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Proxal Icon Set

Proxal Icon Set 1.1

** The set has been updated to 1.1 (changelog in .zip) **

The default 256 color icon set for Miranda is great, if you use anything besides Windows XP. But for those of us who have been spoiled by the smooth, alpha blended icons of XP, there's this!

Important! The .zip includes three folders. The first folder is called Miranda IM, and that is a pre-hacked version of Miranda that already has all the files replaced. The version included is (v0.3.3.1). The second folder is called "icons" and it includes all the icons needed to reshack your files manually. The third file is called "PSD" and it has all the original Photoshop resource files for you to play around with.

This package is open source. Do what you want with it, use it how you want. I don't care if you take the icons and use them on your website, or in another application. The only restriction is you can't sell them, or sell a product that includes them, and blah blah blah. Enough of the legalities.

I'll be updating this package every once and a while, and it will be denoted by the version number in the description, but for now enjoy what you have!

Enjoy. :bucktooth:

© 2004 - 2021 valkyre
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Is it ok to use them in a website design?
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very well done
file not found -.-
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this is my fave Miranda icon set of all time. thanks for releasing it :).
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Your work is amazing. Im using these as of now and intend to place some of the icons on my personal webbie. A bunch of "good work"s and a +fav coming at ya.
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Great job on these icons, by far the best ones i've seen for Miranda. They are easy to "read", and the colours aren't too bright.

What i'd like to see is these icons in .dll files (like they are usually shared at Some people might not be using the same version of Miranda as you so they don't want to overwrite/use your files. I know hacking them yourself is pretty easy, but many can't/won't do it. It's easy to learn, i know, but usually people end up with the easiest solution, which isn't hacking.

Nevertheless, i love the icons and hacked them right away in to my Miranda :)
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Ok i just discovered that you can import the icons from your pre-hacked exe. Stupid me. I withdraw what i just said :)

What i meant to say earlier was that you didn't include any .dll files which would have the main and global icons.
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Just a post to draw attention to this one.

Would be great to see an updated version with icons for YIM, and maybe more color variations in general for the numerous other IM protocols.
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Actually, I have the .dll files included. They're apart of the "pre-hacked" Miranda IM client in the .zip folder. Should make upgrading a painless operation, unless the .dll files themselves have changed in newer releases. :)
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Nice icons....
moglenstar's avatar
oh, nice work! - these icons are so nice
hekx's avatar
Great work!
p-s-y-c-h-o's avatar
ty! these are awesome.

p.s. dont forget to keep us updated! :)
404error's avatar
Simply amazing. Now all I have to do is hack them into GAIM on Linux ;).
tool-hippy's avatar
These are perfect! Good job! :D
fourteenthstar's avatar

miranda rocks, and so do these :)
gauravpatel's avatar
Damn, these look very sexy! =)
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Excellent job! Sorry to bump this old thread, but I had to say it. This theme made me jump ship from Trillian (Free) and use Miranda IM. I liked the icons, and I was getting tired of Trillian Free never getting updated (Pro is just absolutely bloated looking), so I've finally made the switch.

Also, will there be an update for Yahoo! icons?

(This message was also posted in your thread over at DT2/gfxOasis)
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very slick. Used a few random icons for my global set and the MSN dll. Very simple and shiny. Good stuff man
chiwou's avatar
can you update the miranda version, please

i like the different icon , , i mean the the icons in the exe file
fallout75's avatar
These are nice, clean, simple icons, I love em'
To bad i don't use Miranda. ;)
radink's avatar
nicely done!!
a-t-o-m-i-c's avatar
nice! I saw this off at DT and just had to leave a comment about how wonderful these look!
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