. Show off your weaving skills!
  • Feeling that summer heat yet? Well, don't worry, the rainy season is on it's way. Unfortunately some of our older citizens have seen their roofs rotted away through the winter, and they could use a repair job. How about helping out?
  • Water collection is also an important part of our life here, and with the rainy season on the way, there's no better time to get on that. Why not set out some vases to catch the liquid sunshine? Or you could gather water from the river, if you're in a hurry.
  • Now that the Rainy season's here, the herb gardens don't need as much tending. Why not go take a soak in the hot springs? It might just keep you from catching a cold, and you deserve a little time to relax.
  • In a tight-knit community, there are always kids who need watching. Why not take some time and play a game with them?

Set 3:

  • With autumn just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for the winter, in this case, we need those herbs that have been growing in our fields dried.
  • Once those are dried, we'll need to gather up the refuse from the croplands and the other plants.
  • Some of the fields will be allowed to go fallow, while others will be replanted, all that refuse that has been gathered needs to be tilled under as fertilizer.
  • We Skeoians use stones to help keep our beds warm during the colder months, and while some of us actually keep our stones from year to year, we also have new children coming up every year. Children are normally the concern of their parents, but in our community, we all take responsibility, so gather some stones for them. Children are, of course, picky, so be sure to grab a few. Surely one of them will be satisfactory.
  • While looking for the stones, you may come across some gemstones. While we can get quite a lot for them as they are, you may choose to refine them, and even make jewelry out of them to sell at our stands in the market, or keep them for yourself.
  • We do have some dried herbs from last year which are ready for use in medicine, in Viridis there are several healers...of course, I, Hiro am one as well, and it's about time to start making use of these. Would you mind bringing us some?
  • If you do go down to Viridis, you might check with them about excess seasonal herbs from their part of the valley... or you could buy them from the market, I suppose.
  • With the holidays coming up, we're going to be working on making a lot of goodies, so having some excess fruit wouldn't hurt. Would you mind making a trip up to the fiery mountain for some? You may as well get used to this, as winter comes we'll be making several trips for food.
Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Hiro's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat


If your character's homeland is not in the Praevalare territory (See the map for locations) it requires 3 Alpha tokens to unlock

“Mmmhh?” Icilia yawns. It seems you've caught her in the middle of a cat nap. “Oh, it's you. Why are you bothering me? Well, while you're here, I've got some tasks for you to do. Honestly I was going to do it myself, but since you so graciously volunteered, well, there would be no reason to.” She gives a sharp-toothed grin. “You were coming up here to volunteer, weren't you? Surely you weren't going to waste my time with something else. Besides, you look like you could use something to entertain you. Write your tasks down if you want, but I'm not going to do it for you. If you forget what you're to do, that's your fault. Then again, I'm sure what you forget will just be done by someone else who comes to bother me.” She quickly rattles off the list, stretching. “Maybe you'll learn not to bother me at noon.”

Set 1:
  • Caravans traveling recently through our territory have been attacked by wild animals, to much loss of life and livelihood. Guard the territory, protect the goods. Even if they're not for our markets, and I while I don't personally care, we need to maintain peace.  That's important.
  • While you're on guard duty, you may as well assist in pulling the trade goods back up from the Esurien territory to our own.
  • Those caravans carry many different goods from place to place, but our territory is often passed up for trade because of a lack of those willing to transport the goods through such a 'dangerous' place. I'm volunteering you to carry some of those pelts to market.
  • Spring doesn't yet have a foothold here in the forest, with the shade of the trees harboring the cold. This being the case, we need firewood to keep us warm. Gather some for yourself, and others, if you deem it worth your time.
  • While you're out in the forest, go ahead and check the traps for interference by the snow or fallen branches. It wouldn't do for our food supply to be cut off because of carelessness.
  • You can also gather some herbs from the forests where the melting snow allows. This will allow us to create medicine for those of us who are out hunting. You might even try your hand at creating some yourself, if your stores are low.
  • You might try fishing from the Tinova river—the Auvona is too busy being used by the trade route to be used for fishing this these days, but you could try there, too, if you want a challenge.
  • I have heard of a group preparing to go out to hunt. You might wish to join them. It's safer in packs.

