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Wonder Filly

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My Little Pony. Super Best Friends Forever. Lauren Faust is responsible for both of them. Why not mash them together?
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Hah that's great!
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Saving the world, one filly at a time :D
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:D YAY!! She looks so awesome; I loved the little snippet that we've been given of Super Best Friends Forever and can't wait for the show to come out! I think you really captured Wonder Girl! :3
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Thanks so much! I'm pretty sure Wonder Girl is my favorite at this point so obviously she had to become a pony.
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I agree totally. I would like to take this moment to again point out that I love your style and the fact that you use traditional mediums to draw. You're one of my favs here on dA. :3 :3
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Well thank you! I am hugely flattered!
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From the title, I was thinking it was going to be a Wonderwoman pony. I've not seen Faust's new shows.
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Well she is Wonder Girl pony so very close. Just youtube Super Best Friends Forever. It's all of a minute and a half but it's so great!
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She required color. And more stars.
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