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  1. The Rovers in Scarlet
  2. The Moonsingers
  3. The North Rangers
  4. The Crystal Circle
  5. The Dawnstar Defense

Factions are an OPTIONAL way for players to earn extra mementos and abilities. The list is continually growing, so if you don't see anything you like here right now, feel free to put in a suggestion. We hope to open member submission for factions some time in the near future.

Submitting Objectives and Earning Rewards
Faction objectives must be completed in order. For every three you complete, your character is given a memento which he or she can interact with, wearing it on his or her person or otherwise adding it to your character sheet if you so desire. With each memento, your character gains power and prestige, and those who complete their entire quest line earn themselves a unique perk!

When submitting your Faction objectives, please place in the title of your work the faction of your character, the exact number of the quest you are portraying, and, if a visual work, a short description of the events depicted in the piece. For example: [Character Name]-RoversOfScarlet-PI-1. It also helps to have the exact objective itself copy-pasted into the description of any work. When your character earns a memento, it will be delivered to you via note shortly after your work has been accepted into the group. If you have completed a quest that then requires you to choose a memento, please list your reward choice in the description of the objective that earns you said token.

The Rovers in Scarlet

The terror of the high seas of Okeanos comes not from above the waves, but below. Though much of the Valley is surrounded by water, many human shipping vessels refuse to stop there, and only the bravest fishermen of Castelia Cove take boats out onto the wide ocean to pursue their craft, for fear of drawing the attention of the Rovers in Scarlet.

The Rovers are a band of bloodthirsty pirates who prey on any landlubber vessel that dares to traverse their waters. Their influence stretches from one end of Okeanos to the other, and their members are denoted by the crimson cloths all full-fledged buccaneers wear upon their person. To some, they are heroes, taking the riches of the land and bringing it to the sea, where it belongs. To others, they are killers who bring nothing of value to the world of the great wide water. Regardless of one's opinion, however, their strength in numbers is not to be taken lightly. Neither is their hatred of land-ridden taurs and, especially, humans, though those that are bound to an aquatic Spirit Animal are something of a grudging fascination.

Rule of the Pirate King
The Rovers in Scarlet are led by a fearless, self-styled 'king', who makes his home in a great underwater fortress beneath the southern seas. His name is Prax, and twenty years ago, no one had ever heard of him. Back then, piscitaur pirates roamed Okeanos in disorganized crews, that competed for territory, spending as much time fighting as they did plundering unwary vessels. Young Prax rose from among these and, through sheer charisma and determination, began to unify the bandits of the high seas under his own flag. Now, he rules the watery underworld like a stern, slightly unpredictable father, with an iron fist and lavish gifts for those who earn it.

The Moot
Though King Prax is the head of the Rovers, he does not take part in raids himself. Instead, he governs his army of captains, who rule their own crews mostly autonomously. In order to cement his position of leadership among the rabble, every few months he holds a great Moot to celebrate the accomplishments of his band of crimson-clad pirates. Masked as the wildest of parties, the King takes this opportunity to perform a number of essential but otherwise difficult duties among a group of such independent subjects. Here, in the great hall of his fortress, he anoints new captains, metes out justice to those he views as a threat to his rule, and rewards riches from his hoard to loyal members of his family. Overall it is an event highly anticipated by all members of the Rovers in Scarlet.

The Rovers in Scarlet are, as many factions, selective in their membership. In order to join this faction, player characters must be a piscitaur or likewise aquatic subtype Taur-kin, or an aquatic Faevyn, though these are somewhat rare.

Pirate King Prax does not tolerate mutiny. Those who choose to break ties with the Rovers are dead to him at best, and, at worst, worthy of death. Woe betide those who cross paths with their old ship-mates should they decide a life on the high seas is no longer for them!


The Rovers in Scarlet: Part I

1. How did you come to join the ranks of the Rovers in Scarlet? Who is your captain? Depict a scene or scenes illustrating your story.
2. Every crew has a secret grotto or other base where they return to rest after a long day of successful plunder. What does yours look like?
3. One day, your crew spies a small, unidentified skiff bobbing idly through your territory. After some deliberation, you are chosen to investigate- alone. What do you find and how do you deal with it?

