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Jesus Saves

By Valkyrist
What can I say, the idea just popped in my head, and I had some spare time this afternoon.

Full credit and respect to the guys at [link] for their Jesus character that I snagged.
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Now now, Jesus be a monk. With his special abilities, he not only saves but he takes no damage. =P
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He ALWAYS rolls a 20!:XD:
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And he heals light/medium/heavy wounds and turns undead like nobody's business! But for some reason, he prefers using a staff instead of a wicked mace!
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you know the devil horns means to ward off satan right
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Dungeons and Dragons was once accused for being a cover for devil worship. And now even Jesus plays it.

.....oh the irony.
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this is INSTANTLY epicwin!!
C0nv3rseLov3rWrit3s's avatar
haha!! omfg! that's amazing. =PP kudos to you.
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His saving throws are better than that . . . ;)
Nekochan-Lover's avatar
......BWAHAHAHAH!!! XDD Reminds me of the t-shirt that says "Jesus Saves. The rest of you take damage." XD
Pfft. Like the son of god wouldn't have Evasion. :D
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In all honesty I've played D&D once in my life, so I really don't understand it. I made this mainly for one of my real life best friends, who's into it hardcore.
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nothing like rolling a natural 20
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