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As per the title, any VC4 artwork created now has a home. Have fun!
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:groups: WELCOME TO :groups:

This is for a fan club. If you are a fan of Valkyria Chronicles, please join with us and share with us your fan arts, your fanfic stories, and everything else! If you are not a fan of Valkyria Chronicles, you still can join with us. All various members are welcome here! We may share different or similar views, and we may not always see eye to eye. Discussion, disagreement and debate are encouraged, but please be respectful and do not make personal attack.

If you feel your membership was rejected unfairly, please contact the mod. This group supports equality that no one should exclude anyone else.

:star: Currently, we accept co-founder or :star:
contributor join requests.
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:groups: BANISHMENT LEVELS :groups:

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - Second warning
Third Offense - 48 hours ban
Fourth Offense - 5 days ban
Fifth Offense - Permanent ban

Revised: December 9, 2011


:bulletgreen: We do accept any group as long as general groups have a good purpose. Everyone can send an affiliation request to our Mods.

:bulletred: We do not accept any group if it is an anti-something/someone/couples.

:bulletblue: Non-Groups:

:iconeeia-club: EEIA-Club Imperial Alliance Villains Club :iconaxis-und-allies: Axis-Und-Allies WW 1&2 & WW Based Fic. :iconmarinawulfstan: MarinaWulfstan :icongamergate: GamerGate #GamerGate :iconvalkyria--chronicles: Valkyria--Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles

Gallery Folders

We'll Go Flying Real Soon, Is. by Stuperman454
Maximilian Triumviri by Luches
Empire by ieatkeyblades
Amecon Valkyria Chronicles 1 by BombomDubbie
Valkyria Chronicles: Main Characters
[CM] Chibi Alicia Melchiott Valkyria Chronicles by Artist-InProgress
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Tribute by WibbitGuy
Valkyria chronicles! by SuperGamefreako
Deadeye Kai by Szkin-Art
Squad 7: Side and Minor Characters
[Commission] Wendy Cheslock by Cloudney
Valkyria Chronicles Thingy by TheRoach2899
Catherine by Gavalanche
Marina by tovarishcomrade
Valkyira Chronicles 2: Main Characters
Juliana Everhart by OTsunaO
Avan Valkyria Chronicles 2 by Zaph-chan
Waifu Valkyria by MikazukiShigure
Day 19 Aliasse by ssvineman
Class G: Side and Minor Characters
Chibi Melissa by tovarishcomrade
Annisette Nelson by tovarishcomrade
Melissa Dalen (redesighned) by tovarishcomrade
Selvaria by tvm123456
Valkyria Chronicles 3: Main Characters
Riela Marcellis (chibi) by tovarishcomrade
Riela Marcellis (Valkyria Chronicles 3) by TheBrokenCOG
Riela by tovarishcomrade
Valkyria Chronicles 3 - Riela Marcellis. by ToumaHiragizawa
Squad 422: Side and Minor Characters
Gisele Fleming (VC3) by tovarishcomrade
Valkyria chronicles 3 - nameless squad (full) by tovarishcomrade
Valkyria beach by MegaGundamMan
Valkyria Chronicles 3 - No.26 by iforher
Valkyria Chronicles: Wish Your Smile
Valkyria 4 by Kramgnauh
Selvaria Bles
Selvaria Bles by jamjamstyle
Selvaria by ragecndy
Glory by DemovereXeno
Selvaria by Devil-V
VC 4: Nikola x Chiara by Wam-Sketch
Flag of the East Europan Imperial Alliance by CJManson
Selvaria Bless by Kawa-V
Selvaria Bles by Batomys2731
Calamity Raven
Valkyria chronicles 3 - CR unit by tovarishcomrade
Gallian Revolutionary Army
Flag of the Gallian Revolutionary Army by CJManson
Militias, Royalties, Civilians, and Others
Leena Schulen by AnaTorah
Good job Alicia! by nucchiin
Valkyria Chronicles: Original Characters
[VKC] - This is an Order! by Kitsu-Senpai
Crossover FanArts
Valkyria Three Houses Rifles Introduction by Valiant-Horizon
Comic and Humor
Squad 9 by Cimentoid123
The Weltkrieg by Kaiserguy14
Weapons, Vehicles, and Others
T-34 as imperial assault tank by tovarishcomrade
Alfred (Czech Republic) as Welkin Gunther by MCMComicCon
Valkyria Chronicles Stamp by Bahamut50
Adult Stuff

