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All the remodeling has no doubt left you with questions about what's going on and how things are changing, and here you can ask and have them answered. After answering them for you we will also put them up on the board here. Don't be shy, remember, if you've wondered something, chances are other people will have too.

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  • Character Creation
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  • Roleplaying/Story Creation
  • Miscellaneous

Character Creation

If another member/mod has already made a character with my desired species, can I still create the character I want?
Yes, you absolutely may! It is true that in the past, repeat species were not allowed. Since the reboot, we've removed this restriction. However, keep in mind that if the species you're considering already exists in the Valley in plethora, or has a pelt color that should be rare (albino, melanistic, ect) and we have a lot of those already, we might take that into account when reviewing your character sheet. We would like to see a variety of characters!

Can I have a character inspired by a mythical creature?
Yes! Unicorns, pegasi, dragons, and other similar creatures of myth are all fair game for character creation. However, keep in mind that some mythical creatures lend themselves better to this purpose than others. The Bull of Heaven of Sumerian mythology, for instance, wold make a much better taur than a humanoid-type creature such as a Kappa. If you aren't sure about how well suited your desired 'species' is, please note the mods and we would be happy to work with you.

Can I make up my own mythical creature, or use a species of animal that I made up myself?

No. Creativity flourishes best when some boundaries exist, and this is ours. There is such an enormous plethora of fauna in the world, both real and mythical, that there ought to be plenty of fascinating choices for you to pick from!

Can I use a made up animal from my favourite anime/movie/book?

In general, no. Grey areas exist around certain kinds of animals (dragons, for instance) that are found in many different works of fantasy literature, but as a rule, if that creature is copyrighted, we would prefer you choose a different species to model from. Again, we stress that nature is incredible, and your choices are legion.

Can I have a hybrid character?

No. While we allow inter-species breeding when it comes story telling, we've decided that it's simpler to have the children of these parents be one species or the other. The exception to this rule is that if the animals can crossbreed in real life and come up with a new species between them, then that's acceptable! (Ex: Tiger+Lion=Liger)

I'm not such a good artist. Can I have someone else draw my character sheet?

Yes! With the addition of the written application, this isn't something that is absolutely needed. However if you would like a reference image (and we all appreciate this), then yes, that's acceptable so long as credit is given to the artist for their work.

If my character is a large animal, like a whale, is their taur form going to be that huge?
No. Taurs all possess human upper bodies, and so their size in this form is limited proportionally. The purely animal or 'Gamma' form would be as large or small as the animal is, however!

Can I apply for a Gamma or Beta taur character out the gate?

You sure can. The mandatory starter rank of Omega has been removed. You may now have any Taur rank up to Beta (or equal Faevyn and Human ranks) upon application. However, keep in mind that character growth is often the most interesting parts of storytelling. While it would make sense for a Taur to have achieved Beta form by a certain age, given its importance to their culture (see the Character Creation journal), it may make for a more interesting narrative experience to make a character whose experience differs from the norm. In gifting players with flexibility, we are hoping they will use this as an excuse to add further nuance to their characters' development.

Can I apply for an Alpha or comparable character?

Not right away. While we allow applicants to apply as adults in their communities (Beta, Adepts, etc), true mastery is something that must be learned through the Origin Story quest line. However, every character, depending on the desires of their player, has the ability to reach such heights over the course of their own personal story. Alphas are no longer a restrictive ability if Mod characters alone.

Can I make more than one character for this group?
Yes, at the start you can have THREE characters, and while we have no cap on how many characters you can create, you have to achieve certain requirements before you are allowed to do so.

If I have a taur character that is mainly aquatic, will he/she be able to interact with the others if they are not Beta?
Yes, though not as easily as I'm sure everyone would like. But from a taur state, your character can bathe in the shallow water, or on rocks, like mermaids would, etc. Some might even be able to go further onto land, like crab-taurs. So anyone that came to the waters' edge would be able to swim and/or interact with the aquatic characters. As well, if they have an elemental affinity, they may be able to devise some way of getting around on land. These methods are up to the imagination!