Memento: Congratulations! You  have been with your captain long enough that you've been recognized as a fully-fledged Rover. S/he bestows upon you the Crimson Sash, symbol of your newfound family. Wear it well!

The Rovers in Scarlet: Part II

1. Now that you're officially part of the crew, your captain has begun trusting you with more important tasks. One day, s/he asks you to deliver an important message to a neighboring crew, with strict instructions not to peek! Do you obey your orders? Or is the temptation too much to handle? What do you find if you look? Who is the neighboring captain? Tell a story!

2. The day has come: a raid! Show those filthy landlubber scum who the rulers of this ocean really are!

3. Every few months, King Prax holds a grand Rover Moot in the deepest, darkest bowels of his underwater fortress. And what a party it is! Who do you meet there? What do you do? Write or draw out your experience attending.

Memento: At the Moot, your captain recounts the details of your daring exploits to King Prax. The King has deigned to reward you with a treasure from his hoard. Choose from: A String of Pearls, an Ebony Knife, OR Gilt Locket.

The Rovers in Scarlet: Part III

1. You are a veteran now. Raids come and go. Life has settled into an easy rhythm of death, plunder, and celebration. Then, one day, a new challenge arises. Your captain has caught wind that a great treasure has been discovered off the western coast of the Valley. The details are spotty, so s/he sends you to investigate. Do you go alone? Accompanied? If so, by whom? What kind of treasure do you find?

2. Unfortunately, you aren't the only one who has heard about this treasure. A rival group of Rovers appears as you complete your reconnaissance. What happens? Is there conflict, or do you assist one another?

3. Somehow, you return to your captain in one piece. Did you manage to take some of the treasure with you? Was your trip successful? Was it a failure? Did you make an enemy, or a friend? Report back!

Memento: One day, your captain requests you meet him or her, alone, for a private chat. They bestow upon you a surprise gift: A Decorated Harpoon. This is the highest honor s/he is able to bestow, and is given with the blessing of Pirate King Prax himself. It is carried only by those considered brave enough, and loyal enough, to someday take up the role of captaincy themselves. Congratulations!

Perk: With the Decorated Harpoon in hand, your character is feared and respected as if they were a captain themselves (even if they do not decide to start his or her own crew).

The Moonsingers

The art of performance is not one which the Valley of Siyyon is particularly known for. Human settlements are too new for such things, rather more concerned with survival than high-society entertainment, and Taur-kin have long approached the arts of dancing and singing from a communal perspective rather than a professional one. The Moonsingers aim to change all that. They are an all-female group of dancers, of singers, of musicians, based in the small Taur-kin village of Ettenbel in Viridis. Despite their rural origins, the Moonsingers travel in troupes far and wide across the Valley, and gather crowds whenever their painted silver wagons pull into town.

They are called the Moonsingers because their membership is not only limited to their musical talents and femeninity, but also to their pale complexions. Though pelt colors vary in range from light brown to the brightest ivory, they dress all in white when they perform, and move with truly lunar grace. Many are the men who are enchanted by their beauty, and many the little girls who desire one day to join their exalted ranks.

Wings of the Blue Crane
The Moonsingers are led by a matriarch named Adelle. Though her years are considerable, to many she is still the most beautiful of all her ladies, with long slender legs and eyes like the indigo skies of a winter's night. She has been singing and dancing for almost fifty years, and came to found the Moonsingers as a means to bring joy to all the denizens of the Valley, regardless of race or creed.

Though these ladies of the evening sky are welcomed by most, there are whispers that they are not entirely what they seem. Many a jealous wife eyes the presence of the Moonsingers as a threat to her superiority, and not all families are pleased should a young girl declare her desire to live a life of roving entertainment rather than remaining safely at home. Humans can be especially suspicious of them, ever wary of Taur-kin and their sorcery, and generally more concerned with appearances than their four-legged brethren. In truth, some of these lovely ladies are indeed scoundrels, and more than a few make a living on the side in more dishonest pursuits. Yet much can be said for the charisma of a beautiful woman and, for most, the arrival of these graceful travelling troubadours is cause for celebration more than dismay.

