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How to play:
In Siyyon, there are many ways to enjoy your time, both through official prompts and on your own. You can participate in Origin stories, join Factions, participate in the monthly to bimonthly Events, complete tasks (Territory objectives), and enjoy chat challenges. Below is a description of each. You can do as few or as many of them as you wish, and all can be joined at any point in time- even the events that have 'closed'. Descriptions of each of these activities and more are detailed below. If there is a particular mod in charge of a given activity, their name is listed at the end of each paragraph for easy contact reference. Alternatively, you can send notes to the group.

Origin Story:
Your 'origin story' is a list of quests or objectives directly pertaining to your character's race. Humans, Taurs, and Faevyn each have one, and in it is the path to improving your character's natural skills. Currently the only way to get started in this is through the Territory objectives. However there will be more ways to access it in the future!
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Upon character creation or during the course of a character's story, he or she will have the opportunity to join a Faction. These are groups or organizations within the world that help to color the citizens of the Valley in a number of different shades. Although most Factions can be joined at any time, a character is allowed to possess only one Faction at any given point in their lives. This is entirely optional but completing quest objectives for a Faction will earn your character tokens and abilities. (See the Factions Journal for more information)
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Territory Objectives:
Objectives have changed considerably since the Siyyon some players will remember. While they are still a way to tell your characters' story, performing them earns you prestige and Memory Chest items rather than new forms or powers.  It is important to note that since the old territory boundaries no longer exist outside of Okeanos, you can complete more than one set if you desire! However, some of the Alphas have requirements you'd need to meet before you can access their tasks.
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Events in Siyyon have always been a time for collaboration between users, and so they remain. However, these days there are more options as to how you can complete them! We want to see what you come up with, how you see the world, and how your characters would accomplish things with their own abilities. Events give you tokens for your Memory Chest that can be used on your character, can help you advance your characters personal stories, or help you gain notice from alphas and factions alike.
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Chat challenges:
Chat Challenges are purely for fun. Almost all of them entertain a 'What If' situation; genderbending, humanizing your spirit animal, changing your character's species, the like.  These will also give you tokens for your Memory Chest if you draw/write them out. However, these tokens are purely for you as a player, and your characters cannot wear or otherwise interact with these rewards! Completing them earns you nothing of value in the world of Siyyon itself, and are just for laughs. Still fun though!

The world of Siyyon is set up such now that players can get plenty out of it EVEN IF THEY DON'T WANT OR HAVE PEOPLE TO ROLEPLAY WITH! Still, for those of us who enjoy it, there are several options available.

Right now we have a roleplay chatroom and a regular chatroom for socializing and getting to know your fellow group members.

User Created Events:
This is an exciting new thing! Those players who have a character that has completed an Origin Quest, or one that has gathered fifteen or more tokens for their Memory Chest, can submit to the group their ideas for an Event! Players who wish to do so will be expected to give an in-depth description of such an event, and also create a memento for it. Please do not submit user created events as journals, but NOTES so that we can look them over. We'll set up a journal entry with it and give you credit with the idea as well as a link to the memento

Things for the future:

World story:
The Valleyof Siyyon changes with the involvement of its users. Depending on the choices that you, the players, make, the world could see anything from technological advancement or regression, to war, or to hard-won peace.
This will be done through a series of events that will take place once everyone's settled in. We hope to situate it in a way that this plot will be able to be joined at any point in time. More information as it becomes available!

Forumboard RP:
Unfortunately since our old RP board at Proboards has changed hands so many times, and the fact that it's servers seem to be overloaded near constantly, we're currently looking for a new site to host this on. That being said, if you know of any other Forumboard sites, shoot us a note and we'll take a look at it!
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