Can I develop a character inspired by a prehistoric creature?
Yes. Just remember that the taur-form cannot be super large. The human half must remain human sized, and the animal body should follow proportionately.

Is it required for the top half of a taur to be human?
While traditionally Taur-kin are expected to have an entirely human top half, you can choose to include a variety of animal traits to the humanoid half of your character. This includes adding animal ears, whiskers, claws, etc. to allow the human form to blend more seamlessly with the animal.

I want to remove one of my characters and make a new one. Can I?
Yes. Please send the group a note titled "Removal Request" and explain why you no longer want that character, and everything can be sorted out. Just let us know!

I already have three player characters, and I'm working on getting it to the point where I can make another. Can I submit another character before I'm done?
No. While you can start creating concept art for your next character, you can't submit it to be accepted until everything for the other three are done. We will be checking to make sure that you have those achievements completed.

How do I know which territory my character belongs in?
The boarders of most of the territories are effectively gone, meaning you're free to choose where your character belongs. The exception to this is the Okeanos territory, which is purely for sea-faring creatures. This DOES mean that you can have an aquatic bird, such as a penguin-taur, be from the Okeanos territory. However, just like aquatic taurs might have difficulty performing certain objectives on land, non-piscitaur Okeanos might have difficulty fulfilling various territory objectives which require spectacular swimming ability. Keep this in mind!

Can I have a heavily domesticated animal for my Taur/Faevyn character?
We're handling this on a case by case basis, as there are animals that are considered domesticated but could exist and survive out in the wild quite easily. While there are such things as feral house cats, these aren't on the list of things being accepted. As a general rule: If humans had a hand in creating it, then it won't be accepted, and if you're not sure, feel free to ask!

Are there rules about what I can or can't pick as far as Spirit Animals go?
Yes! You actually CAN pick a domestic animal as well as a wild animal, for this one. However, you should think about your animal carefully. A Spirit Animal is a constant companion, and it needs to be able to go everywhere with your human. This means if your creature lives in the ocean, your human will be limited to watery areas, which will restrict your character's movement and interaction. Unlike Taurs, humans don't have magical abilities, so they can't move their animals around that way, either. Nor can animals that belong in saltwater traverse to freshwater.

Can I have characters that are twins?
Yes, however you should remember that they're expected to complete whatever you sign up for individually, which means if you chose to do the tasks, you would end up doing them twice. Twins may be allowed on the same character sheet, but they would take up two whole character slots and are required to complete storyline tasks separately. Alternatively, you could choose to split the twins between two players, if you and a friend would like, which would only take up one of your character slots, and enable you each to do your own thing. See the mods with further questions.

If my aquatic character is supposed to live in freshwater(or salt water) how can they go into the ocean(or river) to do the objectives?
Simply put, if your taur character is in their omega or beta forms, they can go into whatever water source they want. The same holds true for all Faevyn. HOWEVER, if they are in gamma form, they will only be able to survive in the water that animal originally lives in!!

Can I register my character's kids as characters?
You can submit your kids as characters, yes. However, it's recommended that you only do this if you're going to allow that character to have their own story. We allow, and even encourage, an unlimited number of unique NPCs in the Valley. These do not need to be submitted to the group!

What was that about NPCs...?
We want players to tell effective stories. Therefore, we acknowledge that NPCs are an essential bi-product of any good tale, especially for those players who do not have a plethora of roleplay partners that they can include in their character's quests. NPCs are largely unregulated and do not need to be submitted to the group. However, they should remain side-characters and should not replace your player character without proper submission as such!

Can I use a creature that is already part human? (aka minotaur, satyr, etc)
No. You cannot use a creature that is already part human because then it can't have a gamma form. Gamma is pure animal, no human parts. And if you start with a minotaur (which is essentially already an omega form) it would have no gamma form. If you want a minotaur-like character, you should choose a non-domesticated species of cow or bull and use that to make your character.

Can I use a species that only has a scientific name, and no common name?
Yes, if you can provide us to a link of what it looks like in your character sheet. We need proof that this animal does exist, did exist, or exists in legend outside your own canon.

