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Cloudsdale winter is coming

By Valinhya
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Today's episode was so damn good ! Especially Dashie's song ! <3
The Game of Thrones reference with Twilight saying "Winter is coming" was just perfect, and I had to do a quick drawing about this one ! (but geez, why did she say "prepare yourselves" instead of "brace yourselves" !)
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Twilight Starkle
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i didn't like the episode, but i liked the references made in it, this will now be one of the best memes ^_^
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:icontwilightomfgplz::iconsaysplz:Prepare yourselves everypony . . . Rainbow Dash is coming.
:iconraritywtfplz::iconsaysplz:Twilight dear did you just say Rainbow Dash is . . .

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I had to watch the episode twice before I finally got that reference. That was really clever.
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You either play or you cry.
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A truly awesome moment. Anyone who wants to say "it's just for kids", they have now made a Game of Thrones reference!
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this scene was pure gold =D
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I forsaw this meme the moment I heard that line, lol
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Yeah, 10/10 expected this to become meme :D
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That part was just perfect:D (Big Grin) 
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Please tell me I wasn't the only one who yelled "Really?!"
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Yep, so did i
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Nah, I actually had to pause it for a second to facepalm then laugh.
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So, I was the only one who found it annoying.

Good to know.
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I almost fell off my couch laughing (and groaning) at that. Just another reference added to the list.
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I freaked out at this scene. More than I should probably admit.
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I laughed out loud and hoped someone made art on it,
what did you do?
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I yelled questions and laughter at my TV.
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Sounds like an average responce.
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