The Moonsingers have a hefty number of prerequisites for entry. Characters must be female*, mustpossess some kind of musical or performance-related skill, and bear pale coat coloration. Though impossible to give a comprehensive list of all the pelt colors which this might encompass, examples might include light greys, blues, browns, or reds, as well as ivory and white. Therefore, while many members of the troupe are certainly albino, this is not the only option available! Notably, are also accepted into this group, though it primarily consists of Taur-kin.

*The Moonsingers have been known to rarely accept those who are not physically female, but identify so. However, keep in mind when crafting your character that this is the exception rather than the rule, and mods will be very particular about accepting such characters to the Moonsingers.

Though the Moonsingers are an exclusive group, they bear no ill will to those who come and go within their ranks. The journey of life is seen as something to be chased no matter the path one walks. A sister is a sister no matter how long she stays with the troupe, and she is always welcome to come home should she desire.


The Moonsingers: Part I

1.How did you come to join the ranks of the Moonsingers? Depict a scene or scenes illustrating your story.

2.Fresh recruits are instructed in all manner of performance arts, including music, dancing, and occasionally acrobatics. What is your skill? Do  you have one, or multiple? Who is your mentor? Depict your character training in the use of her talents.

3.New girls are trained at the troupe's headquarters in Viridis. Here, they live communally, and sometimes make forays into the village to perform on the street, begging for necessaries such as food and human gold. Today is your turn!

Memento: The Matriarch has recognized your long hours of practice, and grants you permission to begin touring with the other girls. To commemorate the occasion, she bestows upon you your own set of Astral Skirts, the uniform of the Moonsingers. So pretty!

The Moonsingers: Part II

1.You have taken to the road with a small group of your sisters. Where is your first performance and how does it go? Tell a story.

2.Part of performing is taking the good audiences with the bad. One day, a group of men follows you and your sisters back to your wagon. They smell strongly of ale and are saying some not so polite things. How do you deal with it?

3.The joy of the open road is one which the Moonsingers know well. You meet many folk on your travels; tell us about one such encounter. Who did you meet? What happened?

Memento: You have completed your first tour and arrived home. To your surprise, your troupe-sisters have pooled their resources and bought you a gift. The Lunar Bracelet bears the crest of your order and is crafted from fine silver. Isn't that nice of them!

The Moonsingers: Part III

1.Your fame has grown in leaps and bounds since your first began touring. A rich human merchant has recently sent a request for you and your troupe-sisters to perform for him in private at his lavish mansion. How does that go?

2.As a public figure, you have met your fair share of people in your travels. Gossiping one afternoon, as girls are apt to do, the subject of romance is broached. Is there anyone in the Valley to whom you have taken a fancy? Or are you doomed to be sad and lonely forever? Do you share with the girls or choose not to take part in their idle chatter? Depict.

3.Long hours of practice and weeks upon the road have made you a different woman than the one you were when you first arrived in Ettenbel for training. One day, between your travels, the Matriarch brings you aside for tea in her private parlor. She then asks you to show her the fruits of your labor. Perform for her on the spot!

Memento: After witnessing your performance, the Matriarch gives you a round of quiet applause. She has decided that you have achieved mastery of your art, and, as a reward, she allows you to choose from one of three gifts; A Silver Harp, an Embroidered Stole, or the Goddess' Piccolo. Congratulations! You have done the Moonsingers proud.

Perk: Though you have been recognized by the Matriarch as a true master, your journey is far from over. The item you chose is enchanted with complex magics, and with it on your person, your performances have the ability to charm even the most adamant of hearts.

The North Rangers

Once, there was a man who dared venture into the valley where taurs lived. There, he found wonder beyond anything he had ever dreamed of. It was a whole world forbidden to humans, full of adventure, danger, companionship, magic, and also for a short time, love. Today, he is the example for a whole group of human woodsmen, committed to preserving his message of tolerance and oneness with the world in every aspect of their lives.

