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Episode 76 Aron
“Fetch, girl!”
An adolescent Hawaiian boy was seen playing with his dog by throwing various items for her to retrieve. Like a stick, a Frisbee, or a ball. And he threw the latter so hard it went through the foliage at the edge of the park.
“Do you have to throw that over there?” his older sister asked.
“No worry, three years since I found this odd yellow ball with numbers on it, that we don’t bother to contemplate on, and we never lose it since.”
Said ball has the number 361 on it as it was seen bouncing and rolling through the earth until it settle down under a large fern. In fact, it was directly under the tip of a leaf, which dripped water right onto the pod. As usual, the pod start to glow, expand, and flash. The experiment that came out was sitting with his knees to his chest and his long tail wrapped around them. He was green with lighter shade in the usual place and has the standard antennae and less pointed ears.
“Hmmmm?” Aw
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Episode 75 Toons
“Watashitachiha, chōri suru koto o aishimasu! Sore wa totemo tanoshīdesu!”
A bucket of rice is shown as an Asian chef took a scoop of it and spread it on the nori.
“Watashi wa min'na no tame ni tokubetsuna nanika o chōri shimashita!”
He sprinkled some black sesame and laid out the ingredients.
“Anata wa watashi ga anata no tame no mise de motte iru mono ga daisuki yo!”
He rolled it in the bamboo mat and once he fastened the sushi, he threw it to his right.
“Watashi wa anata ga watashi ni mo ai ga dono kurai shitte imasu!”
Sinker jumped up and chopped the roll with his fin in a quick, successive measure.
“Watashitachiha, chōri suru koto o aishimasu! Sore wa totemo tanoshīdesu!”
The row of sushi landed perfectly on the plates in front of their customers, the Pelekais, who are clapping at the performance.
“Here you go! Two servings of dynamite rolls, spider rolls, and inarizushi. And…” T
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Episode 74 Hoax
“Existence” was one of the best-selling magazines in Kokaua Town, and it was no surprise that one of the island’s inhabitants was reading it in the now “upgraded” salon. Especially because this month, it was making a simple statement as evidenced by the nerdy-looking woman in the Jujitsu Gi on the cover, a statement that was elegant and easy to understand.
“Weird is the New Normal,” the brown-haired, tan-skinned woman remarked, Sparky dousing her brown hair in a lather before he placed his antennae gently upon her locks. With a KRRRZZZAP as electricity briefly surged through them, her hair was now a shining, curly hairdo worthy of a celebrity. “Nice!” she replied looking at the mirror. “What do you think, Jenna?”
“I agree, you could get everyone in the club looking at you with a look like that!” the Caucasian woman remarked as her blond hair was done by Clip.  “And the sneakerheads’ll be like
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Tiayin Shangdi
1. Shui Xian
Chinese White-Bellied Rat
He is regarded as not just a crime lord but also the treasurer which he provides the funding to multiple syndicates.  Although very ruthless, he is very pragmatic and charming yet manipulative and prefers to be “fair” to his minions and heroes in hope that he can gain wealth and power in doing so.  His marking is located on the back of his right hand.  He is skilled in the ability to weaponize water which includes the atmosphere and the content in a living body.  This is done manually instead of hydrokinesis.  Even without a source, he can still hold his own in a fight.
2. Niu-Tou
Banteng (Bull)
He is calm and collected showing little to no emotion as he does his task, mainly given by Shui Xian.  While not stupid, he does not appear to be aware of his dull demeanor such when he was assigned to sing but without changing tone.  Despite his cynical outlook, he seems to display a liking to nature.  H
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Road Rovers Season 3
1. A scene opens with a dark-skinned female human looking around the house and seeing a few humans around. Frightened, she fled outside but calmed down when she met a familiar face. As it turned out, some of the refugees including herself are Cano-sapiens who turned humans. They are met by an agent of the mystic who explained about the situation which the world is under Parvo’s reign and learned that Parvo is a Felo-Sapien. They resolved to explore the world and hope to reunite with the rest of her allies.
2. Jersey and the gang meet up on a mafia’s manor where they find ways to get information concerning one of Parvo’s hidden bases. They find one and learned that a Boxer Cano-Sapien by the name of Wouter is in charge of the area they are in. They got ambushed by two Cano-sapien who turned out to be the evolved Fluffy and Spot.