Set 2:

  • If you're any good with trapping, it's your turn to set out some snares to bring in food for the villagers. If not, see if you can find someone to teach you the basics.
  • So, do you think you have what it takes to go hunting on your own? How's that go for you?
  • Of course, if you're unable to bring in food by trapping or hunting, you could always gather fruit from the forest for those of us who like a little variety in our lives.
  • In the forest, we're always on the alert and have to keep our skills sharp. Find another Praevalare citizen and spar with them.
  • Well, it's our turn to provide lumber down at Coradine keep, and we could always use more hands on the delivery crew. Help chop wood, or steer those logs down the Aovana river to where they belong.
  • While you're at the Coradine markets, take a turn manning our booths for skins, leather and weapons. Try not to accept useless stuff as trades.
  • So, you've probably noticed that the rainy season has come. While that's good for the forest, it's not exactly the best thing for us. Keeping dry is a full-time job this time of year. Help your community by thatching roofs, tanning leather, waxing cloaks, or finding other ways to keep out the rain.
  • With all the rain, we've had a harder time keeping humans and Faevyn from seeking shelter in our forest. Why not test your tracking skills? I'm sure I saw some trespassers along the borders of the Auvona. Deal with them as you see fit, but make sure that if they're part of the North Rangers they don't come to any harm. That would reflect poorly on our relations with them.

Set 3:

  • I know some of you have decidedly kept all of your things since your birth in your lair. It's disgusting, clear it out! Jeez.
  • Since we do live in a forest, and both wild animals and humans are our enemies; it's important to count the young ones to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Have fun, since they likely won't sit still for long.
  • There's been a rock slide from all the rain, and it's blocked off some of our tunnels and other's houses, and they need to be cleared away, get on it.
  • Animals are going to start heading back towards our villages as winter comes; we need to make sure our boarders are secure from them, and whomever else would want to invade us when we're least expecting it.
  • Now that our boarders are set, we'll also need people to stand guard, and guess what, it's your turn.
  • Now is a good time to use your tracking skills to find a good spot for some traps, just don't fall in any yourself.
  • What? One of your friends is sick and you'd like some time off to go visit them...? Whatever. Just make sure you don't get sick too.
  • Eh, I guess you can take the day off from helping around, after all, you can't do everything around here.
Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Icilia's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat


If your character's homeland is not in the Okeanos territory (See the map for locations) it requires 2 Alpha tokens to unlock

“Ah, hello there! What brings you to me today? Oh, yes, the things the community needs done; each one a miniature adventure just waiting to be had.” Shao chuckles. “This world is grand, and oh how it's changed since I was last here! I would join you for these, if I had time. Sadly, I do not, but I hope you enjoy them.”

Set 1:
  • Whether you know it or not, we have a rather large garden of different seaweeds which we grow year round some of it is used in our papers, others are used in food growth. Recently there have been fish taking bites out of them, catch them or otherwise keep them out of our fields.
  • Recently, we've converted what used to be the Lagoon on the south eastern corner of Siyyon into a library where we've placed books, With it partially above water, it does, unfortunately, get a bit dusty, and in the cases of the underwater areas, mucky. Today is your day to take on cleaning duties. Perhaps you'll even find a book you're interested in.
  • There's also the need for all of my people to take classes in inscribing. Until you can write, do attend these.
  • If you're feeling up to it, you might also transport our goods up the Kalea River to the market in the Esurien Plains. This is not for the faint of heart. Though you will be assisted by your brethren, the Kalea is a mighty opponent with a bad temper.
  • Some humans from the settlement on the south have been careless with their hooks. Though I have advised my people to stay away from their polished presence and asked them to stop, still they continue. I would ask that you patrol the waters, warn others away from any that you see, and cut the lines.
  • Off the eastern shore of Siyyon there is a deep crevice, which in lies the source of our protection on the refuge we have claimed. This crevice has many precious and semi-precious gems in it that we use to trade. Gather some for the crafters, and if one strikes your fancy, please feel free to keep it for yourself.
  • While in the crevice, you might see the one who causes the whirlpools and waterspouts. His species name is a Leviathan, and he is quite dedicated to his job. Therefore, if you come across him, you should see if he needs anything.
  • Lastly, there are ships that have foolishly ran headlong into our storms. I have no pity for them, but I also have no want to have their corpses rotting in the sea, bloating like balloons. Scavenge through the ships and see if you can find anything of note or value.