The North Rangers are a group of humans whose greatest calling is a life is the tangles of the Valley. Though humans are no longer barred from entering the land of Taur-kin, few seek to live in such harmony with the world as those belonging to this Faction. Their presence is mainly felt in the mountains and fields around Spires Hollow. However, it is not uncommon for Rangers to make solo journeys well beyond their established 'territory'.

Most Rangers are young men and women looking for more adventure in their lives than the world of humans can offer them. Safely, none of them have yet been disappointed.

The Wilds of Man
The North Rangers were founded by a young man named Connor Wilds. His uncle was one of the first humans to brave the Valley back when Spires Hollow was the only human settlement, and most lived in fear of the monsters that lived beyond the village borders. He believed in the sameness of man and taur, but disappeared when the outbreak of the Three-Months'-War made this message of tolerance a death sentence. No one has seen Turk Barber since, but Connor was raised on stories of his uncle's daft bravery. When he turned seventeen, much to his parents' dismay, he struck off into the Valley for adventures of his own. Since then he has acquired a following, and works hard to pass along his uncle's message of respect for all the Valley's wonders.

To Sleep Beneath the Heavens
The way of the Ranger is simple. A Ranger lives independently. He has respect for the earth and all its creatures, equally. He seeks a bond with nature through one's Spirit Animal. He lives life to the fullest. Though they are considered a group, and have camps dotted across the whole Valley where members can meet to socialize and resupply, mostly the Rangers are loners. Many humans view them as eccentric madmen who have betrayed humanity in favor of Taur-kin. Taurs, on the other hand, tend to get along better with the Rangers than other humans, so perhaps there is more to that sentiment than base accusation.

Most Rangers are constantly on the move. They do not generally keep homesteads, although some exceptions do exist, and instead seek out the Camps for companionship or a safe place to rest. Experts in the flora and fauna of the Valley, they sometimes work as guides for other travelers wishing to avoid unnecessary danger. Often they take the furs and other natural riches they have gathered from the wild back to established settlements to trade for necessary things that they cannot manufacture on their own. Notably, rifles and other firearms are forbidden for a Ranger to carry, and those found in possession of such weapons risk expulsion from the group. Rangers believe such things distance a person from the sacred earth, disrupting the balance of the Valley.

The only prerequisite for those who wish to enter the Rangers is that they be human. Men and women both are welcome.

Though the Rangers are some of the most tolerant folks around, and welcome any humankin who seek to become closer to the Valley, they hold a few standards for those who they would see as true brothers and sisters. As aforementioned, firearms are taboo. Members must know how to survive in the wild without any outside intervention, and uphold the Ranger's creed of living as one with the earth. Though formal expulsion from the group does not exist, they do not appreciate those who call themselves Rangers that do not uphold these standards, and have occasionally been known to take action against imposters.


The North Rangers: Part I

1.How did you come to join the ranks of the North Rangers? Depict a scene or scenes illustrating your story.

2. Surviving alone in the wild takes aptitude, exceptional resourcefulness, and a hefty amount of luck. Veteran Rangers take it upon themselves to teach new recruits the knowledge they need to stay alive. From one of these experts, acquire proficiency in a skill of your choice, from starting campfires to the most effective fishing methods.

3. Traveling in the wild can be quite a challenge. Even acquiring food and setting up camp for the night can be an adventure. What does your typical campsite look like?

Memento: During a stop at one of the Ranger camps, a man approaches you. He is Connor Wilds, vagabond leader of your faction, and he presents you with an Awakener's Bow as a token of your acceptance into the group.

The North Rangers: Part II

1. Most Rangers deal in some kind of trade to help supplement what they cannot create for themselves from the land. Hunting, trapping, fishing, and treasure-hunting are among these myriad occupations. What does your character do to make the journey more interesting?

2. As a traveler, you meet all kinds upon the road. Who is someone you have met along the way? Did that interaction end well, or poorly?

