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Raven Lady by Skywiz

Hello Young one, My name is Agis, and as you can see, I'm an albino raven. What? What do you mean 'what's my race? What does it matter?-- Anyway, I can advance you in the ways of magic-- Certainly more so than that old bird sitting up in his tower! Hah, yes, my half brother and I have quite the rivalry, but unlike him, I don't require a lifetime dedication and staying away from others to perfect my arts. While he chose to tuck himself away with his musty books I chose to allow the elements of nature to be my guide. However, I would not be opposed to studying the shiny trinkets that you find, and if they have any magical properties, I'll give you Faerie Sprinkles to be allowed to study them for a small time. Virtually any memento has SOME form of magic attached to it, a memory is a powerful thing, friend, however, mementos of more significant events in your life-- those that you are more attached to be it because they allowed you to enter a new stage of life in our society-- have more power than those of a common memory. You may only show me each memento once, I am quite thorough in my studies, and will not need to see them twice from the same person. However, I will be happy to see the same memento from other people, so long as it belongs to them, and you're not trying to pull one over on me. It doesn't work, and I will stop selling to those who try to do that!

What's that? You don't know what Faerie Sparkles are? They're a crystaline flower that grow on my tree, and after they wilt they turn into fragile but solid crystals, and while they're wilting they absorb different energies from the surrounding elements and change color. I'll accept these back after they have changed, if you'd like to spend some time learning with me, or simply want something I have in my collection.

That being said, here is a list of what I will give you for your mementos:

Common Event Memento (Holiday, Chat challenge): 2 Faerie Sparkles

Uncommon Event Memento (Main Story, Territory Objective): 4 Faerie Sparkles

Special Event Memento (Origin Story, Factions, Alpha token): 6 Faerie Sparkles

I will also be looking for stories, so for each new exciting memory you make, I will be paying you to hear about it! Alternatively you can bring me a snapshot or other sort of picture. I will keep these. They will stay in my tree.

Let me break that down for you:

-If you bring me a picture-

Bust/partial: +1 Faerie Sparkle

Full body: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Lines: +1 Faerie Sparkle

Colors/greyscale: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Shading: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Background: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Other people's characters: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Event: +2 Faerie Sparkles

-If you bring me a story-

400 words: +2 Faerie Sparkles

For every 200 words above 400: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Other people's characters: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Event: +2 Faerie Sparkles

Also, ravens may visit your comments and give you extra sparkles.

As for things that I will offer you:

Change/add a color on your character

Description: Changes or adds a color on your character to one not normally found in your character's species

Charge: 24 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Restrictions: You may only do this twice, and may not completely eliminate all of your species original colors

Learn a new Element

Description: Allows you to learn a new element (Fire, earth, water or air). May change how your primary element manifests while you learn to control it (or permanently, your choice.)

Charge: 50 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Requirements: Character must have achieved Part 2 of your Origin story complete.

Restrictions: Faevyn may have up to 3 elements, Taur may have 2, Humans may gain 1 element. Cannot be the exact opposite of your Primary(first) element.

Remove an Element

Description: Not happy with how your element turned out? Get rid of it and all of the progression you've made with it.

Charge: 10 Faerie Sparkles

Elemental Animal form

Description: Grants you an animal form based off of your element IE: Flaming horse, Earth Rhino. This form will follow the way your Primary element manifests itself. For humans, while in use, your spirit animal disappears.

Charge: 150 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Requirements/Restrictions: Humans can only learn this after gaining the final perk from the origin story “One Heart, One Mind, One Body” Taurs can only learn this after unlocking their Gamma form, and Faevyn must be adept in their primary element in order to control this form.

Gain a rank in an element (Apprentice)

Description: Learning the basics of your chosen element

Charge: 20 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Requirements: Draw/write about your character meditating around the element source in a controlled environment.

Gain a rank in an element (Adept)

Description: You've learned the basics and are now ready for more advanced practices.

Charge: 75 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Requirements: Draw/write about your character pulling their element from a wild source of nature.

Gain a rank in an element (Grandmaster)

Description: Advance your knowledge of the elements that bend to your will to the highest level

Charge: 150 Faerie Sparkles

Additional Requirements: Draw/write about your character pulling their element from thin air.

Restrictions: Only possible with your Primary element if anything but a Faevyn. If your character's a Faevyn, you may achieve this with your Primary and secondary elements.

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