Mature Content

Selvaria by Onion-Oni
Valkyria Chronicles 4


Alicia Melchiot by tedmcfly
A Darcsen's fate by Saint-Zaby
Valkyria Chronicles - 'Rosie' Stark by iforher
Sketch Practice - Rosie Stark by GeneralGM
Valkyria Chronicles
[Commission] Wendy Cheslock by Cloudney
To the Fortune of Mutual Trust. by Krounus
Commission: Blake x Riela by Amenoosa
Blake Thompson X Riela Marcellis by Krounus
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Cosette and Aliasse Request Lineart by WickedMant
Avan Valkyria Chronicles 2 by Zaph-chan
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Riela Marcellis by merkymerx
Vivian james figure by KukuruyoArt
Succeeded Wish by yagaminoue
Valkyria Cordelia by kuroi-kenshi
All Villains
Selvaria Bles - Valkyria Chronicles by blueeyes311
Whispers of War by EnvisageU
Selvaria Bles sketch done without my glasses by Boobulon
Valkyria Chronicles: Original Characters
Valkyria Chronicles OC: Isara Gunther 1958 by HollyBell
Valkyria Side Story composite by Daegrima
Scout by Valegard
Something Precise by Casas
FanFiction, Comic and Humor
Jann Walker by pinkbluebibliofreak
Valkyria Chronicles 001 by Trakker
Valkyria Chronicles 002 by Trakker
Level up- Valkyria by Arenoth
Crossover FanArts
SketchDump of Feb. 2010 by DigiTomaru
Cross-over: Snipers by SonicSNAKE
CoD4 X Valkyria Chronicles by WanderingBlackDevil
Weapons, Vehicles, and Others
Schakal and Nameless Tank by Roebot56
tank concept by UzukiNoKaze
EDELWEISS by Coryelll
Senjou no Valkyria - Alicia 01 by Amai-Awa
Adult Stuff

Newest Members


:star: All join requests are auto-approved. :star:


:groups: SUBMISSIONS :groups:

:gallery: ARTS & FAVES
All requests are auto-approved as long as any art is related to Valkyria Chronicles series. All sexual orientation related arts and commissions are perfectly acceptable, too.

:note:) This group bears no copied/stolen arts, no traced or recolored arts, and no edited sprites. Unless a member obtains a permission from any artist to post an art in the Art or Fave gallery, which is permissible. Base dolls, who are traced from anime (or game) screenshots, are not allowed. It must be done by original artists only (please see here for a few more information).

:note:) Any art will not be allowed if they are: 1) official manga-scans or coloring official manga pages, 2) demotivational or motivational images, and 3) screenshots from games, animes, or movies.

:censored: POLICY
On deviantART's Nudity Policy, adult-related arts are acceptable in this group, but each art is required to be censored by use the "Mature Content" option. Please consider other members may not like excessive amounts of nudity and pornography. Some to few deviations can be good idea.

:pencil: BLOGS
All blogs are auto-approved by members only who can post a new entry. Each member should feel free to post an entry if he or she want to! They are allowed to post a blog if it is about Valkyria Chronicles news, contests, discussions, debates, chats, or role plays.

:note:) Please be sure your blog is readable, no netspeak, and drama free. Notably, hot topics and politics are permitted.


Revised: September 22, 2011
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Valkyria 4 folder now available.
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Shouldn't there be folders for the new Valkyria Chronicles 4 characters?
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Hello. A commission I ordered from Amenoosa just finished recently. It's a crossover between Valkyria Chronicles and Mass Effect, tied to a story I've been working towards on FanFiction. I hope this catches your attention; after all, it's got Riela Marcellis out having fun near the ocean!

Commission: Blake x Riela by Amenoosa
Kira-Tsubasafan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
Hi. I recently submitted a fanart of a younger Berthold Gregor as a German hussar officer from WW1. However, I accidentally submitted in the main folder. Can you move it to the Empire folder, please? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for letting me join the group, hope you enjoy my first fanart of Selvaria ^_^
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The remastered PS4 port of the original game is coming out in North America!
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