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Black Mesa

Update: I fixed the black text in the detail box in the shellstyle. It's now white, as it should be.

It's finally arrived. Incredibly, this theme has survived a year of neglect, tons of bugs, a hard drive wipe, and even being started over from scratch! I've always liked dark themes, but either found them too dark, or plagued by hardcoded black text, making it unreadable. So I decided, against my better judgement, to attempt to create a dark theme that was both uber-sleek and usable at the same time. This is the result. :o

I will be releasing a VSRK for this VS. What's a VSRK? Why, a Visual Style Resource Kit! It will include all the Photoshop resource files for you to play around with, study, and use for future modifications.

A compact menu and thin taskbar is included, so there's no need to ask. :giggle:

I'm currently adding a database of bug reports, but please feel free to submit any bugs you notice, even if I'm already aware of them. Thank yooooou! :p

Enjoy, you deviants! :)

Whoops! I almost forgot, I'd like to thank curran for beta testing this for me. He tested it a lot and was very helpful. Drop by his site, deftunes and listen to his radio program!

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In use right now m8 :]