3. The Rovers learned of a certain Cano-Sapien captured as a prisoner and is inside a base in the middle of the Pacific. They create a plan to
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Road Rovers Season 2
1. All of the three RR branches had recovered as it was revealed that all canines who had been Cano-sapien has their lifespan extended which include Hunter’s mother. All of the Rovers are able to reunite with their masters after a decade…except for Blitz. This combined with the fact that Hunter and Colleen are announcing their marriage had put the Doberman into despair. With the Master calling the gang upon neglecting Blitz, they decided to reconciled but it was too late because Blitz made up his mind to leave his team.
2. The Rovers managed to find track leading to Blitz but it ended at a point where they found his journal and learned about Blitz’s past as a canine and his thought as a Rover. As that happened, a nemesis named Colonel Bosquim intend to release a special chemical to control those who came in contact with it. Blitz was caught in the fray and stunned until someone nearby rescued him. He began to seek help from a mysterious spirit. First app of Jersey th
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Road Rovers Season 1
1. Introduction of the Road Rovers as they performed their task to raid the hideout of a crime lord. Introduce the expansion of the Three RR Branches: America, Europe, and Japan. Include a few callbacks to the original 13 episodes.
2. A mysterious thief stole a gem from a museum to add to his collection. He later found out the gem has a special function that summon golems to do the user's bidding. In the end, it turned out there's another function the gem has.
3. Rovers are trying to plan for a vacation. At that moment, mutants had been broken out of one of the lab that Dr. Atwater used to work at. For some reason, they retained the memories of the mutant bugs and aimed to start a nuclear winter with more challenge for the heroes. After they were done, they planned to do the last mission to survey the Sahara Desert before a vacation. Unfortunately, Exile mysteriously disappeared leading to the first story arc of the series.
4. The scene began with Exile recovering and having amnesia as
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Episode 73 Lonelyhearts
The day began with Nani heading out the front door of her home, opening the door and off to work, seeing Jumba was trying to fix the lawn mower.
"I am glad to see you're actually doing some normal handiwork for other people just for once without adding some crazy implement," Nani remarked.
"Right, but only because 626 broke them that I'm fixing them free of charge. Still ungrateful humans are charging us for no reason!" Jumba replied as he finished adding the last touch.
"I know. It takes some time to get over it since Stitch is still learning to refrain from breaking expensive stuff. Speaking of that..." Nani looked at the house apprehensively. "Even though, we now had the secret base, that won't stop our enemies from breaking into our home, you know."
"No worry, I added defense mechanism as a feature so if anything disastrous is about strike. The whole property will be teleported into the base before danger hit. Ingenious, no?" the scientist laughed mirthfully.
"If you say so," Nani
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Stellae ji Kavi
Number: 21-09
Name: Ginning
Programming: to "break mind with trickery"
Appearance: Amethyst-colored fur with two blue lightning bolts on her lighter belly pointed toward the center. Shoulder length antennae with blue tip. Elbow length dog ears. Purple nails. Small white puffy wings from her forearm. Blue fur around her wrist. Two weasel-like tail. She tends to wear fitting clothing plus a hat and veil in which the entire right half of her body and head are covered. This is because underneath is a horribly mutilated green half with bone showing and a gaping eye.
Personality: Surprisingly cheerful despite her status. Very mischievous and cunning, often like to tease. Even-tempered but is very enraged when she does snap yet is able to maintain her rationale. Though carefree, she can feel very depressed when the situation calls for it. She is in good company with her comrades and outside that.
Abilities: Can swap ailments between targets, living or inanimate. This mean she can "pull" the c
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Episode 72 Return of 627
"Monkey wrench."
"Giant wheel thingy with a tube."
"Here! Wait, why do you call it that?"
Jumba turned to look at Pleakley. "Is called Calzoni hydraulic motor. Made it simple for you."
"Who would name it after Italian cuisine?"
"Exactly, my point," was the four-eyed alien's reply before going back to operating his machine.
"Jumba?" Trainer asked walking to him.
"Now what? If it's about why I let little girl and 626 go into the lion's den without exactly explaining about 610 and 614's issue, is moot point now."
"Actually, no. I'm telling you that the Earth boy came back, followed by men in black suits."
Jumba, nearly drop the wrench, before wheeling around so fast. "What?! Um, tell them that I'll be meeting them in a short moment."
"No, need to. We're already here." spoke a blunt voice.
