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Proxal Icon Set v2

By valkyre
Proxal Icon Set 2.0

Miranda IM just hit another milestone with the release of Miranda IM 0.4, and I decided it was time to update the proxal icon set to match the new version. Most of the icons have been changed, or updated. I've also added more icons to cover all the new features to complete the look and once again, make it a complete icon replacement set.

Important! The .zip includes three folders. The first folder is called Miranda IM, and that is a pre-hacked version of Miranda that already has all the files replaced. The version included is (0.4). The second folder is called "icons" and it includes all the icons needed to reshack your files manually. The third file is called "PSD" and it has all the original Photoshop resource files for you to play around with.

This package is open source. Do what you want with it, use it how you want. I don't care if you take the icons and use them on your website, or in another application. The only restriction is you can't sell them, or sell a product that includes them, and blah blah blah. Enough of the legalities.

I'll be updating this package every once and a while, and it will be denoted by the version number in the description, but for now enjoy what you have!

Enjoy! :woot:

© 2005 - 2021 valkyre
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Vision66's avatar
Hey, is it ok if I use some o theise in some website designs?
Very nice
Vision66's avatar

Could I use theise in a website I am making?
yzaL's avatar
Have you ever thought of making these icons actual icon packages for Miranda, it would be a hell of a lot easier to install.
valkyre's avatar
You mean make them the default icons in each official release? I'd love to, but I down own the rights to Miranda.
yzaL's avatar
No, make these into an icon package that you can download like all the other icons. There is an icon packager somewhere on the Miranda File section. It just seems to be an easier way to use your icon set instead of using Resource Hacker everytime a new version comes out. This program [link] is the easiest one, to me, to use but there are others.
valkyre's avatar
I'll look into that, thanks.
Luderbrus's avatar
kick ass. I just +faved your older version of this pack when I noticed yet another one... This one improves on perfect. So I guess I'll have to +fav :)
frease's avatar
Nice work. The icons are cute :)
Dipso's avatar
Already using it. Got a bit surpriced when i realized that you had made thiese as well as the VS im using. Great work man. :D
idah0's avatar
is there any easy way how to make my own miranda32.exe itegrating your great icons? I'd like tu use nightly builds...
idah0's avatar
good idea ;) thanks
brihana25's avatar
Sweet, valky!

I'm going to :+fav: these so that I can come back to them tomorrow, when I'm on my own computer, to download them.

I simply adore the style you've got going - clean, simple, not-too-realistic, not-too-cartoony... very tight.

Hey, would you mind so very much if I used these for a little something-something? I'll note you more details tomorrow night.

valkyre's avatar
Of course! :D Feel free. :)
Obyvatell's avatar
Gonna use some of them soon, they're just sooo sexy~ xD
aiwebs2005's avatar
Great work man! :+fav:
falanga's avatar
Awesome update :thumbsup:
p-51's avatar
I may switch completely to this client. Great set of icons. So is aim file protocol working yet? :ninja:
valkyre's avatar
Unfortunately, no. Miranda uses the TOC protocol, not OSCAR, which features direct connect and file sending.

But use it anyway. :D
axis-'s avatar
Quite nice. Simple and sexy, the valkyre way
edrik's avatar
So totally awesome. Even though they're actually really simple. They're great and I've used them for Miranda for more than a year now. Did you do all the shapes in Photoshop?
valkyre's avatar
Yep, all done in Photoshop. :)
zatoichi's avatar
freaking awesome m8. i loved these icons thru out the nightly builds of miranda 0.4 and now that its official and having you release an update is much OVERKILL. :boogie:
HeatherRivera's avatar
Looks great valky. They are sleek and sexy. Excellent job on these. :D
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