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The Successors: Chapter 17

Blue Moon shivered in fear.  Her hooves stood rooted to some invisible floor, and above her, beneath her, all around her, stretched an infinite, inky nighttime sky.  Everywhere she looked, she saw stars – huge radiant stars, faint distant stars, white stars, blue stars, tiny purple stars.   A thin, glowing mist filled the air around her, softly blurring her vision; if her sister was still close by, she couldn’t see her.  She wasn’t even sure whether she was dreaming – shouldn’t she be afraid now?  How was she breathing?  How did she get here?  Where was here, for that matter?
“H…hello?” she said nervously, and her voice echoed in the cavernous void.
She was not prepared for the response she got.
It was a Voice.  No, it was six Voices, speaking as one – or was it only one Voice, echoing six times in the void?  She couldn’t tell.  It was loud beyond description, loud e
:iconportmeirion:Portmeirion 4 5
The Successors: Chapter 16

It happened when Blue Moon and Summer Sun were in Canterlot, only a few months before their shared eighteenth birthday.
Their parents had been called to attend a cartographers’ conference, and had offered their daughters a chance to come along with them.  Both agreed enthusiastically.  Neither of the sisters had ever been to Canterlot before, but oh, they had heard about it.  Before the day was out, the two had used up an entire notepad scribbling out a list of the things they wanted to see on their trip.  Summer had the Canterlot Royal Gardens in mind, and Blue wanted to pay a visit to the Arcane University library, and they both hoped for a chance to tour the palace – and, perhaps, if they were lucky, to meet the princesses they both admired.
Blue was especially excited.  Princess Celestia had been her lifelong role model, her shining ideal, her hero, ever since that day when she had paid their family a visit when she and Summer were only fill
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The Successors: Chapter 15

Quila Warwing’s earliest memory was of her mother, stretching her wing over her like a blanket while she slept to keep her out of the cold.  She remembered waking, looking up into her mother’s face, and seeing something in her eyes that made her feel safe, warm, loved.  She liked that feeling, and she found that she appreciated it more as she got older, and began to feel it less and less often.  But she always kept that memory with her: the soft, gentle smile on Frostbane’s lips, the half-open violet eyes looking down on her with motherly affection.  No matter how cold and distant Frostbane became in later years, whenever Quila thought of her mother, that was the face she always pictured.
She admired how strong her mother was.  When she was very small, Quila would watch her mother fly, and would try to mimic her strong wingbeats, and the way she could turn and dive and whirl with such speed and grace.  And when she was a little older,
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The Successors: Chapter 14

Despite their divergent interests, Blue Moon and Summer Sun were alike in more ways than they were different.  They were instinctively compassionate, they laughed frequently, and they both loved stories.  Consequently, one habit they quickly developed was reading books together.  Summer especially loved it when Blue would read to her, and on warm summer days, when sun was shining and the air was just right, she would spent hours in a stretch lying under that beautiful old oak in their backyard while Blue’s familiar voice carried her into other worlds.  And Blue, though she liked to think of herself as a grown-up, was still very much a filly.  No matter how much she claimed to value hard work and study, at the end of the day she’d rather read adventure novels with her sister than pore over books of geography.  Summer had no end of fun teasing her about this.
But sometimes Blue would take it upon herself try new things, just because she liked
:iconportmeirion:Portmeirion 2 2
The Successors: Chapter 13

Ragnar Blacktalon’s skill lay in seizing the opportunities that presented themselves and exploiting them to their fullest potential.  This was something that had attracted Frostbane to him in the first place; he seemed like the kind of leader capable of building a nation that was wealthy, powerful, and secure, despite the limited resources at his disposal.   His territory was not very wide, his army was small, and, despite the rich diamond mines he held within his domain, Gloomhold was not exactly an economic powerhouse.  But every so often, a golden opportunity would come along, seemingly through sheer serendipity, and Blacktalon would seize it and use it to such great and terrible ends that he seemed less like the king of a small principality and more like some dread overlord of legend.
First had been the Windigo Stone.  Frostbane and her renegade band had found it while wandering in the mountains years ago, before they had ever sought refuge in the cast
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Morrigan by albe75 Morrigan :iconalbe75:albe75 409 3 Valkyrie by theDURRRRIAN Valkyrie :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 4,441 138


Summer and Blue
Here’s a bit of Aurora and Corona (well, Blue and Summer technically) but as humans (normal humans, not Equestria Girls human). If you’d like to watch me draw this you can do so here ->

Sometimes you just gotta draw some princesses. 

If you'd would like to watch me draw this piece, then head on over to my brand new youtube channel and do so! Find it Here ->…


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I rise from the ether briefly to let you all know that the amazing :iconportmeirion: has also risen from the ether to gift us all with another story set in the Successors MLP universe! Not only is it in said universe, it is a story about my Valkyrie ponies! Specifically Queen Brising (pictured below)!
Queen Brising by Valkyrie-Girl A Queen's Companions by Valkyrie-Girl Queen Brising by Valkyrie-Girl
I was always amazed with each and every chapter of the Successors that Portmeirion posted. At every turn, he captured my characters perfectly in his writing and, in many cases, even improved up on them. I am pleased and honored that, once again, he is choosing to write a story about my ponies. Chapter 1, though short, is a delight to read. If you've enjoyed my Valkyrie pony posts and have wanted to know more about them, now is your chance. I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Farseer Queen: Chapter 1It was raining again.  Brising could feel it; she could smell it on the wind, on the cool breeze that caressed her face.  She stood on the edge of the precipice, hooves rooted solidly to the stone, spread her wings wide, and inhaled.  Her eyes squeezed shut.
Open your eye.
She looked down.  She was a raindrop.  She was racing toward the great flat earth as fast as a falling stone.  Her stomach plunged.
Brising grimaced.  She pulled back, breathing harder for just a moment, and steadied herself.
That’s better.
Now she was a snowflake, gentle and lazy, floating over the landscape.  And she could see – oh, could she ever see.  She saw the rivers that crept down the mountainsides as glimmering veins of silver, half-choked with ice and fallen timber.  She saw the forests of shaggy evergreens, their limbs dusted with melting snow, shivering like giants in the cool wind.  She saw, on the far edge of the Midgard V

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