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To see the whole story of my art collection, please check out my Journal "My Science Fiction Story for my Art Collection."

My first landscape painting from scratch on Photoshop.
(my signature can be seen in the bottom right at font 60 in brown-red, its more or less blended in with the grasses)
Took me fucking 45-60 hours at least, a painting like this shouldn't take more then 15 maybe 20 hours, but it took a few days to get into the groove of digital painting trees and mountains, now I feel at home. Also learned so much from this one painting.

Photoshop CS6 trial.
For the mountain, although it was 95% painted with a tablet, I did used some of my rocky textures that I taken pictures of to place onto the mountain and glacier. It helps add a bit of depth in the mountain.
I ALSO used brushes from this professional digital artist.…

Also check out his page

If I had not stumbled upon his web page I would have never realized you could create a very traditional pieces with Photoshop. So give him some credit.

Story (Quite Brief)
Scenic view on one of the moons of Sunatta. You are on the surface of Serenei looking out across a lake at the distant mountain range.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm grateful of the 45-60 hours you put into this. It is tranquility at it's finest. thank you again. I hope you don't mind me sharing this
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Peaceful and soothing! Lovely! ^.^
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Your art is fantastic! Inspiration! Do you use photoshop to make these pictures?
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I can't find the words to describe such a fantastic and realistic picture.
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Beyonde words!
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Just wow! *jaw drops*
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This is amazing. Wow!!!
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the fuck dude .3.

the resolution is WAY WAY too big
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Oh my god this is incredible!
Even if you used texture, this drawing is still incredible!
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Wow, this is really amazing!
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Great work. I love the color choice and level of detail, awesome landscape painting :clap: :+fav:
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This is epic. I love what you did her. Wow.
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You are welcome.
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