If I choose a mythical animal that doesn't really have a specific physical form, or has varying depictions, how do I decide what its omega and gamma forms should look like?
You should stick as close as you can to the standard legend/myth of what the creature looks like. So, if it specifies a color or pattern use that. If it says it has four eyes, don't give it only two. If it says your creature is large, make it big. Other than that, you can make your own decisions within realistic boundaries. A mod will ask you to alter something during the application stage if they see something that really doesn't fit (and really, we don't bite), so you shouldn't worry over much about it!

Can I have some pointers on what makes for a character history/background that is likely to be accepted by mods?
The first thing to consider is originality. The second is detail. While we cast no judgement on validity of 'my character lost her parents and wandered into the Valley', it is an easy, common, and often lackluster storyline. Backgrounds of this sort will be approached with a critical eye and run an increased risk of mods asking you to go back and revise. Save yourself that step! Here's an example of a BAD character History. You don't want to be this person if you can help it.

Bad Example of Character History: "[NAME HERE] was left in the desert at age 5 for no reason. When she was 10 she made her way into Siyyon and decided to make her home there."

We would rather you didn't attack us poor mods with an epic trilogy(a few paragraphs is JUST fine), but if you have something that's only three or four sentences like the above, we are absolutely going to ask you to revise and flesh out your character's history.

When creating this character, consider the Who, What, Where, How, and Why.  Most events in life have driving factors. What was their childhood like? Where did they live (if they weren't born in Siyyon)? If they weren't born in Siyyon, why did they leave their previous home, and how did they come upon Siyyon? Why did they decide to make Siyyon their home? How did they avoid humans? Learn to hunt or gather? If they lost their parents/family, how did they survive? What are they like now? How does their daily life in the Valley go?  Do they have lots of friends? Why or why not?  How about a business? We're going to want you to cover the whole spectrum of their lives. If your character is 25, don't stop their history at "They moved into the Valley when they were 18", because unless they died at 18 their life still went on after that. Basically, we want to know what makes your character interesting and original. What makes your character a person! You are always welcome to come to the chatroom if you'd like to bounce ideas off people.

How do I submit an Xth character to the group?
If you are already a member and would like to submit an additional character, send us a note with the character sheet in the body rather than simply submitting it to the group. This way  we can look it over and get back to you. If anything needs improvement or revision, we'll address it there and work with you. Then after we okay it, just submit the character sheet. There are requirements you have to meet for any character after your third, but they're not too hard to meet.

Things to do/Work

Can I commission/ask someone else to do my work for me?
No. While we understand that some of you are just here for the Roleplaying and don't want to get involved in anything else we have planned, any objective-related work you submit to the group must be your own. That's the game!

Can I use photos or photomanipulations in my work?
Although we understand that photomanipulation is an art in and of itself, and that there exists a large body of stock photos to draw from, we feel that it does not fit the larger theme of the group. Feel free to incorporate texture, or use such photos for reference, but obvious photomanip works will be declined.

What are Chat Challenges?
Chat Challenges are spontaneous ideas posted in the chatroom for people to draw. They are not required, they do not need to be in color, you do not need to be in the chatroom to do them, and they do not need to be rped or played out in anyway unless you want to. They do not need to be done in order, they do not have deadlines. They are just for fun. If you feel like doing some random Siyyon-related art, there is a list kept on the left-hand side of the Events Folder. There is also a link to that folder at the top of the main page's News blog.

I saw some tasks done in monotone/with a limited palette, can I do that too?
Yes, absolutely. This, however, should not be an excuse to put less effort into your work!

Roleplaying/Story creation
Our characters had kids, can I rp the kids in the chatroom?
Yes and no. Unless they have been submitted as player characters, they are technically considered NPCs, and NPCs only exist to help push your own story forward. They can be mentioned alongside the parents, and roleplayed to a limited extent, but they shouldn't be the pivotal character of numerous RPs. While obviously we can't tell you what to do in your own private games, if we feel you are abusing the NPC guidelines in public rp in our chatrooms, we're liable to approach you and say so.

