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Business Card proyecto 1

Here is concept No 1. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with this one. Tell me what you think, what you like, and what could be better.

Thanks! :)

and I mix some ideas from these Deviants... Thx..
69 Monos [link]
~Pedrolifero... front B. cards cool 3D design [link]

and to Paroxysm for the credit card design ..THX dude.[link]

Thx to hawksmont for the finger prints Brushes [link]

por favor visita mi TIENDA EN LINEA [link]

Aquí esta mi primer concepto para mis tarjetas de presentación, comenten que les parece, si le falta o sobra algo
Gracias! :)

Gracias a:

Mis targetas son una mezcla de tres diseños
69 Monos [link]
(fondo de madera)
~Pedrolifero... por la tarjeta de enfrente

u para Paroxysm por el diseño de tarjeta de crédito ..THX dude.[link]

Graciasa: hawksmont por los Brushes de las huella digital [link]
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Pedro, Please email me the psd file. The best design ever. Love it
Great design, I am going to add this in my blog article   Best and creative business card designs
do you sell this design? i love it, very creative.
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muy bn compa salu2
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gracias ya casi no entro al deviantart ...
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great job ^^ i love it
vallesan's avatar
thx.. gracias
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hey check this one out [link]
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i did, cool design.
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no no no dood .... u missunderstood.
thats not called a cool design ....

thats called a
Fuckingly awesomely cool design....

and ya thats what it is... ive never seen anything like it before/...

have any idea where i can find some inspiration about color toaning for business cards..??
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lol thx ... im glad you like my B.C. well i just play with photoshop but i will try to find a tutorial but what program do you use??
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PHOTOSHOP BABY.... i ud really appreciate if u find me or give me some tutorials.....
love ur work.... check out my digital art + business cards[link]
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Very professional.
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Will you please create a logo for my website [link]
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sure where are you from, /?
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Awesome work!

clients or my supervisor never let me get this creative with designs. That's how working in a printshop will kill you creatively.
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:( is true my friend, i use to work in one SIGN-A-RAMA , my boss never let me take time to do a better job ... but now i work for my self LOL so i can take all day on one project..
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So true.
Good to hear you got free. I hope I can break the cycle before I become embittered and useless creatively. I'm already behind the curve as it is.
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you will my friend.
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Solo 4 mas y alcanzo los 5 mil.... gracias Kbrones inche vatos auque no comenten ..
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aaah ya veo!

si es verdad, te quedaron perronas (soy el de uteg)
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Orale ... gracias por comentar ... muchos la ponen en favoritos pero no comentan ..
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can i get an EPS or PSD copy por favor?
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