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Habitable Moon System

To see the whole story of my art collection, please check out my Journal "My Science Fiction Story for my Art Collection."

For textures I used from NASA Visible Earth to help me out.
Many have portrayed a habitable world to be a planet, but a habitable world can be a moon of a planet.
The moon in the picture is a somewhat Earth like world named Sulia. There are forests, volcanos, oceans, deserts and mountain ranges. However due to the eccentrically orbit around the gas giant, massive tidal waves wash across the expanses of this moon rendering most of the land into what essentially is a giant beach. Almost all of the landmasses are a beach desert thousands of miles across.

Sulia is one of my favorite moons, I have done several scenes on it.
Check out, floating in a hot air balloon through one of it's canyons, and to check out it's wild seas splashing on a rocky coast of an island.

67 Light Years from Earth in the Sunatta moon system.

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You have just proven Avatar's Pandora unscientific. Nice!
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Hehe :P 

The issue I take with Pandora is the method of travel uses up extreme levels of energy. Recently, Nasa has stated war drive technology might be possible, which would allow for 10x light speed by warping space time using only about 900 pounds of pure energy. (about the energy the US uses in a year) oppose to the extreme levels of energy uses in going near light speed using propulsion anti matter rockets.
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My issue with it is the massive tidal waves that should be washing across the planet's surface.
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I would agree judging by the eccentricity or the moon's orbit, there should still be plenty of green patches, bu also plenty of golden beach color around the shores. 
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Awesome Work !
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This is brilliant!
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I'd love to live on that gorgeous moon
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I love artwork with side info/stories. Great job on the gas giant textures. I should try out the liquify option i guess ;)
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Did you use brushes for the main planet?
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I used the liquified filters brushes
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In English please :)
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under liquified filter you will be able to brush up textures
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Alright I'll figure it out! Thanks! This looks superb.
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Like Titan or Europa! Except they're a little too far from the sun. But still. I love the picture it's beautiful!
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It's made so it in a way resemble IO and the planet Earth, reason why it doesn't get turned into a hell is because it has sufficient mass to keep itself stable combined with 10,000 high tides :D
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For the moon I used textures from Saharah Nasa Giss [link] for those who are curious, the gas giant can be done by throwing color first onto a circle in bands of colors, and spending some time practicing liquified filter brush work, than using spherized filter.
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For some reason the discription wont link websites, so check out VISIBLE EARTH NASA [link] for awsome terrestrial textures. When they fix this bug I will post it on the discription....

I hate glitches on the website.
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