Jumba stood up tense as Cobra came in with his men and Nick.
"So what proposition can I help you with?" Jumba spoke, hoping they're not here to inspect his illegal inventio
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Ep 71 Vengeance and Dragons
"What in the world was I thinking, listening to Jumba…?" Nani asked herself, shaking her head. She had been told to stay behind for her own sake while everyone left to rescue Lilo. "I shouldn't be here. I should be trying to help get Lilo back."
As she leaned on the porch in thought, she spotted someone approaching her. "Oh no...this is all I need." she groaned.
David was carrying over a bouquet of flowers. "Ahem. Uh, Nani?" was his awkward greeting as he walked up to her.
"David?" Nani responded, giving him a very cynical look.
He gulped and seemed to struggle to gather up enough composure to say what he had come to say. "I…I just came to uh…well, that fight we had last night was kind of silly, so I figured since you've had some time to cool your head-"
David, immediately, wished he had more wisely chosen his words. Nani gave him a heated glare, and he nearly lost his backbone. "N-n-no, that's not what I meant!" he tried to assure her. "B-both of us! I just figured we b
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Episode 70 Trainer
"Lilo! No!" Stitch's eyes gleamed with fear, anger, and helplessness all at once. 621 had sure picked a lousy time to take Lilo hostage. Or perhaps in the said experiment's case a very good time. Stitch was currently powerless, and knew there was nothing he could do. Even if he did have his abilities, it would still be a very sticky situation.
Stitch took a scan of his surroundings. His eyes lingered to Gantu who had stopped fighting by this experiment's command. Were he and 625 working together with it? Stitch then glanced at Angel, Jumba, and Pleakley up on the patio. Jumba's eyes indicated he recognized this experiment.
"Whaa! Yes, that's it! I am remembering now!" Jumba suddenly exclaimed, pointing a finger down at the experiment who held Lilo captive. "You are experiment 621! Oh, I would never forget you. You ruined my plans to transform 626 into ultimate experiment, by using collected DNA on yourself!"
621's sights peeled up away from 626 and landed on Jumba. "I'm flattered that
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Episode 69 621
Stitch frowned with his ears laid back in worry as he walked through the quiet streets of town; quiet in the sense that there were no human voices. There was only the sound of croaking frogs, perhaps hundreds of them all littered on the streets and sidewalks. And Lilo might be one of them.
Not that he had anything against frogs considering one of his acquaintances was one.
He was fairly certain he could recognize a few of the frogs that hopped past him. One was about the size of a small dog and had blue eyes and gray skin. Probably Gantu.
Finally, Stitch's eyes caught hold of a lime-green experiment standing at the end of the street. It looked very much like an oversized frog that stood on its hind legs. His arms were quite long, his hands trailing inches above the ground. His black alien eyes were slanted and his mouth was wide. Atop of his head was a slightly limp, dark-green antenna. The antenna was how he used his power. 496's function was to transform people into frogs.
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Lilo and Stitch Season 4 open
(Remake of Aloha E Komo Mai)
(Show stage. Lilo came by hula dancing. Stitch joined in a hula outfit as well. Followed by Victoria, Mertle, and all the other girls. Then a line of young adult women with Nani in the middle came behind dancing. Followed by fire dancers including David. The setting extends showing the audiences including Jumba and Pleakley. Finally, Pix faced the screen and flashed.)
Scenes cut to:
-Lilo and Stitch witnessing pod labeled 110 being activated.
-Jumba, in his bounty hunter outfit, rolled and aimed his blaster
-Victoria looking at her shirt which was painted on by a raccoon experiment who leap away laughing.
(Cannonball jump up and splashed)
-A hole in the wall as a silhouette of 621 appeared with glowing eyes.
-Pleakley dribbling a green ball as he dodged numerous robots.
-Lilo walking with a brown haired kid and chatting until they stopped to see something off-screen.
(Sample hopped across)
-Two glowing entity of white and black with dragon outline bashing a
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Serious George, Nah
Number: 630
Name: Maven
Alias: The Keko Kupua
Gender: Male
Creator: Dr. Jookiba
Programming: did not have one
Appearance: Resemble a purple monkey/dog hybrid with lighter shade in his usual place. He is lanky, a head taller than Lilo. Unlike actual ape, he only has four digits on each paw including the footpaw. Though he does has two arms and legs, he has a hidden limb that can sprout anywhere from his body even out of his paw. His tail is fluffy and a little longer than his height and end in a ball of fur. His back head and back design resemble a more totem shape than other experiment presumably due to being created in Kuaui. He has two prehensile feathery tentacles each located at the back of his shoulder girdle. While his head is that of a monkey, his nose and ears resemble a dog. He does have normal antennae but no spines.