Can I rp Siyyon-world NPCs that I made? Or the families of my characters?
See above. They can be used in scenes with your submitted character, but they shouldn't be the focal character being used in your RP.

If my characters are going to breed/give birth, how does that work?
Please see The Character Creation journal for information on reproduction.

Can a human and a taur have a baby?
Yes. Rarely and under certain conditions, there are situations where a human and a taur have been able to birth a child. These children are known as Faevyn. However these children tend to be few and far between, and the birth can be very hard on the mother.

Are spirit animals born? Or do they magically appear?
This is open to some interpretation. Generally it is accepted that they come into existence at the exact moment the child is born and come to that individual when they are needed. When they are discovered, they will stay with that human for the rest of his or her life. When the human dies, the spirit animal dies. Although spirit animals can be killed, and a human might survive such a trauma, the loss of a Spirit Animal causes significant damage to the heart and mind of the partner human. Many such unfortunate individuals succumb to death. See below.

When does the spirit animal usually come to the human?

The average age is somewhere between 9 and 14. Though there are cases when it does come before or after that range.

Can a human's Spirit Animal die? What effect does that have on the partner human, if any?
It's impossible for a spirit animal to die of old age (As they're intended to last the lifetime of the human themselves) However, they might be eaten or die protecting their human from harm. If that happens the human might exhibit a number of mental instabilities even after 'recovery', such as depressive tendencies, delusions, the hearing of voices, and/or out of body experiences depending on the level of the bond at time of death.

I'm being ignored in the chatroom, is there something you can do about this?
No. We get this complaint a lot because the chatroom moves very quickly sometimes and small comments can get lost. I can assure you that everyone, including the mods has felt this way at some point. You're not being ignored on purpose, and we cannot force people to pay attention to you. If you want to be known in chat, speak up. If your comment/question gets "ignored" then say it again. We don't bite.

Does anyone ever get banned from the group?

Yes. If you're doing something wrong or something that violates the rules, we will contact you through note with a warning. If you get two warnings and still do not correct your behavior, you WILL be banned. It's sad to say and we hate to do it, but rules are rules and are there for a reason.

Can I submit family members or NPCs to the gallery?
Sure! However, currently we do not have a folder dedicated to Player created NPC's, and no sheet available for players to submit such characters. Be aware of the NPC rules, and if we feel like we're seeing an NPC more than your playable character in the group, a mod will contact you concerning this.

How long does it usually take for a member and/or character application to be read and reviewed?
It doesn't take long. Submissions of any kind remain in a group's inbox for a week, and we as mods will be doing our very best to get back to you before that time is up. Please be patient, as we have lives too, and if for some strange reason your submission times out, submit again. Feel free to send us a note with an inquiry if acceptance takes longer than two weeks.

If my application is not responded to at all, does that mean I have been rejected?
No. If you were rejected, we'd let you know. If this has happened to you, your application was either:
  • Not received (DA hiccups do happen)
  • a mod was unable to respond before the application expired, or
  • it was somehow missed by the mods (for which we totally apologize, that's not cool).

Is it normal to be asked to revise, edit, or add information to my character applications before its accepted into the group?
Yes. We just want you to be able to make the most out of your character, both in roleplay and in task completion within the group. Thus, detail and heart are important!

Can I update of my character sheet if I made a better one?

YES, you are totally allowed to update your sheets. You can do this either by removing the old one and uploading a new one (in which case you just need to let us know so we don't accidentally reject it as a new character or something) OR, you can just update the file in DA's system. We won't be tracking your character updates as a rule.

If I have a character from before the reboot, will the old character sheets be grandfathered in, or will we have to change to the new format?
If you would like to continue using the same character as before the reboot, we do ask that you place them on the new character sheet available in the Official Materials gallery, and update all their information as per the new system. Keep in mind that we are jumping twenty years into the future with the reboot! While we do not require old players to age their characters, we do hope that they will keep the new time-frame in mind.
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