Set 2:

  • It's always good to explore. Why not test your strength by swimming against the current of the Auvona river and traveling up the the falls?
  • Under the water we have no shortage of shells, but those on land are not so lucky. Why not gather some shells and make crafts from them?
  • While we can't tame the water of the Kalea river, we can set up patrols to prevent anyone being lost in their travels along it. Today's your turn.
  • The eastern waters have always been our safe haven, but lately the humans from the human village in the north have been venturing into our sanctuary. Ideally, keep them away from the whirlpools and direct them back to safety.
  • While not its primary purpose, kelp does make a good net. Why not try your hand at catching some fish?
  • Hopefully by now you've had a few classes on writing, because now you've been assigned a pen pal, and today you're going to write them a letter.
  • The Leviathan has been asking about you since your last visit; he seems to have taken quite the shine to you. Why not see if he'll teach you something?
  • The Leviathan has asked that you help him maintain the whirlpools. Do you comply?

Set 3:

  • So, I know that most of us don't really have our legs yet, but for those of us that do, I've organized a three legged race. The winner will get one of Lilac's pies...and believe me, it's worth it.
  • We've received some reports of a Faevyn out on the coast, he seems to be hurt, and trapped in one of the human's fishing nets, but he won't let me near him, why don't you see if you can help him out without causing him anymore distress.
  • I know it's a little uncommon, but some children have requested some seaflowers made into a wreath. I don't really know why they want them, but it's a relaxing task, so why not give it a try?
  • Sometimes, after a long storm, we have a whole bunch of driftwood that has been caught beneath our homes, or generally in the way. It's beginning to rot and needs to be cleared away.
  • A child has challenged you to a long race, from the south coast all the way up to Praevalare, do you accept? Remember to pace yourself.
  • While you're up there, I've received a request from the library. Apparently one of the villagers has taken a book out from the library and refuses to return it. Be careful, you may be in for a fight.
  • Well, that was exciting, wasn't it! Why not take the day off to explore? This world has many beautiful things, and while doing tasks, you don't often have time to appreciate them.
  • Lastly, we have some medicines that need to be taken from the shop and delivered. You look strong, here's a list of who, what and where. Don't. Mix. Them. Up.

Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Shao's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat


If your character's homeland is not in the Viridis territory (See the map for locations) it requires 1 Alpha token to unlock

Markel stands in the center of town. He calls to  you, and anyone else who will listen, with a wide grin upon his ruddy face. "Hey, friends! We've got some work that needs doing, and many hands make for light work. Here, here! Take a copy of the list, and go to town. Far to town. As into town as you possibly can. And don't forget to write!"

