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Through the Rings of an Alien Giant

To see the whole story of my art collection, please check out my Journal "My Science Fiction Story for my Art Collection."

Photoshop Digital painting 40 hours.

You are passing through the rings of an alien gas giant towards one of the moons. This moon system (Sunatta) clearly has signs of being in the Goldilocks Zone, since gas giants in the HZ (habitable zones) are likely to be blue and white.

The moon itself is a strange one, far denser than gold, but far less massive compared our moon which gives it quite a bit of surface gravity. This explains why the atmosphere from a distance is so thin it's barely visible, much like the way we look at the Earth from the moon, even after the atmospheric pressures have reached about 1/6th that of Earth's at Sea Level when their para-terraforming of the moon was completed. The moon also appears to be somewhat volcanic, but not to the extent that terraforming is out of the question.

The green represents the genetically engineered planets designed to tolerate and thrive in the harsh environment on this moon.

It is unclear how such a tiny moon gained such extreme density
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beautiful work.
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gorgeous free flow of the space debree
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Easily lost in the impeccable and inspiring attention to detail. Brought here from MMOC btw :)

 Time to haul ass out of here! 
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you really do capture it right for sure
So much color! Love it! ;)
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really awesome!
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You are amazing.
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Really awesome, congrats!
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nothing to say. i'm stunned.
Very impressive details and realism. I would think I was looking out the window o my spaceship.
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Wow, 40 hours?! I can definitely see through the work you did. That's an interesting choice of style you chose with the swirling clouds. :D Kind of looks impasto-ish.
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tell me all your photoshop secrets!!!!!
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Tutorials are being uploaded:) the first one is ring tutorial, I will make more as I learn more efficient methods.
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wow, reminds me of the Mass Effect games and Avatar Pandora <3 Great job!
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The rocks and background look so cool here!
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