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Zodiac T-Shirt Designs

A whole series I helped to design for Karen Davies for her Poetiquetees T-Shirts.. she sells them online at her t-shirt store.
I did all the zodiac creatures and colours, she chose the fonts and idea!
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XOXORPprincessXOXO's avatar
Nice! I'm a Sagittarius. :) :D
crimsonvermil-stock's avatar
These are just fantastic graphic design. Nicely done.
BeGfOrM3's avatar
ooh do u have the link to like to buy a few :D
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robertofacotilo's avatar
nice. i'm aries i love the design!
Butterfly212's avatar
Awesome!!!!! I love Zodiac stuff, so this rox!!!!!!! I'm a Capricorn...
Senshee's avatar
Hoshilight-Gazer's avatar
Yay :) Beautiful! I'm sagittarius
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
Cool, My mothers a saggittarious, very nice generous loving people! :) :hug:
jenovasilver's avatar
WEEE I'm a cancer!!

err...why did I say that again?
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
Weee cool... umm why did you indeed?? :D :hug:
Nethawi's avatar
Awesome! Woh! Capricorn is the best! XD;;
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
HEhe thanks, is that your birthday sign?? :D
JessicaMDouglas's avatar
Very nicely done m'dear. I rather like the one for my month *grin*
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
Thankies, glad you liked them.. and your month one is...?? :)
JessicaMDouglas's avatar
Taurus, *grin* I would be a may baby
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
Ahhh righty then.. nice strong personality! :)
JessicaMDouglas's avatar
*grin* that's probably why I'm so stubborn about my opinions. Muahaha, hey are you going to actually do these as shirts? I can't remember from the pic description *goldfish brain*
ValkyrieNZ's avatar
They were a commission for someone else who does the t-shirts..she has a site for them as well as some other stuff..

Arches's avatar
uuh.. looks great! good job!
Arches's avatar
my plesaure :hug:
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