Set 1:
  • The melting snow has made the land around the rivers mucky. These riverbeds are thick with clay, and perfect for making mud bricks. Enjoy getting dirty!
  • While you're out near the rivers, why don't you gather some clay and make something with it? Something that isn't utility. You know, artsy. Express yourself.
  • Some of the tastiest grasses grow around the river's edge. Why don't you gather some of your favorites? If watercress isn't your thing, I'll happily dispose of it for you...
  • The extra flood water from the melting snow has caused the Tivona to overrun its banks and has washed away a lot of the stepping stones which made it safe to cross. Haul some over to make another pathway.
  • Hey, you know what's cool? BASKET-weaving. We compete with Skeo every year to see who can make the prettiest ones. Try your hand at it with some of those reeds you gathered earlier.
  • The Hidir forest is looking a bit overgrown lately, why not go pick some flowers? You could make them into a crown, or you gather them into a bouquet and give them to someone you like...or you could have them for a snack. I myself am partial to violets.
  • We're also running a bit low on fungi from the winter, so if you do go to the Hidir forest, keep your eye out for some.
  • The Kalea's temper has been bad lately, it's not safe to cross the waters, so if you have an idea that would help make it safer to cross, please, do come pitch it to me.

Set 2:

  • The dead grass is preventing new stalks from growing strong. Cut them down.
  • The dead grass is actually quite useful to both us and those in Skeo, it just so happens that they have the priority as they use it for their nests and make baskets from it.
  • What we didn't give to the Skeo territory, we use ourselves. In this case, you'll be using it as thresh and making deliveries with it all over town. Have fun.
  • Being on the southern coast means that we get ships that come in with many different things...in this case, humans! Some of the people are going to watch the foreigners disembark. Are you among them?
  • Before the rain gets here, a new storage building is needed. Help out where you can.
  • Now that the rainy season is here, we've gotten requests from the Esurien territory to help tend their fields.
  • In summer, the rainstorms have made travel a little harder, and not as many are willing to make the trek up to the Keep in the Esurien territory.
  • Even in the rainy season, we work hard, and now we're playing hard. A race challenge has been given out to the people of the Esurien territories, and anyone can participate.

Set 3:

  • Although uncommon, the Praevalare have invited us to spar with them. Participate, or tend to those who have participated.
  • We Viridians have it easy, an ample amount of food in the spring and summer means easy preparation in fall and winter. Gather some nuts and berries for the winter and deliver them to the market place.
  • The storms have caused a lot of trees to fall in the forest; and it's just in time for the fall harvest. Chop it up for firewood.
  • At night, we have had some of our herd animals being stolen or killed. If you're brave enough, we could use extra help in finding the culprit.
  • The rainy season seems to have caused problems all over Viridis, regardless, we now have an excess of rocks, and they need to be moved. I don't care where. Maybe use them to construct a new house or storage area, it's up to you.
  • While unusual, some of the humans in our midst seem to have some trouble at the southern boarder of our land, and have requested some assistance with getting their cart back to town.
  • I don't know if you've heard, but the Okeanos alpha has set up a three legged race, why not go and participate too? Sounds like fun.
  • If you're planning on being out and about, the storms have washed up driftwood around the docks to the south. We could use some help clearing those away. Of course, it would be a waste to use it for firewood, so why not carve it into trinkets?
Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Markel's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat


If your character's homeland is not in the Esurien territory (See the map for locations) It requires 2 Alpha tokens to unlock

“Ah, good day! I suppose you're here about the jobs, huh? Well, sure thing. Right now we need people to do the following. Nothing too bad I don't think, just busywork,” Hiro insists as he turns to face you. “Uhm...hold on, I'll just write it down for you. You know, I did these when I was still a young boy, I think everyone did back then. Theeere you are! Have fun with them, okay?” He hands you a formal-looking piece of paper detailing his request for assistance. “Come back whenever you'd like.”

