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January 20, 2020
Ultra-cool Red Dwarf Star by Valinakova
Featured by cosmicbound
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Ultra-cool Red Dwarf Star

Object  Canyonlands 
My depiction of a canyon on a planet in orbit around an ultra low mass red dwarf star.  It's believed that some red dwarf stars, those with masses of around 80 Jupiters could be cool enough to have clouds! Such stars would be around.

Read more about such ultra low mass stars:…
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Perhaps cool enough to make a decently comfortable living around there as well?
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Wonderful work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:!!!

WindySilver's avatar
Awesome work! :D Congrats on the DD!
ariya-sacca's avatar
I love depictions of alien landscapes!
tsahel's avatar
amazing ! Do you  know TRAPPIST-1 ?
Valinakova's avatar

Yes! I know about that system.

Todd-Whitmore's avatar
Very nice! Is it digital art? What did you use to create it?
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Yes!  It's digital!
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Looks like the apocalypse has struck.
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Very cool scenery!
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Isn't a red dwarf star supposed to be red, even from the pov?
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Not really,  objects at 3500 f wouldn’t,  even metal heated to 2000 are not red.  Good question though.
DiggerEl7's avatar
But stars are not made of metal, it cannot be an element of comparison, I agree about the heat tho.  Let me be more specific then,  isn't a depicted red dwarf star supposed to be red, or at least its corona? ;)
xxFalconArasxx's avatar
The same thing applies to stars. The colour that metal takes on when it is heated has nothing to do with the fact it is made out of metal, but rather due to Black Body Radiation. So with this in mind, the colours we give to certain classes of stars are indeed misleading. For instance, the stars that we call Yellow Dwarfs, such as our Sun, are actually white, but they appear slightly yellow from Earth due to Rayleigh Scattering in our atmosphere. Most of the stars we call Red Dwarfs would actually be an orange-yellow colour assuming the light isn't being distorted by a medium. The only truly red coloured stars are T/L-Type Brown Dwarfs.

Because of all this, I prefer to refer to stars by their Spectral Type, rather than the misleading colours we attribute to them.
DiggerEl7's avatar
Well, I learned something quite exciting, thank you for the explanation. However, I had not planned to start a debate, and I was expecting a red star instead of a yellow one, because you know, depictions are not meant to be realistic as hell. 
xxFalconArasxx's avatar
Depictions neither have to be realistic nor unrealistic. It all depends on the artists preference. If they made it unrealistic, I have a feeling that someone else would have made a comment similar to yours pointing it out. An astronomy nerd like me certainly would have, lol.

You could actually realistically justify a red colour, by giving the planet an Earth-like atmosphere, which would make the star red at sunset/sunrise. This goes back to the whole Rayleigh Scattering thing I mentioned. However, I think an Earth-like planet isn't what the artist was going for.
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You are almost right, and I almost agree, a depiction will always be unrealistic because it's called "depiction", and like you said il all depends on the artist, because he/she have his/her beliefs, his/her  own vision of the world, etc.  Nice chatting with you anyway. 
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Fantastic!  Great depth and texture. The color design and star are cool. Awesome work. 
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