Personality: Maven upon being created has a confused look on life. He retains a calm and stoic look but arrogance is visible through this. He believes that to pr
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Episode 68 Detour
Lilo and Stitch opened the front door and entered the house. They plopped down on the couch on the far side of each other as Stitch went for the remote and turned on the TV.
"Hi, Lilo! How was your day?" Nani came in.
"Oh, hey Nani," Lilo replied dully. "So you were home from work early."
"Yeah, the hotel was practically barren. So what's wrong, kiddo?"
"Nothing..." was all she heard from the little girl. Even Stitch remains focused on the TV.
"Um, so how is Milston adjusting to his cousins?"
Lilo and Stitch turned their head slowly to meet the big sister's eyes. "You mean how are his cousins adjusting to Milston." Lilo stated.
"Ok, Slugger, you got your bat ready?" Lilo asked him at the ball park where she and the experiments in their respective baseball uniform were playing.
Slugger snorted in agreement as he held his tail at the ready. "Good! No one can match up to his mighty swing!" She threw the ball which the experiment hit it with his entire valor.
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A Nice Chat by NatLeo A Nice Chat :iconnatleo:NatLeo 9 2 Valito  Commish by Purpleground02 Valito Commish :iconpurpleground02:Purpleground02 20 10
Commission Story:Kingpin Duel
Kingpin Duel
Map Music- Welcome to Crocodile Isle
The sounds of the wind howled as the sprite of Kitsune moved across the Mafia held territory of Sicily. Moving from the last level, being the Sky Port, a new path forms and the sprite follows it. The path led him to what seemed a ancient castle high up in the mountains of Sicily. "Kingpin Duel" appears in bright gold letters with two crossed sabers on each side, indicating it was a boss battle.  The screen goes black and it begins.
Kitsune climbed up the wall of the castle and pulled out his weapon, a green sniper rifle and placed his eye near the scope and scanned the setting. There were a few guards, mostly Italian-Experimentals and humans of the same nationality. They all wielded blaster and projectile weaponry and in the towers, some were holding the same weapon he held. Aiming it towards one of the snipers, he pulled the trigger and a thin dark blue beam flew. The sniper fell to the floor. Thank goodn
:iconvdk633:VDK633 1 1
Giftart for Valito by SaintHeartwing Giftart for Valito :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 3 24 Nine lives by Rainbroach Nine lives :iconrainbroach:Rainbroach 74 85 One Piece Smash Adventure by TonicShadow One Piece Smash Adventure :icontonicshadow:TonicShadow 59 13 Housepets: Curveball by RickGriffin Housepets: Curveball :iconrickgriffin:RickGriffin 127 43 Kona's Ego II by MiriamTheBat Kona's Ego II :iconmiriamthebat:MiriamTheBat 252 106 BBA Issue 1 Cover by KayFedewa BBA Issue 1 Cover :iconkayfedewa:KayFedewa 3,700 702
Alternate Fate: Fantasy Pt.76
We are the Champions, my Friend!

Things had gone from bad to worse to abysmal.
Kaiser was quite frankly kicking the SHIT out of our heroes. His assault from the sky had ravaged the ground and had knocked them around like jumping beans and now they lay on the ground, groaning in pain.
“Chops…aim for…the head…” Nick gasped out, pointing upward at the freakishly-large Kaiser’s head. He staggered back to his feet and wiped his mouth as Lilo grit her teeth and helped Stitch back up.
Chopsuey aimed and clenched his fists. “Ready!”
“KIMAIRA!” Nick roared out, clasping the book tightly. Chopsuey’s body surged with power as he summoned forth the chimera made of aura. It’s lion-head roared angrily and soared up to bite down upon Kaiser
:iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 4 17
Aron goes anime? by Aron-green Aron goes anime? :iconaron-green:Aron-green 31 84 Digicomedy 1 1.5 by megawolf77 Digicomedy 1 1.5 :iconmegawolf77:megawolf77 172 61



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