Set 1:
  • The famine of last winter has caused quite a stir. Many people in the territory are hungry and will no doubt be wanting to fill their bellies as soon as possible. We can't do that without fresh food, and for that, we need to plow the fields. I'd appreciate it if you could do so.
  • In many towns, we also are in need of new fields to help prevent a famine from occurring again, this one is no exception. If you have time, would you look for sites where we could place them?
  • Lets see, what else? Oh, we could use someone to sow the seeds too. If you're not sure what to do, I'm more than willing to show you.
  • If you're having trouble with your reading, writing or math skills, why not go sit in on one of the classes at the school here? Or if you're proficient in one or more of these, you can run a class instead.
  • Oh my, that was quite a dust storm, it's made everything so cloudy I can't even see the glass of the windows. We should really do something about that.
  • The stone paths to the keep were hit with the dust too. I hate to be a bother, but do you mind helping to clean them up too?
  • Now that everything's all clean, we should decorate! I've got some spare flowers, but you can use your own or ones that grow naturally, planting them around town would ensure that we have flowers next year too.
  • You've worked hard, why not take a trip to the market? Of course, it would be easier to get around if everything was a bit neater...

Set 2:

  • The people of Viridis have challenged us to a race. Why not participate?
  • If you're not participating in the race, we could use some baked goods. Not sure how to bake? I'd be more than happy to help you.
  • The school bell gets a lot of use, and isn't quite as well tended as we'd like, so why not give it some TLC?
  • Kids have been skipping out on school to tell ghost stories. We can't have that, so if you find any of them, find a way to get them back to school, won't you?
  • With our central location, I doubt most of us have even seen the eastern waters. There's a trail wagon pulling trade supplies out to the human town there, go have a look for yourself.
  • Oh dear. Now that the rainy season is here, our fields are starting to flood. See to that, please.
  • This one is a personal request. I've made up medicine for people around the town, but I have no one to deliver it to them. If it's not too much trouble, could you do it for me?
  • The summer rains have created a great bounty of fruit to be collected, why not go apple gathering with a friend?

Set 3:

  • During the Fall, it's a time for celebration, many of our denizens are going to be going to sleep for the long winter, and that means that they need to eat a lot to last the whole winter through. However, I don't want to stick you with cooking again. If your previous ventures in the kitchen have left you somewhat uneasy, you can always make decorations or help set the table.
  • Do you have any interest in learning how to brew potions to help with ailments? If so, I can always use an extra hand, the war left behind many who suffer with pain. Poor dears.
  • Our rainy seasons always bring the risk of rot in some of our storage, would you mind helping the others sort out anything that seems like it may be moldy or rotting from down in our pantries?
  • While you're down there, you might make sure none of our mason jars and storage containers have broken or cracked, if you don't mind, that is.
  • Now that we've made sure that things are fresh and contained down there, we'll have plenty of space to add this year's harvest to the stockpile.
  • As for all the moldy things that you took out of there, well they simply have to be burned or composted, don't they? The things like fruit and things that over ripen should be composted, but those that were dried or made of wood need to be burned, then the ashes can be added to the compost.
  • Did you know that the main town in Esuria was founded on an abandoned human town? No? Well, while it does have its advantages, such as water that is easily gathered from wells that have been dug, it has it's drawbacks as well. Those in this town have gotten used to a posh life style, and that means that we've adapted to their form of bathrooms. While this type of thing is good for our fields, since it all becomes fertilizer, it does mean that we have to dig new areas for when the other areas become...well, full. I understand that this is a rather dirty job, but it does need to be done, and the more that pick up a shovel, the quicker it gets done.
  • After all that, I think you deserve a rest. Why not take a day to yourself and show off one of your hobbies?
Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Lilac's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat


If your character's homeland is not in the Human territories (See the map for locations) It requires 3 Alpha tokens to unlock

You knock on the door of a sizable brick home near the center of Spires Hollow town. "Come in." Inside, you find Rosemary gathering books from her desk and placing them back upon the shelves. She turns to you, a smile creasing her lips as she speaks. "Hello there. I suppose you're here to help out? There's a list on the table there, already made up. We'd appreciate the assistance, whatever you can do.”

