Event: Midwinter's Vigil

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Reminder: Sign-ups for the second part of this Event end on the 7th! Comment below if you'd like to participate.

"When the final bushel of wheat is harvested and the last leaf falls, Siyyon rests. For many, this is the season of hibernation. For me, it's an excuse to enjoy roasted chestnuts and a romp in the snow! If you're the type to get out and about this season, I hope you'll swing by the campfire and say hi! You can find me where it smells like soup...

"Speaking of firesides, though, there's a rather more serious matter I should like to discuss with you, before you leave. As you know, the people of our Valley live close to nature; and, in living close to nature, we are also close to magic. Spirits of all kinds walk here, right alongside humans and Taur-kin, and shape the world even though we don't always see them. Some of them would make Queen Icilia look like a tame kitten. Midwinter night is the longest, coldest of the year, when howling creatures of ice and snow hold sway upon our land. On this night, we light fires in the darkness, and invite members of our community to stand vigil over the flames during the night. To be an Emberwatch is a great honor, but this year, we seem to have a shortage of volunteers! Without the fires, how can we know that the sun will be enticed back from its winterly slumber? How do we know that Spring will ever come? In our land, this ritual is one of the most important traditions we have; and  it is also one of the most dangerous.

"I would like to invite you to tend a fire, this year. I've heard a lot of good things about you lately, and I think you'd be well suited to the position. Think about it, won't you...?"


Part I:
Though Winter may lay in white blankets across the Valley floor, life here does not stop! Denizens of Siyyon have invented a hundred different ways to cope with the cold during this difficult season, from food to games to comfortable conversations around a friendly fire. To participate in this part of the event, depict your character enjoying-- or detesting!-- the season.

Part II:
Midwinter is the longest, coldest night of the year. In the magical world of Siyyon, the bravest souls gather around fires dotted across the land, taking vigil against the dark. On this night, fearsome spirits of ice and snow hold sway over the world, and it is the job of every Emberwatch to keep the sacred fires lit so that they may call back the sun. It is a reminder of the fragility of life, and the warmth of sentient spirit. Let Markel know you would like to take him up on his offer by December 7th by commenting on this journal! Then, depict your character watching over their sacred flame in the midst of darkest midnight.


Signup List:

Mariannefosho: Jamsid
Leunbrund: Marigold
Mehetabel: Nyarai
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OH I would love to give this a go!