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Terraforming of Mars


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A piece I did as a tribute to Space X's reusable rocket success. They will be attempting another launch tomorrow, some time after 10:42am pacific time. Livestream starts 10:42am pacific time.…

Being able to re-use a rocket has the potential to make space travel MUCH cheaper, by a factor of a hundred. The reason is because the fuel costs something around 200,000 dollars, while the rocket costs millions. The problem with today's rockets is we use them once, and it's thrown away. An analogy would be using a 747 for only one trip, think of just how expensive it would be.  

The significance of their second launch,  which will happen tomorrow is it will be done on a floating platform. The benefit of such a platform is that it would save more fuel for the rocket, since the ocean platform can move, and less fuel overall is spent navigating the rocket back to base. for commissions 
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nice painting & pretty cool concept! you could push the realism a bit more by adding some atmospheric perspective (fog/atmosphere particles/things further away have less contrast and less color variation). the mountain in the back has almost more detail than the foreground has, which is not really the case when you look at a mountain in real life. ;) keep it up tho looking forward to seeing more of you :)