3. One day, a travelling merchant approaches you at your camp. S/he is looking for someone to take them through a particularly tricky patch of Praevalere territory, and seeks to hire a Ranger to help them do so. He promises the pay will be something worth working for! How does it go?

Memento: You successfully manage to get your traveler to their destination. As compensation, he or she allows you to take a treasure from their wares. Select one of the three: a Jade Necklace, a Steel Shortsword, or a Wanderer's Compass.

The North Rangers: Part III

1. The Valley is as full of beauty as it is of danger. Illustrate or write about one of the most beautiful places you discover on your journey. Be creative! The wonders of the Valley are, after all, infinite.

2. What's that in the darkness, snarling? You wake in the middle of the night to a guttural sound that is not the least bit friendly. What is the source of the noise? Do you fight? Flee? How do you get out of this bad situation?

3. After days on the road, you happen upon a small Taur-kin settlement. It is home to one of the alphas of that territory. Noticing your presence, he or she approaches you and strikes up conversation. Who is it? Do they want anything in particular? Are you welcome, or unwelcome? Tell a story.

Memento: You've been almost everywhere now, traveler, and rumor of your name precedes you on the wind. One day, you come back to camp only to discover Connor is there, waiting for you. With a smirk, he bestows upon you the Embroidered Green Cloak all mature Rangers wear. It looks great on you!

Perk: You are now considered an 'elder' amongst the rangers. This allows you to take disciples under your tutorage if you so desire, and marks you to newcomers as someone to whom all the Valley's mysteries lay themselves bare. Additionally, even those Taur-kin like Icilia of Praevalere recognize the garb of the Rangers, and those who bear the Cloak on their person might find it dissolves boundaries in ways heretofore unseen. May the earth and sky ever reveal to you their wonders!

The Crystal Circle

In this world, there are four basic elements of magic- Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Each caster is born with a particular affinity to each, and those who take up the study of magic learn to tap in to the very stuff of the universe. They are the wise, in tune with the earth and all its creatures. And yet, any mage worth his salt will reassure you that there are yet mysteries to the world and its workings that remain hidden behind a veil of unknowing. Though the elemental magics are the only affinities which come naturally to spellcasters, there exist numerous other kinds of sorcery which are only practiced by the few, and the brave. Those belonging to Crystal Circle are among this number.

The Crystal Circle is a group of magi who operate in utmost secrecy. Their initiates practice what others label as 'dark' magic, the magic of the mind. Power to enter and alter dreams, to create illusion, and to cause great mental and bodily suffering are among their abilities. However, the Crystal Mages do not believe themselves beholden to the ideals of good and evil. Instead, they think of themselves as scholars, parsing the wonders of the unseen universe in the endless pursuit of wisdom.

Eyes in the Dark
In the far Eastern reaches of the Valley lies the Hidir Mountains, and on their forested peaks, rising far above the earth, is a great dark tower. Crafted by human hands- presumably the same long-forgotten society that built the fortress in the center of Lake Coradine- it lay long abandoned by the time Archmage Siedrin Horathar discovered it, and took it as his roost. This founder of the Crystal Circle is of Faevyn blood, and he welcomes all those cursed souls who hail from the same into his tower of night. He never speaks about his past, but Taur-kin and human alike fear his power. Rightly so- despite that he extends his love to Faevyn, he is intolerant of Taur trespassers in his domain, and humans who meet him can expect a gruesome and certain death to follow.

The Blackstone Tower
Though once a human dwelling, the magicians who make their homes within the Blackstone Tower have warped it to suit their needs. It rises above the Hidir Mountains like a sentinel, its single spire surrounded by a thick wall enchanted with mind-altering spells, and natural defenses even beyond that. Crystal shards emerge from the stone like luminescent tumors, glowing all manner of sickly greens and blues and purples, like some poisonous creature warning of the danger inside. Only the brave or the desperate dare approach. Those who manage to convince Siedrin of their worth spend much of their hereafter restricted to the grounds, with only occasional opportunity to emerge.

In order to approach Siedrin and become a member of the Circle, one must be either Taur-kin or Faevyn, with the latter more commonly accepted than the former. They must also possess at least one elemental affinity.