Set 1:
  • In the Hollow, we have need of farm hands, please see to the crop fields or the cattle, if that's more your thing, we could use all the help we can get.
  • If you're feeling up for a trip to the Sivia Plains, you might as well take this pot of stew down with you, I'm sure they'll appreciate having some food not cooked by Taurs for once.
  • I've also received word that there's firewood waiting in the 'town' they've created down there, if you could even call it that. They're willing to give some up to us for trade, so on your way back, be sure to pick that up.
  • If you've never been to the Castilia cove, why not take a day trip?
  • The cove, as you know, is always looking for those apt with a pickaxe, why not try your hand at it?
  • Occasionally people do find gemstones in the rock face, if you happen to find one, what would you do with it?
  • A caravan is starting out from the cove, if you're in the mood for an even bigger adventure, why not serve as a guard?
  • Over in Fellmoor Landing, there seems to always be new people coming up from the shipwrecks. Why not spend a day helping them adjust?

Set 2:

  • Felmoor landing seems to be having something called a surfing contest, why not go try your hand at it?
  • While you're there, you might try learning to build a raft. Never know when that will come in handy.
  • The people of Felmoor landing have insisted that you learn to steer a raft and have taken you out onto the water to fish using drag nets.
  • The landing has talked you into helping them sell their fish, which means a trip down to the Esurien Territory before the rain comes in. How do you handle that?
  • Caught in a rain storm, you venture into the Hidir forest, which, while not as dangerous as the Sylvanian forest, it has challenges of its own, even having rumors of a strange faction of the Fae that will kill humans on sight. Still, it would be a good time to gather herbs and other things not normally found in the human territories.
  • A raven from home has sent you a letter about a shipment down in the Viridis lands, and Rosemary herself has requested that you be the one to pick it up. Do you refuse or accept?
  • Venturing out into the Taur lands can be dangerous and exhilarating, and you see interesting sights along the way, what was one that caught your eye?
  • Everyone can learn something from one another, even humans from the taurs. Which territory do you choose to learn from, and what was the lesson? Or do you lose your nerve entirely?

Set 3:

  • You can't stay in the villages forever, and there's a specific type of plant that makes the finest clothes that the tailors here have ever seen, and quite frankly, the taurs are charging an exorbitant amount for any excess stock of seeds or material from what they've made with it. This means, well, our tailors are paying a high commission for any seeds or plant fiber that you can bring them. The catch? The material originates from the Praevalare forest.
  • Are you any good at weaving? No? Never had any experience with it? What about farming? Fishing? What?! You don't have much experience with any of those things? It's time to learn, and weaving isn't a bad place to start.
  • It's mail day, and letters from Fellmoor have come. A rare feat indeed! Do you have any family who might have sent you a letter? Or perhaps even a package?
  • Although rare, packages from Fellmoor do occasionally make it through the swirling storms, is there anything you'd like to send a request for? You never know if it actually arrive. Since it's such a long journey, it's not wise to send away for food or perishables, but you might be lucky enough to get a new hat if you have a particularly well off relative.
  • Here in Spire's Hollow, the storms don't quite reach us, however in Fellmoor Landing and Castilia Cove they are plagued by harsh storms, and recently have commissioned many banners and flags to replace those lost during the summer.
  • Likewise, the storm has blocked off the passages to the Cove with rocks and driftwood, and they have asked for assistance in removing them.
  • Now that the banners are done for the cove and landing, we'll have to deliver them to the respective areas. Which I suppose could be done by caravan, or if you're more a loner and have nothing to do for a few weeks, feel free to make the journey on foot or horseback. Just remember, it's not a safe journey when travelled alone.
  • The North Rangers are in town and looking to get prepared for another expedition into the forest, as well as looking for more people to join their ranks. Are you swayed by their speech, or do their words fall on deaf ears?

Upon completing 3 Objectives you may proceed to the Origin Story
Upon completing 10 Objectives, you will receive Rosemary's Alpha Token
Upon completing All the tasks in each set, you will receive a memento to commend this feat

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