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Black Mesa v2

Black Mesa v2 has arrived. ;)

All bugs that were reported in the original have been fixed, and many aesthetic tweaks or changes to the overall design have been implemented. Both a normal, and compact version is included, for those wondering but too lazy to download and try it out first. I'd like to thank KoL for his help fixing many of the bugs, as well as curran for giving me feedback along the way. Enjoy the new release, bitches.

Note: The resource files for version 2 were lost near it's completion, so there won't be a VSRK for v2. However, the VSRK for v1 still exists and since most of the design stayed the same it should still prove useful for anyone hoping to make a mod for v2.

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What a fantastic theme, the best I've found. Very well done.

I have found just one problem with it. As you can see below, there are some display issues when these blocks are used. This is taken from the EVE Online tool "EVE Fitting Tool", but it happens in other programs that use it too.

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I have never found out what causes that, it's consistent in all of my themes.
Great visual style. Love it. This style made me use visual styles instead of the Classic look. One point i have with the style.

When i have multiple grouped items in my taskbar there are no begin and end markers for the grouped items. So it appears as 1 massive button when it should be several buttons. See this image:

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That should be fixed in v3.
Is v3 already available? If not, do you have any indication on when it will be? Or perhaps you can point me to where i can fix it, so i can fix it for myself??

I switched to NormalColor for this :(
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v3 will be for Windowbinds 5.5 / Windows Vista msstyles engine. A port for Windows XP will most likely be made sometime after that.

v3 is on hold at the moment, as I'm working straight 10 hour shifts at my job.
Ok, thanks for your reply.
I might be able to fix it myself if i knew where to find the settings where the buttons are setup.
If you could tell me where this settings is, i will try to fix it myself.
At least thanks for your help, and great visual style :)
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Honestly it's been so long, I can't remember all of StyleBuilder's settings and such.
Too bad, well i will try to find the settings myself. Thanks for your help, and off course this great theme.
Well i've found the problem and fixed it. The content sizing settings of the Taskband - Toolbar - DropDownButton where not the same as the Taskband - Toolbar - Button. So i've made them the same and it fixes the problem.

Here are my settings of the DropDownButton:


And i've uploaded a compiled msstyles file for those who want to have a fixed msstyles:


So this great has gotten even better ;)
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Inspired by your excellent work I made this cell phone theme. Hope you don't mind. ;)
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Not at all. That's what I like to see. :)

I wish my Helio supported themes. :(
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I can't tell you how long I've been using this theme. Awesome Job, I love it.
i love it. thanx.
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This was one of the first VS's that I ever downloaded to my computer and was the one that got me into looking for more VS's to add.

Great VS.
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What happened to the one where the start menu button was different colored boxes rather than just the same colors. I liked that one.
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That's in version 1.
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Best theme I've ever had. Definate +fav to you! ^__^
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another version of black mesa, another fav.
this offers quite a choice, now i have another theme beside black mesa, it's black mesa v2.
i like the compact start menu.

thank you.
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great theme. I have never used a darkish theme before, yours is the first :D
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This theme looks very interesting but I have a problem with dawnloading it. It says that file not found 404 ... lol :(
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Strange, worked for me. Try it again. :confused:
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Yes today it works great and it is an amazing theme thanx man .. :)
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