Archmage Siedrin does not tolerate humans in his realm and slaughters them on sight.

To join the ranks of the Circle is to leave the rest of the Valley behind forever. While its mages occasionally venture into the wider Valley to forage for food, trade services for goods, and deal with gorite suppliers, they are sworn never to reveal the Circle's secrets to outsiders. Defection is punishable by death.


The Crystal Circle: Part I

1.How did you come to join the ranks of the Crystal Circle? Depict a scene or scenes illustrating your story.

2.Upon being accepted into the Circle, newcomers have their abilities tested in battle with another member, one who has acquired their dark powers. This is to judge their natural proclivities, and their sense of style. How do you perform? Depict the fight.

3. Depending on a their elemental affinities, and their strength as judged in the ring, newcomers are assigned to a master who will instruct them throughout their lives, much as a parent figure. Who is your master or mistress? What do they look like? What is their personality? What do you think of them?

Memento: In order to cast dark magic, mages of the Crystal Circle utilize gorite shards, harvested from deep within the bowels of the earth. To make your membership official, your master bestows upon you a Gorite Necklace. May it serve you well as your spell focus, in this life and in the hereafter.

The Crystal Circle: Part II

1. You have begun your training. After becoming settled in the Tower, new Circle mages learn to manipulate the visual and auditory senses. Your first task is to acquire the art of sensory illusion. To do this, a comprehensive knowledge of the mind is essential. Study hard and practice harder to master this most basic of dark magics.

2. The world of dreams is but a hop skip and a jump from that of illusion. In order to advance their learning, Circle mages must be at one with themselves and all their darkest fears. To accomplish this, they undergo a series of meditations during which they walk through the blackness of their own minds, facing their greatest fears and emerging triumphant- or quite mad. What does the inside of your mind look like? And what are the horrors you must surmount?

3.  An interesting rumor has been circulating, that Archmage Siedrin has discovered the secret to immortal life, and is himself many hundreds of years old. Do you believe this rumor? Or do you think it is hogwash? Investigate! This could mean anything from hitting the books, to stalking the Archmage himself, if you have the courage.

Memento: The Archmage has caught wind of your investigation and called you into his office. Rather than flay you alive, however, he rewards your curiosity with a token. He bestows upon you a Peculiar Tome, and tasks you with translating the gibberish inside. It's thick, and will probably take you the rest of your life, so congratulations...?

The Crystal Circle: Part III

1. It has been some time, now, since you entered the Circle. Correspondence with family and friends, while not expressly forbidden, have been few and far between, as they are permitted only through post, and by way of occasional visitation. What are the places you miss the most, if any? What do you long for that life in sequester can no longer give you? Or are you happy here?

2. Your study has progressed far beyond prestigitation and journeys into the dreams of others. Your master tasks you now with inventing a spell- the effect is up to you, but it must be of the 'darker' sort. Create some kind of magic that affects the mind or body, either positively or negatively, and show it off to your superiors.

3. Once again, you face an opponent in the ring. Show them what you have learned!

Memento: You have grown in leaps and bounds since you first stumbled into the Tower, a mage versed only in the base practice of the elements. Today, you have transcended.  The Archmage, in formal ceremony, presents you with one of three mementos. Take either the Crystal Skull, the Gordite Staff, or Darkling Robe as your own. Bear it proudly, for it is symbol of your station.

Perk: As a master of the Crystal Circle, you may now cast dark magic without the use of a focus. Additionally, your rank allows you to take and train an apprentice, as your master did before you. The pursuit of knowledge and power never ends, though as for rising through the ranks of the Circle, you have achieved all there is!

The Dawnstar Defense


The shadows of Praevalare forests hides many secrets; among them the Dawnstar Defense. In the war, the Defense was the spearhead to protecting the lands, and many who would take up arms to protect their homes turned to this allegiance as fighters and support. As the war ended, many left the number for their daily lives to return, but those who stayed now make up the numbers of proctors and defenders.


While mainly focused in the Sylvanian forest, many of the faction spread out over the area of Siyyon to help keep trouble from arising within the many towns and villages. Some protect from wild animal attacks, and it's not an uncommon occurrence to have missives sent to the training grounds for assistance.

Claws of the Predator

The Defense is led by Icilia Dawnstar. Though she is known for being cold to most, those who join her brotherhood see someone who is almost kind and protective of families and friends. Those who stand beside her are her brothers in arms, and they're expected to act as a family while under her care. Though a known successful hunter and warrior, to some, her tactics may seem a little odd. Still, when instructions are followed, seldom are there mishaps to tarnish her record.

The Sword's Edge

Though the fact the Defense is open to Taurs and Faevyn is well known throughout Siyyon, the locations of the training grounds and even the codeword to enter the grounds are secret. The area is said to be guarded by ancient wards that befuddles those that would cause the place harm, and is guarded by the spirit of the dragon that once inhabited the place. Of course, these are just rumors. One who wishes to join the number must strike out on their own and make an effort to find the encampment without help.


Many in Siyyon remember the Defenses' actions in the war, some call them heroes, others call them thugs, thieves or mutter that they were the reason the war started in the first place. Still, all respect them as a force to be reckoned with whatever their opinion on the past. Many a child looks up to the passing soldiers and dreams of being among their number one day.


To say that Icilia is strict about who joins her ranks is to put it mildly. To begin you must be willing to strike out on your own, and finding clues to lead you to the encampment. She is not picky about age, sex, gender, and while she gladly allows taurs to join her ranks, Faevyn are usually treated with less respect than others, and understandably less desired.


Those that assist others in finding the training grounds or otherwise betray the Defense by failing to protect the valley from the onslaught of danger no matter the source, either by cowardice or becoming a cause of the danger are considered traitors. Traitors are actively hunted by the higher ups for reprimand or, depending on the level of severity of their betrayals; death.


The Dawnstar Defense: Part I

 1. So you've decided to strike out on your own and have entered the Sylvanina forest to search for clues. (Clues can be anything so long as they bear the Dawnstar crest, scratched on rocks and gouged in the bark of trees)

2. You made it! You're greeted by a senior member of the faction who asks you for the passcode to enter the grounds, do you get it right? If you get it wrong, how do you get the guard to allow you entrance?

3.Once inside the grounds you're given leave to set your belongings down, and a training weapon to pick up! The one who greeted you has instructed you to show him/her what you already know for the position in the ranks you're seeking.

Memento: Pleased with your shown knowledge, the proctor approaches and hands you an insignia for you to wear. Welcome to the Defense!

The Dawnstar Defense: Part II

1. Training begins on the sparring field, no matter what role you play, you must at least know how to defend yourself from the dangers you'll face in the wild.

2. Bonding comes in training and hard work. Today there's more emphasis on the latter as it's your day to tend the training fields after practice sessions are over for the day.

3. You've finally gotten some time allotted to yourself on the field with one of the proctors who's teaching you more about your role and how to effectively work with others on the battle field. What sort of skills are you working on?

Memento: Proof of all your hard work coming together, the Proctor is finally allowing you to have your own weapon. Choose from: A Short Sword and Shield set, A Trident spear, or A Woodrow Staff.

The Dawnstar Defense: Part III

1. A missive has come for help out in the Viridis' territory, where villages are being raided by some sort of wild animal in the middle of the night. You're selected to go with a group of others to take care of the problem. How does that go?

2. On your way back to the training grounds, some of your group have decided to stop in at the local pub for the night. Would you rather continue on home alone, or do you join them in their celebration?

3.After many missions and triumphs, you're called to the training ring and find Icilia herself standing there as your opponent. She tells you to pick up your weapon and show her what you've learned since you first came here.

Memento: After the spar, Icilia calls you to follow her back to her quarters. Once there, you're presented with a full set of Dawnstar armor which marks you as a a member of the Defense. Choose from: Dawn's Light armor, Twilight Robes or Night's mail armor.

Perk: As a full fledged member of the Defense, you're able to become a proctor or strike out as a captain of a group. Hold the name of your number high and fight well.

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